New skills









Strange new skills acquired during lockdown…
New HISSandaROAR library release on Monday!




nuzic 141





▶ Rival Consoles – Vibrations on a String



▶ Babe Roots feat Galas – Music Mission





Detritus 549



▶ is “Bronson – Keep Moving” the zeitgeist music video of the year?
via ThisIsColossal



▶ wow these are beautiul long exposure panoramas shot on ektar 100 with a MAMIYA RB67



▶ The UX of LEGO Interface Panels



“If lucky, they’ll have tracks ripped out of their albums, churned through the algorithmic sorting machine, then plonked into a playlist designed to fulfil a specific function. Instead of engaging with an intimate dialogue with the listener, the musician’s work is forced through the lens of the playlist’s remit, with the rich complexity of artistic intention being flattened to fit. If the track doesn’t fulfil the playlist function, it’ll be skipped… The power dynamic is clear: the artist serves Spotify…”



▶ Experimantal genius Giorgio Sancristoforo is having a summer sale until August 17th
SUMMER BUNDLE – All the software (Apple OSX only) for 50€
Includes: GleetchplugX, Substantia, Fantastic Voyage, GleetchDrone, Berna 2 and Encoder/Decoder that lets you hide messages in audiofiles!



▶ hah! an IMDB entry for the NZ COVID Daily Briefing!



▶ How does this end? Treating COVID the same way we treat school shootings?



▶ Recomposing the soundscape of the intensive care unit



▶ the gentle ambience of heads being cleaned?







First of Many




Swapping a few tweets with soundies & reflecting on 10 years of HISSandaROAR I was reminded of this photo. Checking the EXIF metadata it was shot on November 29th, 2006 with my first digital camera, a tiny Sony DSC-T1 (I had a Sony DV video camera before it). The significance? Well its funny – I remember when I posted this photo people commented a lot about how great it was to see a microphone onscreen. Working on films it is a mortal sin to see a microphone drop into shot, and back then it was rare to see…


As I was just starting to learn photography I spent lots of time reading photography blogs, and I remember thinking about how great it would be if there were as many field recording and sound blogs as there were photography blogs. Almost a decade and a half later I suspect that is almost true now – the proliferation of affordable tech really transformed an endeavour that was otherwise often limited to professionals.


Also funny: Maybe three or four years ago I was browsing soundcloud listening to music and saw a recording with a photo that looked familiar. I had to do a reality check, as I was sure it was the Canterbury Coast (near where I grew up) and thought it was my microphone! So a quick search and I found the original on this blog (here) and felt obliged to message and ask them to remove it. No doubt they would be protective of anyone helping themselves to their music so it seemed odd to borrow a photo without asking, especially with no context! But what intrigued me more, was that I recognised my own photo after likely having not seen it for a decade or more…




Happy Birthdays





In some strange kind of multiverse overlap, 2020 actually represents multiple Birthdays
for HISSandaROAR, and for me personally.


My Dad was born in August 1930 – we have just celebrated his 90th Birthday!
I was born in August 1965, so I am celebrating my 55th Birthday!
I went to Film School in 1990, so I am celebrating 30 years of living, surviving and thriving in the beautiful world of field recording and sound design!
HISSandaROAR launched in 2010 (April 14th actually) so we are celebrating not just 10 years of existence, but also 10 years of collaborating with every single person who has supported HISSandaROAR.
If you suspect all of this might make me philosophical, you would be correct, and I have been devoting a lot of time during lockdown to deep thinking about what the next decade of HISSandaROAR could achieve. I have always been an existentialist, but forward thinking ideas are brought into a new light under the constant threat of COVID19. We must each strive to be braver, stronger, more diverse, more inclusive, more sustainable and more creatively inspiring.
Over the following weeks of August I will share more of the HISS and a ROAR roadmap, but first I have a brand new library to finish and release. While I appreciate all of the support HISSandaROAR has received, I am also very aware of the lovely people who are fully up to date with all of our releases. Accordingly this new library will represent a chance for everyone to take advantage of the sale, including our much appreciated Completists!
August 10th – Sale Launch
August 17th – New library release
August 24th – 2030 Road map release
August 31st – Last day of Sale!