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Past Pencarrow Head & home!





Full Circle

On my way home I stopped for the night at a great AirBnB apartment in Nelson, and it rained pretty much the entire way from when I took the photos of the Kea at Arthurs Pass until I got to Nelson.

I had chosen this apartment as it’s on a hill directly above Nelson port and the photos of the view looked amazing… But when I got up the next morning I actually LOL’d at the view!

It amused me that a month ago, on my first morning in Kenepuru Sound I woke to a view of fog filling the sounds… And I then proceeded to shoot some of the best photos of the entire trip… So I wasn’t disappointed at a lack of the panoramic view, far from it… But I just hoped the fog would lift enough to see something, before check out time…















Lake Hood

Canon 5D3 + Zeiss ZE 18mm
























Lucked in and three Kea were hanging around the lookout above the massive viaduct at the top of Arthurs Pass…. A guy turned up in an old ambulance, started cooking lunch and one of the Kea was being very inquisitive (& clever!) checking out one of his bags…

5D3 + EF100-400L lens


Orari Gorge Reserve today
Canon 5D3 with EF100L macro lens

No Shooting

I concurr

Contax T2 + TriX
Kenepuru Sound

Golf Cart

Fun recording session yesterday, capturing my Dads electric golf cart…

EXT = MKH8040 ORTF and MKH70XY
Onboard = MKH8020x2 and Elektrosluch EMF

Detritus 427

▶ birds play rhythm with swing!


▶ new documentary about West German studio legend Conny Plank to be released this year


▶ I have a feeling this kind of news will become common in future: Facebook kills bots after they create their own language… Makes me think of the sample (from the Outer Limits episode “Demon with a Glass Hand”) in this Cabaret Voltaire song


▶ I tend to keep an eye on sites that offer remix competitions, partly as a chance to hear stems from artists I like… So I reccomend checking out this remix competition for Ladi 6 track Royal Blue – the EP mix is here if the embed doesn’t work

Download/listen to the vocal stem here


▶ inspiring gallery of new graphic scores by Anton Lukoszevieze


▶ Dunkirk, a review of the 70mm experience


▶ mmmm mochi gif