Garden macro 2



Spring onion






Wild flowers



Wild flowers



Wild flowers



Cos Lettuce



Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens





Garden macro





















Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens





Crazy Horses



While sorting out my studio I came across this ‘gang patch’ which was a gift from a particular NZ film, no prizes for guessing which




Studio evolution

So I am currently about half way through rebuilding my studio, having done a few fundamental upgrades – most noticeably I have ditched my Avid interfaces and switched to MOTU, using ATB networking via CAT6 ethernet to route audio between a 1248 interface and 16A interface, with both also having 828x interfaces hanging off them via lightpipe… So once I am finished I should have 44 analog inputs, enough to route all my synths, modular synth & some outboard in and out of my system, including CV via the DC coupled 828X interfaces… Kinda boring but between it & my Cirklon sequencer the aim is to have all synths permanently routed to interfaces, which has also meant upgrading my ad hoc ethernet network… Also kinda boring but once finished all should be seamless in use (no photos yet, still in messy evolution mode)

Apart from these hardware upgrades, it has made me physically reorganise my synths so they are more accessible to play, and also easier to route MIDI and audio… And two of my favourite old synths which have not been getting enough use, are about to get a little upgrade that will make a big difference in using them. The Sequential Circuits SixTrak and Oberheim Matrix 6 are both great sounding synths that really suck to program! Both are analog poly synths but are programmed by selecting a parameter and moving a slider… which is NOT how one finds improvised joy with analog synths. By comparison my MKS80 has a fantastic remote control panel which gives instant access to all key parameters via dedicated knobs etc…

But today I saw a SixTrak for sale on a Japan auction site and it had a small programmer box sitting on top of it, after a quick search I discovered the StereoPing CE-1 Synth Controller by Gregor Zoll which can be ordered with faceplates to match specific synths… – so I ordered a faceplate for my SixTrak, Oberheim Matrix 6 and also one for my mod’d Tubbutec SH1oh1…

I also checked out some of his Research Lab projects and LOVE this heavily modified TR606!!







Detritus 459

▶ woot! trailer for new Coen brothers film, score by Carter Burwell
(trigger warning: hawk screech!)


▶ this is an app I’ve needed for ages: Calibre e-book manager


▶ GoGoPenguin NPR Tiny Desk


▶ sheesh, beautiful physics at work & some Youtard commenter has to try & make it political: “Just as in life, the table (generally accepted public perception) will sway the movement and belief of the metronomes (sheeple)” – two comments later and its a discussion about the existence of free will!? OK we get it, you have too much free time on your hands, get a hobby!

▶ This is what desensitization looks like


▶ interview with Michael Kenna by RadioNZ


▶ re the Apple event: ‘Once we made watches with minerals mined from the Earth and treated them like precious heirlooms; now we use even rarer minerals and we’ll want to update them yearly…’ = Hidden in an unknown corner of Inner Mongolia is a toxic, nightmarish lake created by our thirst for smartphones and consumer gadgets


▶ credit?





nuzic 67



▶ Mystik – Lord


▶ ​\​\​02 by Topdown Dialectic


▶ Robag Wruhme – “Wuzzelbud FF” (H&T04)











Lavender (I think?)






Canon 5D3 + Ef100L macro lens





DIY part 2




33 strawberry plants, 3 varieties with an Olla for self watering!
hopefully this is a delicious experiment!




Fiddlers Flat Road




Fiddlers Flat Road, St Bathans

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 Velvia100 x processed




Clay Cliffs






Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Velvia100 x processed




Detritus 458



▶ gorgeous infra red timelapse


▶ love these low pixel CG by Toshiya Masuda


▶ Haruki Murakami, short story: The Wind Cave + interview


▶ listicle: 20 movies With brilliant sound design


▶ fascinating review of new Aphex Twin EP which made me rewatch this:


▶ instrument builder extraordinaire!!


▶ It is somehow reassuring to learn that very rich Silicon Valley entrepeneurs live in fear – all that cash and they think the best way to secure their future is this? WTF? #tragic #BBQ_at_theirs #eat_the_rich


▶ Someone tell Bach copyright doesn’t apply 300 years after you skipped off this mortal coil!
copyright is broken


▶ think you’re shooting large format? hold my beer


▶ A partial emulation of Laurie Spiegel’s “Music Mouse – An Intelligent Instrument” by Tero Parviainen


▶ How modders are removing enemies from games to create stress-free experiences





current DIY project




Spring = the best time of year!
there will be strawberries!!




liquid #macro too









Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens




new HISSandaROAR




new HISSandaROAR library due for release soon!




liquid #macro









Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens




Sutton Reserve








Sutton Reserve, Rock & Pillar Range
Central Otago #NZ #Aotearoa
Fuji TX2/XPAN2 Velvia100 xprocessed




nuzic 66



▶ Thomas Fehlmann – Window (from Los Lagos) – released today!


▶ Marcel Fengler – Sphinx (Alva Noto Remodel)


**spoiler alert: skip this bit if you are watching Orange Is The New Black S6**

▶ #repost Moses Sumney – Doomed
(the award for best needle drop/sync placement song in a TV Series
goes to Orange Is the New Black S6E13 #heartbreakingly beautiful mix


▶ hello strange podcast #344 – the alchemy of happiness – free download




Whitebait for lunch








dont let the scale fool you, these whitebait are tiny… and delicious!
Canon 5D3 and EF100L macro lens




Detritus 457

▶ ISLE OF DOGS | Making a World: Weather & Elements


▶ The Partch Hoax Doctrines


▶ atonal music fans/drug users, this is your stop update: nope


▶ Music with context: audiovisual scores for improv


▶ sounds of music in the twenty first century


▶ where to visit James Turrell works around the world


hey guys…


▶ How local news team managed to shoot photos in a toxic methane filled mine


▶ best instagram account ever


▶ perfectly normal…





Tortured Trees




West Coast trees
Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200




Vanishing Point




the old SH1 bridge at Seddon

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200




Tethered Island




Lake Hawea
Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200




I can’t feel my face




Sony a6300 + metabones speed booster/ef adaptor + Canon EF100L macro lens




Cross the alps








Arthurs Pass

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 + 30mm lens + Ilford SFX200




nuzic 65

▶ Lil Silva – Making Sense


▶ Max Cooper – Rule 110


▶ Lil Silva – Making Sense


▶ Lil Silva – Making Sense


(i know, right? three times, so good)




Dusks liquid light




Fujifilm Natura S camera with Natura 1600




Sale ends in 48H



Now into the last 48 hours of the HISSandaROAR 8th Birthday Sale. Don’t miss this chance to save 50% on all HISSandaROAR sound libraries, head to HISSandaROAR













Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200












Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200












Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200




More wet socks




I found this awesome exterior water foley/mud pool today = more wet socks… I did know about it already, it is literally less than 5min from my house, but when theres been much rain the stream nearby makes too much noise to be able to record anything except it… I came for a walk through here two days ago & the stream was a torrent, but now its barely a trickle, and that pool looked good enough to jump into… cue stage left!




Cloud Lake




Lake Alexandrina #NZ
Fujifilm Natura S camera with Natura 1600




Lake Grassmere Saltworks














Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200

I’ve visited this location before, including recording it for HISSandaROAR library… So this time I thought I will ask for permission to shoot it on film… sent email, no reply. Resent email, no reply. Gave up on permission and shot these over the security fence! Fck you saltworks owners!








Had an audience for a while today, when I was doing some recording….
Thankfully they mostly kept quiet!




Detritus 456

▶ made me LOL


▶ a good reminder for creative people when being overly self critical, nicely summed up as two ways into a theatre (similarly its also important to differentiate between intentions and actions, when people criticise they are often comparing what they ‘might’ do under similar circumstances but to believe that intentions are all that matter is to ignore the entire creative process of iteration, experimentation, trial & error, evolution etc etc)


▶ great interview with WEIRDCORE re those aphex visuals


▶ Twelve longreads for Aretha Franklin RIP


▶ whoah!! check these Asperitas clouds over Hanmer Springs, NZ 2005!!


▶ Today I learned sound has negative mass


▶ branding





Sea Animals


Hey, lets catch up for lunch
Sure, how about Tuesday?
Perfect, what do you feel like eating?
Sea animals








WTF with “Acid”? Do they mean Hydrochloric? X0X?
Antique Vehicles? Don’t you mean Vintage?
Ghosts? Really? Of all the sound effects, it is ‘ghosts’ you decide to categorise?







Wanaka #cliche




This tree in Wanaka lake is such a well known cliche that when I went to took this photo I had to wait while a group of Chinese tourists took selfys with it FFS!? Don’t believe me? #wanakatree on instagram has 15,715 photos of the same tree!?!









where the wind even bends the shadows
Fujifilm Natura S camera with Kodak Tmax3200





HISSandaROAR recap 3





HISSandaROAR recap part 3


SD009 CHIMES – a great selection of notes & phrases from a range of percussion instrument chimes as well as deep resonant wind chimes



SD010 SPRINGS – I love spring reverbs so this library was fun exploring as many ways to use springs, thunder drums and slinkys including bowed, struck, twanged… And triggering spring crashes on retroverb outboard & slamming my AKG BX5!



SD011 TORTURED CYMBALS – old broken cymbals were bowed, grinded, struck, thrown & stressed AF



SD012 ENTROPY – a favourite thematic library involving the extremes of hot and cold: dry ice, steam, frying bacon dopplers, drop sizzles.. a diverse source of inspiration!





Central Otago




Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




St Bathans




Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100








Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




nuzic 64



▶ Aleph – Vol 2


▶ Shed mix and interview


▶ Altone – Ancient Dub [YIN038]





HISSandaROAR recap 2





SD005 PRESSURE was the first of my thematic sound libraries…
and such creative fun to free associate ideas



SD006 TORTURED PIANO so great for horror stings, transitions, avante music, impacts…
a dead piano immortalised



SD007 WATER FOLEY is a library every sound editor will need sooner or later, footsteps and movement in water, mud, wet sand, rock pool etc…



SD008 CONTACT MIC the first contact mic library & still a source of unique tonality with no acoustic



Detritus 455

▶ clever idea, playing 1/4″ tape on multiple reel to reels using drum sticks!


▶ fascinating insight into the process of scanning R P Moores Cirkut camera huge panaoramic negatives Amazing what a prolific photographer he was – the National Library NZ have “2,455 panoramic negatives, taken between 1923 and circa 1934” – what an amazing business, the cost of each negative would have been significant… the whole article is here


▶ “your food is as good as the beauty of Katsura Rikyu. But….

the music in your restaurant is like Trump Tower.”


▶ “a collection of manuals & schematics acquired over the years” – thanks to thesnowfields (that last one is a classic “Learning Music With Synthesizers” published 1974, searchable text here)


8 virtual cv recorder/loopers for $0.99 (iOS) seems too good to be true via


▶ love the ingenuity: shed of the year shortlist (Piano Raft gets my vote)



HISSandaROAR recap 1



While the HISSandaROAR sale is on I’ll recap all of our released sound libraries…


SD001 VEGE VIOLENCE was the first – I can still remember what my studio smelt like after recording finished (like a bad salad) Fun fact: the promo video was shot on DV and released on vimeo as youtube was still mono back then! Over the last 8 years its had 120,000 views on vimeo!



SD002 SWISHES was second – my arms ache at the thought of it! So useful and apart from swishes & wooshes, it is worth reversing SWISH for use as incoming projectile/bullet whizzes



SD003 SEAL VOCALS has been a crucial part of some brilliant dragon, zombie and creature vocals… native to NZ and very scary to record! With headphones cranked up it felt like each vocal was right beside my head… had a bit of PTSD afterwards!



SD004 FIREWORKS = a fire permit, 5 recordists & $600 of fireworks





Happy Birthday



Today is HISSandaROARs 8th Birthday!



Do you remember being 8?


For me,
being 8 was definitely a pre-internet experience
it was 1973 and my home phone number was
7 2 K Hinds, New Zealand
7 2 got you connected to the local area
but the K was magic
K was morse code
on a party line
long short long
on a phone line
shared between all the immediate neighbour farms

no DNS
no IP address
no dial up
morse freaking code yo!

Not coincidentally HISSandaROAR have now launched our 8th BIRTHDAY SALE

please use coupon code ‘CAKE*’ prior to checkout
and get 50% off any and all of our 53 libraries.

>>> HISSandaROAR


*Mmmmm cake








Canon 1v with Kodak TriX400




Headless Ted




Fujifilm Natura S camera with Natura 1600 35mm film








suspect I will visit this tree every time I visit Wanaka!
Fujifilm Natura S camera with Natura 1600 35mm film








also in the mail today, thanks Kings Seeds especially for daikon & shiso!
#believeinspring #NZ







very happy for a package from the Czech Republic arrived, containing some very high quality friction mallets with huge thanks for FSKRLA



What inspired the purchase? Well, as you’ll likely know I love friction mallets and have done a lot of recording using them on percussion instruments as well as random props, and when googling for more info on my two Ludwig timpani I came across this video, fantastic thank you Franta!




Also mallet related, I managed to score one of these old KAT mallet MIDI controllers














Fujifilm Natura S camera with Kodak Tmax3200




#streetart #wellington












Fujifilm Natura S camera with Natura 1600 35mm film








shot with Fujifilm Natura S 35mm camera and Natura 1600 film








shot with Fujifilm Natura S 35mm camera and Natura 1600 film




Quadraphonic Master Class with Suzanne Ciani




How brilliant & right on topic for my current work – I recently upgraded my rear monitors so as to have matched JBL LSR28Ps for quad, and plan to move one of my subwoofers to the rear so I can switch focus from front to back etc when working…




Soon we are 8




Just a heads up, if you are planning to pickup a HISSandaROAR sound library any time soon maybe hold off until next Thursday, when our 8th Birthday Sale starts!




Black sparrow




Love the logo for Black Sparrow – took this on my way to NZIFF screening of Hirokazu Koreeda SHOPLIFTERS – love the feeling of going to the cinema during the day and stumbling out 2 hours later with a head full of dreams, in this case into a rainy Wellington dusk… great film, highly reccomended!








Ordered some Tendrils for my modular synth – can never have enough patch cables, but I like the idea of these low profile right angle cables… will post some photos once I start working with them






#macro #monochrome








Canon 1V SLR + EF100L macro lens + Kodak TriX400




nuzic 63



▶ Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse


▶ Tony Allen – Ole(A Remix by Moritz von Oswald)


▶ Ólafur Arnalds – Tiny Desk Concert



▶ Pugilist – Cha / Syncopate


▶ Bass Clef – Acid Hearse


▶ Tim Hecker — This life









Some evidence of winter, and maybe some virtual relief for those of you suffering extreme summer heat (on news just before they mentioned it might reach 50 degrees Celcius in Portugal today!!) – this was the frost one morning last week on my parents lawn in Ashburton – I don’t get frosts where I live so it was a novelty to feel that crunch underfoot!









Now that we are mid winter in NZ I was happy to see this photo on a roll of Fuji Natura 1600 I got back from lab recently… Field recording on Stewart Island in warmer times…
Fuji Natura S camera with Natura 1600 35mm film





Wellington #architecture 2








Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with 30mm lens
first = Kodak Tmax3200
second & third = Kodak TriX400




Wellington #architecture








Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with 30mm lens
first and third = Kodak Tmax3200
second = Kodak TriX400








got home last night from 12 day road trip,
today couriered 16 rolls of film off to the lab, all XPAN!
7 x Ilford SFX200
2 x Kodak Trix400
2 x Kodak Tmax3200
2 x Kodak Tmax100
3 x Velvia100





Accidental portait




nice to meet a photographer out in the field, at St Bathans




No exit





my favourite kind of road!




first photo is by St Bathans, second is top of Lake Hawea




Detritus 454



▶ Ryoji Ikeda, he speaks!


▶ #trigger warning: Bloke who added kick drum to classic disco track thinks he’s a producer #LOL


▶ For anyone outside NZ, you might need to find a VPN that gets you within our borders (does that even exist???) but highly reccomend new TV series Wellington Paranormal – it is a very funny ride-along with two NZ police who as the title already explained are THE Wellington Paranormal unit. Local stream available here (and of course, legally whatever you do, do not look for this on dodgy tv torrent sites!) If you enjoyed What We Do In The Shadows, then this is like a preternatural version of one of those procedural cop shows that clog TV programming because they are cheap to make… sidenote: while the Phoenix Foundation guys are responsible for the wry score, I laughed when I saw the highly litigous parody theme music credited to Jermaine, who is one of the producers… presumably with all that Hollywood acting cash stashed under his bed he can manage any legal parody enquiries better than the musos themselves… #hilarial #i_want_to_believe #dog_wearing_jeans #haunted_sock? #not_a_reliable_witness


▶ in other NZ news, which I would prefer to be from a TV parody show, a cop tasered a “rampaging” goat 13 times WTF? I’ve known some goats in my time and it does feel like parody/WTF to think this could actually be required… #crossed_the_blue_line? #do_werewolves_climb_trees? #NO


▶ Wim Wenders on iPhone “photography”








last photo of the day, a long exposure in Timaru




Lake Pukaki



There was a weird cloud layer through Central Otago today, but by the time I got to Lake Pukaki there was a different cloud stream coming in from the West and the reflections looked amazing!!
Of course every time I am near Lake Pukaki, it means time to stop for this:







Omarama clay cliffs




My first time visiting these clay cliffs, near Omarama and they are very impressive!!