Goodbye Reality?

“Before the agents of this new unreality finish this first phase of their work and then disappear completely from view to complete it, we have a brief opportunity to identify and catalogue the processes shaping our drift to a new world in which reality is both relative and carefully constructed by others, for their ends….” – an important read: The Last Days of Reality



Estuary Trilogy







I love lagoons, estuaries and wetlands – they are such interesting environments for wildlife (thankfully there are no alligators etc in NZ) and sonically they are often beautiful and peaceful with the distant roar of the sea in the far background… The amazing aspect of this particular estuary was that the ground was solid and the water was shallow – I could easily walk as far out as I wanted. I tried the same approach in another lagoon and could not get far as there was such a deep layer of mud, even with gumboots on I soon became stuck… and struggling for footing while using an expensive DSLR and filters is a little stressy… Shot a lot of Velvia with my XPAN at this location too, can’t wait to see it!


Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens + Lee ND15 Super Stopper




Another wreck


Stumbled across this unknown wreck at low tide, when it was sitting completely out of the water… So I revisited it the next day at high tide…
Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm + Lee Super Stopper






A stick insect guarding the pioneers graveyard on Waiheke Island



Waiheke shoot






Shipwreck #53 at Blackpool, Waiheke Island



French Bay







Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens
& my photo/drinking buddies Ian & Eddie stage left



Awhitu Peninsula







5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens + Lee Super Stopper
















staying at a gorgeous spot, right on the beach at Papamoa…
arrived in time for a swim before dinner – my first in years
and Satokos first swim in the ocean, ever!
Got the drone in the air as the sun set… bliss!






Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 18mm ZE lens
DJI Mavic Pro