The plan for Wednesday!




I am usually a little too paranoid to leave my car in a remote carpark for 2-4 hours… especially when it has everything I travel with in it… But this time I have emptied my car into my Air BnB, so I will get to do a couple of walks that I have always wanted to do..

OPARARA ARCH Walk = 1km = easy = “Spectacular Limestone Arch 43m high” = GREAT!
MORIA GATE, MIRROR TARN Walk = 4.1km = easy = “Rainforest, Limestone Arch, Tranquil Forest Tarn’ = WAHOO!

I think they are both effectively the same walk… I’ve been into this same area many times before, Kahurangi National Park is my favourite in NZ, and the week I spent in Takaka was on the North edge of the Park… I am now on the West side of the park…


What a lovely word ‘Tarn’ is, instinctively it sounds Scottish – let me check…



mmmmmmm (in homer simpson voice) mirror tarn…. gahhhhh….



How much gear can I carry on an ‘easy’ 4km walk?

XPAN + lenses
5D3 + lens
Natura S camera
Contax T2 camera
Sound Devices 722 + Sennhesier MKH8020 pair + stands

And that is probably about it….

I’ll be doing some recording and other shooting while in Kahurangi National Park… it IS such an amazing place, and there is a shipweck along the way, so my drone & other lenses etc will get their chance, but will also just have to stay in the car & hope for the best!


ps FCK ‘going to the gym’
ps LOVE ‘going for a walk in a National Park with a pack full of dreams’





DSLR longexposures








Funny how life evolves – shooting longexposures with my Canon 5D3 DSLR used to be my goal, now it is more like previz for shooting on film with my XPAN! Can’t wait to see how they come out








Field recording Monday morning at Totaranui, my favourite beach in NZ!
It was deserted when I arrived, as evidenced by this FB panorama:

But no sooner had I set up my mics and hit record then I heard a rumble, which slowly turned into a boat
which pulled up & unloaded a group of noisy kids… they eventually go away, then a light plane flies over, then another, then a quad bike, then two more planes… Totaranui is fairly remote, but even here I had to record for 30+ minutes to get 5min clean.



I then drove for 5 hours to Westport, at times through very heavy rain…
The contrast couldn’t be more apparent: monochrome Westport!