Prime #3



My third prime lens = a mint Carl Zeiss FLEKTOGON 35mm F2.4 MC via Vintage Lens on eBay
Next? Maybe a Zeiss Distagon (although who knows what I might find spending November in Japan!)
For any other Canon users interested in using vintage prime lens, this chart is super useful




I’ve never eaten Kina – while the shell is quite beautiful, its appearance when in the ocean (or in a seafood shop) puts me off a bit… But wandering around the waterfront in Wellington the other day it made me smile to see some giant size sculptures based on the kina shell


Nga Kina is a sculpture by Michel Tuffery


The best auctions…

The best auctions are for items put into incorrect categories!


I stumbled across this rack in a related but incorrect category on a local auction site – its an intriguing rack, the current owner apparently bought it at a police sale as it had been used for bugging houses/surveillance! Just imagine the things that Orban parametric EQ 622B (PDF manual here) and (??) monitor switcher have heard!

Scattered Light 151





Went for a walk through the botanic gardens in Wellington yesterday, while my car was getting serviced…
Love the way that Super Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens renders light!

Sensing Streams

Sensing Streams is an installation by Ryuichi Sakamoto + Daito Manabe at Moerenuma Park, as part of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014. The installation involves visualizing and making audible electromagnetic waves between 80MHz-5.2GHz that are captured in realtime by antennas set up in various places in the venue, collecting signals from cellphones, Wi-Fi, digital terrestrial broadcasting, and FM radio. For more info see & hear HERE

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 12.49.58 PM





Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 12.50.45 PM

Scattered Light 150






Abstract metal, shot with Canon 5DmkIII and Pentax Super Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens

These were all shot wide open & have to say I LOVE that bokeh!!
I’ve since got a 28mm F3.5 Super Takumar too

Heavy Metal

Had a great session last night, recording heavy metal impacts for the next HISSandaROAR library!



It was so loud that wearing ear muffs was essential, but every so often I would start to wonder if it was actually loud & would take off the muffs to check… HELL YES!!!


I was recording to six tracks: MKH8040x2, MKH8050, AKG D112, BB Contact Mics x2 – using the D112 was a bit of an experiment (I usually use it on kick drum or bass guitar amp) but I am pursuing big heavy subby metal impacts so thought it was worth trying & after a quick listen today I like the results.


This ‘prop’ was really fun to mess with – those metal gates added great complex clatter & rattle, making the sustain more interesting as a variation & I was imagining them pitched down an octave or two…


The last two props of the session were large scale but rusty old rubbish skip bins, the second of which had these two 44 gallon drums in them. Once I had recorded enough door slams & exterior mallet hits I climbed in and burned all my remaining energy picking up those drums & SLAMMING them into the sides of the bin, and into each other! Seriously, the loudest sounds I recorded in a long time & OMG my arms and back are so tired today!


I started setting up about 3pm and it was one of those sessions that when I finished I had no idea what the time was, I had been so completely absorbed in the process… But one funny story: that yard usually has a guard dog in it, the kind that jumps up & barks like crazy if you walk near the fence. The guys who gave me access to the yard don’t own the dog, so them & I had been & had a chat to the dog owner & I gave him some beers to keep the dog inside while I was recording… Anyway about 2 hours later I had just finished moving my mics from one prop to another & I felt something brush against my leg, and I looked down to see that fckng dog looking back at me! I decided now wasn’t the time to freak out & stayed calm but slowly reached for the big wooden mallet that I was using just in case. Meanwhile desperately trying to remember the details of that article about the Dog Whisperer and whether I should be avoiding making eye contact and acting submissively or not… I did remember that dogs sense fear so I was trying to be fairly casual about the situation and the dog had been totally submissive with its owner, and happily let us pat it then, but its not my dog so I wasn’t keen to take any risks… So I made no sudden movements & slowly walked over to the metal gates, constantly monitoring where the dog was & what it was doing, with the mallet ready to administer some serious concussion if it did try to assert its authority… Got outside, walked round to the dog owners building, banged on the door, asking “WTF??”
“Sorry bro, I thought you’d finished & gone home”

Scattered Light 149







freezing cold Southerly shot near Paekakriki with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-44L lens




Detritus 318


▶ The art of focus (pscyhological, not cameras)


▶ The music of molecules


“We started experimenting with infrared lighting and discovered that the IR emitter in the Microsoft Kinect projected a starfield-like dot pattern not unlike what a 3D render of point cloud data looks like,” explains Joe Picard, the film’s cinematographer.


▶ Michel Chion’s “Guide to Sound Objects: Pierre Schaeffer and Musical – english PDF here
via Binary heap


▶ great Youtube vid about Disney sound effects pioneer Jimmy MacDonald (no embed sorry)
thanks Peter!


thats Jason Groseclose, 2-time World Coyote Howling Champion!


▶ The New Yorkers object of interest: the Vocoder


▶ mmmm speculative architecture


▶ interesting interview with Richard D James/Aphex Twin with some great insight into his own process eg “I actually like making studios more than making music, because I like the possibilities of what you can do. I make these setups that will achieve some sort of purpose, so the way I’ve wired it together becomes the track in itself.” and this: “When I look at commercial studios, I think, “Oh, they’re all so nice and tidy,” but it’s because they don’t actually write music in them. They’re just for producing stuff that’s already been written. Whereas if you’re writing stuff in studios, it’s always changing, and you’re always swapping equipment around. I just really wish I could bloody keep the same setup for more than about five minutes, because then I would actually get good at that setup. But I just get bored and swap things out. Fucking ridiculous.”


▶ I suspect I’ve only ever had real wasabi a few times (in very good restaurants in Japan, where we were given a piece of wasabi root & a grater) – I watched a mini documentary about growing wasabi in the mountains in Japan ages ago (found it on youtube – this one) but this is an interesting article about someone who has spent 30 years attempting to establish the first commercial wasabi farm in North America!


▶ You’d have to braver than me to try this DIY infra red camera conversion



but yikes i really hate hearing an audience ‘clap along’ – instantly makes me think of a retirement village singalong…