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Pauatahanui Inlet




Fuji Natura S 35mm with Natura1600








Fuji Natura S 35mm with Natura1600




Detritus 483



▶ Before cellphones, Turkish “bird language” allowed farmers to communicate across long distances in the Pontic Mountains.



▶ wow this is fantastic news: Fujifilm has announced it is releasing Acros II

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“The company terminated sales of black and white films last fall due to a decrease in demand for black and white films and the difficulty in obtaining raw materials essential for production. However, the film enthusiasts and other young people of the SNS generation who prefer the photo with the unique texture of the film, voiced the desire to continue the sales of our black and white film…. We have succeeded in developing the black and white film “Acros II” by researching substitutes for raw materials that became difficult to obtain and radically reexamining the manufacturing process to match the new raw materials.

The newly developed “Neopan 100 ACROS II” is an ultra-high-quality black-and-white film with ISO 100 sensitivity, with the world’s highest level of graininess, three-dimensional tone reproduction, and excellent sharpness. It is suitable for shooting in a wide range of fields, such as product photos and architecture photos, as well as long-exposure celestial and night-shot photographs.”



“a more careful look into Spotify’s history shows that the decision to define audiences by their moods was part of a strategic push to grow Spotify’s advertising business in the years leading up to its IPO—and today, Spotify’s enormous access to mood-based data is a pillar of its value to brands and advertisers, allowing them to target ads on Spotify by moods and emotions. Further, since 2016, Spotify has shared this mood data directly with the world’s biggest marketing and advertising firms.”

must read >> Big Mood Machine

“Spotify for Brands website detailing seven distinct “key audio streaming moments for marketers to tap into,” including Working, Chilling, Cooking, Chores, Gaming, Workout, Partying, and Driving….

In Spotify’s world, listening data has become the oil that fuels a monetizable metrics machine, pumping the numbers that lure advertisers to the platform. In a data-driven listening environment, the commodity is no longer music. The commodity is listening. The commodity is users and their moods. The commodity is listening habits as behavioral data. Indeed, what Spotify calls “streaming intelligence” should be understood as surveillance of its users to fuel its own growth and ability to sell mood-and-moment data to brands.”

Fck that!



▶ You can handle the post-truth: a pocket guide to the surreal internet



▶ Whats your favourite new old Radiohead song?
mine = DISC 13, Time 1:13 Fridge Buzz (13-2) “Literally a buzzing fridge”
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Kids these days….


Kids these days might have iPhones but they didnt have this!



neither did I but anyway..




nuzic 89



Nazamba – People



Randy Valentine – Walk With Love
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“The gun tune to end all gun tunes, ‘The Guncontrolla’ is a righteous pacifist dub statement from the Seekersinternational posse, who go about recording classic firearms being cocked and disassembled with results that land somewhere between Lee Perry’s Black Ark, Parmegiani at the GRM and Mark & Moritz at the Rhythm & Sound controls…
Armed with a battery-operated 1987 Tascam Porta Two 4-track recorder and a Shure SM57 cardioid microphone, the Seekers capture the disassembly of a Colt British Service Pistol, a Glock 34, a Kalashnikov 1967 Soviet Rifle, and a Springfield M1 Garand, eventually all colliding and grating against one another via an elemental transfiguration coaxed out of the mythical SKRS echo chamber.










I always wanted to see & shoot a fishing boat return to home at Ngawi, and we arrived just too late for one as it came in today, but thankfully a second boat was waiting to come in… shot some great footage of some serious skills at work!!







DJI Mavic Pro