Detritus 546



▶ impressive editing/commodification of these times…



▶ wise words from rerecording mixer Chris Boyes



▶ I hate OSX Search via Spotlight, viable alternatives:
– Find Any File
– EasyFind
– NeoFinder



▶ You know how people sometimes ask what advice you would give your younger self? Well how about your older self? Write future you a letter: “Hi future me, I hope you’re still alive…



▶ Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says working musicians may no longer be able to release music only “once every three to four years”

why is that?
to suit their shite business model?

Ek denied criticisms that Spotify pays insufficient royalties to artists (why might he want to deny that?) and insisted that the role of the musician had changed in today’s “future landscape.”


backlink that!







nuzic 139



▶ Pulshar – Marathon Man





▶ Leftfield – Swords
(source music videos are the best music videos!)



▶ What is your favourite music vid, with music as ‘source music’?
(aka “diegetic’ for any whackademics)





A perfect tiny Tomato




Canon 1V with EF100L macro lens and Kodak Trix400




Detritus 545



Ghost Amber – A film about celluloid, memory and the inevitable impermanence of things.



▶ Google’s Top Search Result? Surprise! It’s Google



▶ Life is stranger than you realise: All Gas No Brakes



▶ photographs ravaged by mold



▶ This twitter thread reminds me how little progress has been made in the minds of many men….

That thread is full of ingenuous ways of.. bypassing the patriarchy!? It reminds me of a kiwi pioneer film director that I have worked with many times. She told me stories of early days working at the NFU (state owned film post facility) and how she quickly learned if she was making bookings or ordering any work or materials it was best to use a fictional male name.








RIP Boz!



Sad to hear John Boswell has skipped off this mortal coil.


I had to check his IMDB to do a count of the projects we worked on together, but it isn’t really accurate as Boz was always around, since my first film mix at the NFU in 1997, for Saving Grace.


A few favourite memories of Boz:

In my early days of supervising projects, I can still clearly remember doing predubs with him in Theatre 3 at the old NFU, in Lower Hutt. The desk was a beautiful old Neve that had been painstakingly maintained by Ian, the NFU inhouse tech. But one day I noticed Boz doing some kind of magic: he was briefly pre-listening to things, before introducing them into the mix. How I asked? He was kind enough to explain & show me – the faders on the Neve had a soft switch, where if the fader was at zero, you could pull it towards yourself (less than zero) and it would engage a PFL bus, which he had patched to a mini speaker. Brilliant!


Very important for a long life in post production: Boz had great style playing ping pong! Like me, more of a tactical spinner than relying on brute force… But win or lose he was always full of great cheer!


Also, John was never one to pull punches verbally. I always appreciated the ability he had to cut through the nonsense and tell it how it was. And when you know someone well, all it takes is a look & a nod, to know you are on the same side. The right side. A side worth fighting for.


A favourite project that Boz mixed would be a short film by the inimitable Taika Waititi:
Tama Tu with sound design by Dave Whitehead.




Cheers Boz, it was a pleasure to share so many years with you.





Hackable transport?








(not my photos, sumimasen. credit below)


Form, yes.
Function is the question.
Wouldn’t it be great if “THE FUTURE” enabled e-powering a small car like this?
Batteries & drive train, restricted for city/small town use only (70kmph max)


In the mean time, it has a 2 stroke 500cc petrol engine ‘runs on the smell of an oily rag’
Bid on it here





Stellavox Fi-Cord 101S




Stellavox (Switzerland) Fi-Cord 101S Ultra-small open reel tape recorder, Mid 1960s
Little more info here