So many DAX Tongues!
I got some duplicates in wood & plastic to compare how they sound…




you/we are here




‘the rise of fascism’ is not something I thought i would ever read

i am not a violent person but… “punch a nazi” is important
it is a rapid lesson in ’cause & effect’

installing empathic update via my closed fist
take 1… #FAIL
firmware is faulty
take 2….








is it somehow ‘nice’ to see others suffer?


no, never




Some projects for 2020








first: laser cut Daxophone tongues thanks to Ponoko

second: tubular bells sound incredible!! 3+ minute decay
incredible overtones and multiple notes = harmonic clusters

third: fantastic recording session this week with these three geezers
impeccable timing, partly them & partly Newton…
dude in the middle was on a ‘drop it late’ vibe
& nailed it every time! #arigatou








new HISSandaROAR Library released today: AMB017 GEO
Early bird discount expires December 22




Lands end




Cape Foulwind, Westport #NZ
Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100