Slug Patrol



This very, very, very likely is not why you read this blog – there is no music or sound or visual aspect… But if you grow your own food, then one thing that may or may not drive you a little crazy is… goddamn snails & slugs beating you to the best food! Grrrrrrr!

Last Spring I thought I would be clever and start all my veges from seed… Previously I had bought punnets of seedlings from our local plant store, as it made it easy & reliable as you could choose good healthy looking seedlings and it was like getting a jump start on the new season. But last year in very early Spring I planted my seeds & they would sprout, get going a little bit & then just… disappear! So despite my best attempts I ended up buying established seedlings again.

But I slowly realised what the actual problem was: slugs & snails were sneaking in at night & eating all of the sprouts! At first I was a little squeamish & would just scoop up any slugs or snails I found with a trowell & launch them into the bush reserve at high velocity…

During COVID19 lockdown one of the projects I got-around-to finishing was greenhouse #2 – this greenhouse is a bit bigger, and is also closer to the house so one of my aims is to grow all the vegetables I eat often in there, so I don’t have to traipse down to the other end of the garden at dinner time… So for example currently I have about 50 lettuce plants growing in there, along with tomatoes, a tamarillo tree, two olive trees, four Satsuma mandarin trees, a lime plant etc etc… And guess what? Every night I go out to check and I will find 10-20 slugs and snails sliming their way around my precious veges, happily munching away… until I detect them & CRUSH THEM! Lets just say I have grown to like the sound of them being crushed underfoot…

While I’d like to think I am eradicating them & surely their numbers must drop if I am crushing all the mummies & daddies, I am yet to see evidence of that… They keep on coming! So I started thinking about other means of stopping them. I had heard people say crushed up egg shells can stop them, and I know some people use chemicals (eg derris dust) but the whole point of having a garden to me is to avoid all the crap that commercial supermarket vegetables get sprayed with… So I started to wonder if maybe I could electrocute the little fckrs! Next stop Youtube!


Comparing slug control methods: Coffee, Eggshells, Paprika, Diatomaceous earth
Shortcut: ALL FAILED!



Comparing slug control methods: Copper foil, Aluminum foil, Wire brush, Copper foil with 9volts!
Shortcut: ALL FAILED except the 9 volt electric fence!



How to DIY an electric fence for an entire garden, with successful test examples!





nuzic 130





▶ Fluxion – Perspectives via boomkat



▶ Heavenchord – Spacechord (Advanced Dreams edit 2020)



▶ Bob Marley & The Wailers – Put It On (1971)












303 commitment




It’s like a primary school taunt:
“If you love your 303 so much why don’t you marry it!”


Or the bar fight version, when you wake up with an indent in your face:
“Did you get smacked in the head last night… by a 303??”



I’d be more keen if it had wireless control of a squelchy filter…
that was applicable to *every* audio source within earshot!




Detritus 536



▶ heh heh…. dagnammit!



▶ Can you guess what this is? Answer below.



▶ Love it: The Aging Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms



▶ My favourite filter plugin just got an update: Cytomic – The Drop
(plus a beta of a newly modelled Tube Screamer!)



▶ love Valhalla



▶ Björk’s Home Studio circa 1994 (thanks Callum)



▶ This is a prototype of the Yamaha Tenori-On!


If you happen to own one, then the link below is invaluable
Thanks ersatzplanet via Tenori On forum at MW

“Here is a link to my Tenori-On folder with all the software, Firmware Updates, Owners manual, Service manual, MIDI cable Pinouts, and over 500 samples that I have gleaned off the net over the years – ENJOY!”









I got talking with a random muso at the garden centre…
I asked him what genre he was into & he pointed at this:













Infamous Haikyo House




Detritus 535



▶ warning: video may contain the rapture!


(too much coffee? jump to 7’00” for pov at 1800rpm)



▶ Surveillance is “Orwellian when accurate, Kafkaesque when inaccurate”



▶ wow great aerial photos of farmland!



▶ Ogmios School of Zen Motoring – this is great! Watch an episodes while reading the interview!



▶ #notspam: How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)



▶ From Xenakis’s UPIC to Graphic Notation Today – book and/or free PDF – In the late 70s, an interdisciplinary team led by the composer Iannis Xenakis developed the compositional tool UPIC out of an effort to transform drawings into synthesized sound.
Together with the Centre Iannis Xenakis, the ZKM is now addressing for the first time the genesis of this unique computational instrument and traces its technical, social, institutional, and educational significance up to the current practice of contemporary composers who work with the idea of UPIC in current computer programs.
The volume with 27 richly illustrated contributions is published by Hatje Cantz. It is available both there and through the ZKM Bookshop as a print publication. In addition, it is published in its entirety as an open access version and available free of charge. On this page, the digital version is available for download as PDF, as well as audio samples and additional archive material not included in the print publication are accessible.








nuzic 129



▶ Kora – Politician



▶ Herbs – Dragon And Demons



old school #nzreggae for #nzmusicmonth







Ultimate stealth




Ordered these ages ago & they sat in a postal warehouse in NY for a month or two… Perfect for stealth recording! The one on the right came with a card: “do not wear while driving, smoking or swimming”
DOH! Ok, if you insist!