Turning Point

Someone emailed me asking: “Which New Zealand movie was, according to you, a turning point in terms of cinema sound (probably one you worked on) – that would be good to know.

The turning point in New Zealand cinema sound for me was created before I was born, by someone so far ahead of his time that we are still catching up with the vast legacy that he left. These need to be seen on celluloid, projected, to really experience them properly (but if you watch them now, please watch full screen)

Len Lye – Free Radicals (1958)

Len Lye – Particles in Space (1957)

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Detritus 313

(thanks Gary!)


> Interview with Max Richter


> Some up & coming film composers to keep an ear out for (thanks Peter)


Tunnelblick from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo.

Tunnelblick – A constricted circular tunnel-like field of vision.
A collaborative project between Rob Clouth (Sound / robclouth.com) and Henning M. Lederer (Visuals / led-r-r.net).


> secret? how secret? (thanks Peter)


(thanks Mick!)


> 10 sounds that changed the course of history


> wow – love this vinyl sticker for your laptop (thanks Guy!)



> Do you ever feel like you are losing the war on clutter? Every so often I get fed up & grab a big plastic bin & go around removing the debris that accumulates… but I am not in the league of these people – yikes!!!


> If Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s Up #more_explosions!


> wow! DIY laser microphones? thanks @TonalGurus


> can’t wait to check out the new Aphex Twin tunes


> This is the opposite to that previous ‘I liked everything on Facebook’ – the benefits of liking nothing


> Iannis Xenakis: Music and Architecture


> interview with Laurie Anderson


> mmmm bioluminescencnt firefly squid


> so Soundcloud now has ads? Rather than hate on the service or option, it is important to remember that like Youtube it is the person who owns the content who decides whether they want ads included in their work. Every time I see an ad on a Youtube video I curse the person who uploaded it – is it really worth the $0.001 that you collect by attempting to monetize your video IF you reach the views threshold?? Because it is making the experience far less pleasant!

It is obviously for each person to decide whether they want inappropriate (and often times fckng dreadful) advertising content jammed in front of their beautiful work… But heres the thing: I have NEVER clicked on an ad on youtube, ever. They have never managed to target ANYTHING at all remotely relevant to me. So if google cant reach me with all their spying, what chance does Soundcloud have?

I’d suspect in the grand scheme of things it is a token effort to please the shareholders & venture capital funders, rather than providing a viable income stream…. But I appreciate some people make a living off monetizing their Youtube videos, so what would I know, other than that I much prefer ad free Vimeo and happily give them my $$$ to remain that way!


> Lastly, apologies if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter & occasionally (??) I promote my own stuff too much… I figure at worst if I ever do that too much, someone will either complain, or simply unfollow me… Its always a fine line and a good example is recent local great film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, which had a great social media campaign that helped promote a small indie film to the top of the local box office for a few weeks, which is an awesome achievement & of course wouldn’t be possible unless it was a great funny film. But.
If every film had such an intensive social media campaign I think I would stop following anyone & everyone who is promoting their films that way – it was intensive & unrelenting, although thankfully it was also done with some humour… So it requires a balance, hopefully it ebbs & flows… While I have unfollowed people for the same reason, although usually it is because they are promoting something I have no interest in eg I might be kind of inetrested in a musician or band, follow them on twitter, only to discover their twitter presence is solely an endless ad for their new album or whatever – no personal engagement or insight… Anyway if you are interested or have projects to promote online this article is a useful read YMMV.


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Books FTW!


thanks Amazon.com – I can’t get enough of James Turell! And thanks Julie for suggesting River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West by Rebecca Solnit…
I shall find a sunny spot tomorrow & engage with both….

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SD020 WIND INSTRUMENTS Library Released!

Our 28th sound library has just been released: SD020 WIND INSTRUMENTS is a library powered by the human breath and comprises of sound effects, notes, tones & phrases created with Wind Instruments – over 5,000 sounds 8GB of 24bit 96kHz delivered as 318 .WAV files – check it out here

soundcloud preview below…






00:00:00:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 01 Aztec Death Whistle
00:00:08:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 02a Squeaker short comments
00:00:09:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 02b Squeaker surprise
00:00:13:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 02c Squeaker laugh
00:00:18:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 02d Squeaker happy talk
00:00:25:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 02e Squeaker talk
00:00:30:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 02f Squeaker yes
00:00:33:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 02g Squeaker no
00:00:38:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 02i Squeaker irritated
00:00:41:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 02j Squeaker Squeal
00:00:47:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 02k Squeaker constant sustained
00:00:50:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 02l Squeaker Squeal sustained
00:00:57:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 02m Squeaker shot
00:01:02:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 03a Squeaker short comments
00:01:06:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 03b Squeaker hero
00:01:09:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 03c Squeaker irritated
00:01:11:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 03d Squeaker happy talk
00:01:13:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 03e Squeaker talk
00:01:16:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 03f Squeaker laugh
00:01:18:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 03g Squeaker sad
00:01:21:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 03h Squeaker constant sustained
00:01:24:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 03i Squeaker squeal
00:01:28:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 04a Squeaker phrases
00:01:30:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 04b Squeaker passby
00:01:37:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 05a Piou short comments
00:01:40:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 05b Piou short comments
00:01:42:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 05c Piou short comments
00:01:46:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 05d Piou squeaks
00:01:49:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 05e Piou toot
00:01:52:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 05f Piou hero
00:01:55:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 05g Piou talk
00:01:57:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 05h Piou talk
00:01:59:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 05i Piou phrases
00:02:02:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 05j Piou upset
00:02:04:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 05k Piou plaintive
00:02:07:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 05l Piou alternating
00:02:13:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 05m Piou irritated
00:02:16:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 05n Piou sad
00:02:20:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 05o Piou harsh
00:02:25:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 05p Piou screams
00:02:28:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 05q Piou screams sustained
00:02:31:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 06a Duck Call short comments
00:02:34:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 06b Duck Call surprised
00:02:37:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 06c Duck Call docile
00:02:42:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 06d Duck Call laughs
00:02:45:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 06e Duck Call No
00:02:48:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 06f Duck Call sarcastic
00:02:52:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 06g Duck Call mood swing
00:02:56:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 06h Duck Call not happy
00:02:58:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 06i Duck Call irritated
00:03:01:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 06j Duck Call getting angry
00:03:07:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 06k Duck Call grumpy
00:03:10:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 06l Duck Call panic scream
00:03:13:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 06m Duck Call hurt
00:03:18:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 06n Duck Call angry talk
00:03:21:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 07a Duck Call short comments
00:03:25:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 07b Duck Call annoyed
00:03:28:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 07c Duck Call sad
00:03:32:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 07d Duck Call angry
00:03:35:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 08a Duck Call short comments
00:03:39:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 08b Duck Call plaintive
00:03:44:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 08c Duck Call sad
00:03:47:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 08d Duck Call heres Johny
00:03:50:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 08e Duck Call tone
00:03:56:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 09a Spinner fast
00:04:03:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 09b Spinner slow
00:04:11:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 09c Spinner modulated
00:04:18:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 09d Spinner stop start
00:04:24:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 10a Toy Bird Water Whistle Note dry
00:04:27:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 10b Toy Bird Water Bubbly Tones long
00:04:33:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 10c Toy Bird Water Bubbly Tones short
00:04:37:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 10d Toy Bird Water Warble Tones long
00:04:42:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 10e Toy Bird Water Warble Tones short
00:04:45:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 11 Kazoo 1 phrases
00:04:48:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 12a Kazoo 2 notes
00:04:52:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 12b Kazoo 2 passes
00:04:56:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 12c Kazoo 2 phrases
00:05:01:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 12d Kazoo 2 screechy
00:05:05:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 13 Bamboo Sax
00:05:13:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 14a Screecher scream short
00:05:23:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 14b Screecher scream longer
00:05:30:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 15 Party Hooter
00:05:43:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 16 Party Hooter
00:05:52:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 17a Vuvuzela notes short
00:05:58:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 17b Vuvuzela notes sustained
00:06:04:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 17c Vuvuzela breaths
00:06:18:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 17d Vuvuzela breath passes
00:06:29:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 17e Vuvuzela passes
00:06:37:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 18 Conch
00:06:44:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 19 Blade of grass
00:06:55:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 20 Balloon shrieks
00:07:03:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 21a Slide Whistle note
00:07:06:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 21b Slide Whistle note slide up
00:07:17:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 21c Slide Whistle note slide up faster
00:07:23:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 21d Slide Whistle note slide down
00:07:32:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 21e Slide Whistle note slide down faster
00:07:37:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 21f Slide Whistle note slide down up
00:07:45:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 21g Slide Whistle note slide up down
00:07:53:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 21h Slide Whistle note wobble
00:07:59:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 21i Slide Whistle note harmonic
00:08:06:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 21j Slide Whistle note phrases
00:08:11:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 22a Slide Whistle note slide up
00:08:15:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 22b Slide Whistle note slide up slow
00:08:24:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 22c Slide Whistle note slide down
00:08:28:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 22d Slide Whistle note slide down slow
00:08:34:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 22e Slide Whistle note
00:08:38:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 22f Slide Whistle phrase
00:08:42:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 23a Slide Whistle red plastic slide up
00:08:49:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 23b Slide Whistle red plastic slide up slow
00:08:56:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 23c Slide Whistle red plastic slide down
00:09:00:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 23d Slide Whistle red plastic slide down slow
00:09:08:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 23e Slide Whistle red plastic note slide up down
00:09:14:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 23f Slide Whistle red plastic note
00:09:17:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 23g Slide Whistle red plastic note wobbly
00:09:24:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 24a Slide Whistle bamboo slide up
00:09:34:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 24b Slide Whistle bamboo slide down
00:09:48:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 24c Slide whistle bamboo slide down very slow
00:10:01:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 24d Slide Whistle bamboo note
00:10:06:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 24e Slide Whistle bamboo note harmonic
00:10:10:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 24f Slide Whistle bamboo harmonic phrase
00:10:16:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 25a Slide whistle water slide down
00:10:20:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 25b Slide whistle water slide down slow
00:10:29:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 25c Slide whistle water slide up slow
00:10:37:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 25d Slide whistle water note
00:10:40:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 25e Slide whistle water note wobbly
00:10:48:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 26 whistle metal pea
00:10:52:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 27 Whistle scout
00:10:59:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 28 Whistle dog high frequency
00:11:08:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 29 Whistle umpire
00:11:15:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 30 Whistle umpire
00:11:20:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 31 Whistle umpire
00:11:24:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 32 Whistle umpire
00:11:27:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 33 Whistle bosun
00:11:33:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 34 Whistle bosun
00:11:42:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 35a Toy Train Whistle
00:11:48:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 35b Toy Train Whistle passby
00:11:54:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 35c Toy Train Whistle alt notes
00:11:59:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 35d Toy Train Whistle alt notes
00:12:05:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 35e Toy Train Whistle alt notes
00:12:10:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 35f Toy Train Whistle alt notes
00:12:15:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 36a Whistle dog
00:12:22:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 36b Whistle dog breath
00:12:31:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 37a Whistle Toy Bird Note
00:12:36:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 37b Whistle Toy Bird Note repeats
00:12:43:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 37c Whistle Toy Bird Note sustained
00:12:54:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 37d Whistle Toy Bird Note sustained drop
00:13:05:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 37e Whistle Toy Bird Note pass
00:13:15:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 38a Whistle Face Note
00:13:19:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 38b Whistle Face Note Repeats
00:13:22:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 38c Whistle Face pitch down
00:13:31:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 38d Whistle Face Note pitch up
00:13:43:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 38e Whistle Face Note pitch up down
00:13:53:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 39a HOSE blue
00:13:59:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 39b HOSE blue passes
00:14:02:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 40a Hose white tones
00:14:12:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 40b Hose white tones
00:14:20:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 40c Hose white tones
00:14:31:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 40d Hose white tone passes
00:14:36:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 41a Hose conduit tones
00:14:43:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 41b Hose conduit tones higher
00:14:49:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 41c Hose conduit tones faster
00:14:51:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 42a Hose melodica tone
00:14:57:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 42b Hose melodica tone fast release
00:15:01:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 42c Hose melodica tone slower release
00:15:06:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 43 Hand pump bellows yellow
00:15:29:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 44 Hand pump bellows blue
00:15:41:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 45a Flute Bone Note 1
00:15:46:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 45b Flute Bone Note 2
00:15:50:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 45c Flute Bone Note 3
00:15:54:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 45d Flute Bone Note 4
00:15:59:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 45e Flute Bone Note 5
00:16:02:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 45f Flute Bone Notes Alternating
00:16:08:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 45g Flute Bone Warbling Notes Phrases
00:16:17:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 45h Flute Bone Warbly Phrases
00:16:22:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 45i Flute Bone Passes
00:16:29:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 46a Flute Bone Note 1
00:16:32:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 46b Flute Bone Note 2 Harmonics
00:16:35:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 46c Flute Bone Note 3 Harmonics
00:16:40:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 46d Flute Bone Note 4 Breathy
00:16:48:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 46e Flute Bone Note 5
00:16:53:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 46f Flute Bone Note 6
00:16:56:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 46g Flute Bone Note 7 Slow Breath
00:17:01:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 46h Flute Bone Modulated
00:17:07:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 46i Flute Bone Phrases 1
00:17:13:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 46j Flute Bone Phrases 2
00:17:17:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 46k Flute Bone Pass
00:17:20:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 47a Toy Pan Pipes Note 1
00:17:23:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 47b Toy Pan Pipes Note 2
00:17:27:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 47c Toy Pan Pipes Note 3
00:17:30:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 47d Toy Pan Pipes Note 4
00:17:34:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 47e Toy Pan Pipes Combo notes
00:17:38:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 47f Toy Pan Pipes Combo notes beating tones
00:17:42:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 47g Toy Pan Pipes Combo notes beating tones
00:17:48:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 47h Toy Pan Pipes Combo passes
00:17:53:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 47i Toy Pan Pipes Phrases
00:17:59:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 48a Toy Pan Pipes Note 1
00:18:02:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 48b Toy Pan Pipes Note 2
00:18:05:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 48c Toy Pan Pipes Note 3
00:18:07:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 48d Toy Pan Pipes Note 4
00:18:14:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 48e Toy Pan Pipes Note 5
00:18:16:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 48f Toy Pan Pipes Note 6
00:18:20:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 48g Toy Pan Pipes Note 7
00:18:24:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 48h Toy Pan Pipes Note 8
00:18:26:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 48i Toy Pan Pipes Combo short 1
00:18:29:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 48j Toy Pan Pipes Combo short 2
00:18:32:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 48k Toy Pan Pipes Combo short 3
00:18:35:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 48l Toy Pan Pipes Combo short 4
00:18:37:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 48m Toy Pan Pipes Combo sustained 1
00:18:43:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 48n Toy Pan Pipes Combo sustained 2
00:18:46:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 48o Toy Pan Pipes Combo sustained 3
00:18:52:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 48p Toy Pan Pipes Combo sustained 4
00:18:58:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 48q Toy Pan Pipes Combo sustained 5
00:19:03:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 48r Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 1
00:19:05:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 48s Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 2
00:19:07:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 48t Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 3
00:19:10:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 48u Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 4
00:19:13:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 48v Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 5
00:19:16:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 48w Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 6
00:19:19:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 48x Toy Pan Pipes Combo repeater 7
00:19:22:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 48y Toy Pan Pipes Combo pitch down
00:19:26:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 48z Toy Pan Pipes Combo pitch up
00:19:31:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 49a Toy Trumpet Note
00:19:37:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 49b Toy Trumpet Breathy
00:19:42:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 49c Toy Trumpet Breathy Modulated
00:19:47:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 49d Toy Trumpet Breathy Harmonic
00:19:50:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 49e Toy Trumpet Modulated
00:19:55:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 49f Toy Trumpet Passby
00:20:00:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 49g Toy Trumpet Release
00:20:03:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 50a Wood Flute Indonesian Note 1
00:20:07:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 50a Wood Flute Indonesian Note 2
00:20:11:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 50b Wood Flute Indonesian Tone slow breath draft
00:20:21:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 50c Wood Flute Indonesian Release
00:20:28:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 51a Wood Flute Note 1
00:20:33:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 51b Wood Flute Note 2
00:20:38:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 51c Wood Flute Note 3
00:20:41:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 51d Wood Flute Note 4
00:20:45:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 51e Wood Flute Warbly Phrases
00:20:51:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 51f Wood Flute Alternating Notes
00:21:05:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 51g Wood Flute Breathy draft
00:21:15:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 52a Flute Note
00:21:19:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 52b Flute Note repeater
00:21:23:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 52c Flute Note sustained whistle draft
00:21:31:18 WIND INSTRUMENT 52d Flute Note modulated
00:21:41:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 53a 3 Note Flute Note 1
00:21:46:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 53b 3 Note Flute Note 2
00:21:50:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 53c 3 Note Flute Note 3
00:21:54:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 53d 3 Note Flute Warbly phrases
00:22:02:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 53e 3 Note Flute Harmonic
00:22:10:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 54a Bamboo short flute Note 1
00:22:19:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 54b Bamboo short flute Note 2
00:22:25:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 54c Bamboo short flute Note 3
00:22:29:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 54d Bamboo short flute Warbly Phrase
00:22:38:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 54e Bamboo short flute Tone Slow breath
00:22:45:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 55a Bamboo long flute note 1
00:22:50:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 55b Bamboo long flute note 2 repeaters
00:22:56:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 55c Bamboo long flute note 2
00:23:01:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 55d Bamboo long flute note 3 harmonic
00:23:08:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 55e Bamboo long flute phrases
00:23:17:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 55f Bamboo long flute short raspy
00:23:23:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 55g Bamboo long flute breathy harmonic
00:23:28:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 55h Bamboo long flute harmonic tones
00:23:43:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 56a Flute wooden note
00:23:49:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 56b Flute wooden breath
00:23:56:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 56c Flute wooden phrase
00:24:04:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 57a Ocarina Note 1
00:24:07:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 57b Ocarina Note 2
00:24:12:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 57c Ocarina Note 3
00:24:15:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 57d Ocarina Note 4
00:24:19:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 57e Ocarina Note 5
00:24:23:11 WIND INSTRUMENT 57f Ocarina Note Harmonic
00:24:28:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 58a Nose flute note
00:24:32:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 58b Nose flute note harmonic
00:24:38:21 WIND INSTRUMENT 59 Bottle glass Absolut sustained
00:24:44:17 WIND INSTRUMENT 59a Bottle glass Absolut short
00:24:49:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 60a Bottle glass water bottle short
00:24:53:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 60b Bottle glass water bottle sustained
00:24:58:04 WIND INSTRUMENT 61a Bottle glass wine bottle short
00:25:01:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 61b Bottle glass wine bottle sustained
00:25:08:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 62a Bottle glass vodka bison short
00:25:12:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 62b Bottle glass vodka bison sustained
00:25:17:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 63a jar glass square antique short
00:25:20:22 WIND INSTRUMENT 63b jar glass square antique sustained
00:25:26:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 64 jar glass
00:25:29:12 WIND INSTRUMENT 65 Bottle glass milk
00:25:33:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 66 Bottle glass ginger beer
00:25:38:01 WIND INSTRUMENT 67 Bottle glass beer
00:25:43:00 WIND INSTRUMENT 68 Bottle glass V
00:25:48:14 WIND INSTRUMENT 69 Bottle glass Sake
00:25:52:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 70a Bottle glass small
00:25:55:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 70b Bottle glass small sustained
00:26:01:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 71 Bottle glass small perfume
00:26:05:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 72 Bottle glass small salt shaker
00:26:09:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 73 Bottle glass small salt shaker
00:26:13:03 WIND INSTRUMENT 74 Bottle glass tiny short
00:26:16:06 WIND INSTRUMENT 74 Bottle glass tiny sustained
00:26:21:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 75 Bottle glass tiny salt shaker
00:26:27:02 WIND INSTRUMENT 76 Goblet glass tiny
00:26:31:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 77a Vase small
00:26:35:09 WIND INSTRUMENT 77b Vase small harmonic
00:26:39:13 WIND INSTRUMENT 78a Vase medium
00:26:42:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 78b Vase medium sustained
00:26:49:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 78c Vase medium breath
00:26:53:08 WIND INSTRUMENT 79 Vase large
00:26:57:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 80a Can V short
00:27:00:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 80b Can V sustained
00:27:08:20 WIND INSTRUMENT 81a Can boss coffee sustained
00:27:11:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 81b Can boss coffee sustained
00:27:16:15 WIND INSTRUMENT 82 Shell
00:27:22:23 WIND INSTRUMENT 83 Bottle plastic large green tea
00:27:28:05 WIND INSTRUMENT 84a Bottle plastic water bottle short
00:27:31:16 WIND INSTRUMENT 84b Bottle plastic water bottle sustained
00:27:36:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 85 Bottle plastic sauce bottle
00:27:40:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 86a Bottle plastic water bottle lid note
00:27:45:19 WIND INSTRUMENT 86b Bottle plastic water bottle lid short
00:27:49:10 WIND INSTRUMENT 86c Bottle plastic water bottle lid sustained
00:27:54:07 WIND INSTRUMENT 87 Bottle plastic sauce bottle lid

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Mod Wheel Double Bass for Kontakt

THE LOWDOWN is a new deeply sampled Double Bass instrument for Kontakt and is the first release for new local sound developers MOD WHEEL. But what makes this new release particularly special is the people behind it – the first film that I was Sound Designer on (Saving Grace back in 1997) was scored by a trio of composers, collectively known as Plan 9. Their musical heritage reaches further back to the legendary Six Volts and a multitude of Jazz and experimental acts, and it is from all of this experience that Mod Wheel has been created.
As the double bass player in the collective David Donaldson has always been an extraordinarily inventive and expressive player, so it comes as no surprise the creative depth & unique nature of a virtual Double bass Kontakt instrument originating from his primary instrument for 35 years. This is most definitely not just another generic double bass Kontakt instrument:
go check it out for yourself


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Scattered Light 139

I thought my internet was running a little slow… and sure enough a Wood Pigeon was downloading wikipedia!







Ten minutes later his mate was back to try & finish the download…










shot today 16th August 2014 with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens

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Light reading


sorry for the pun :/ a great (but overdue) library book & my favourite magazine

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SYN-Phon (Graphic notation)

SYN-Phon ( Graphic notation) from candas sisman on Vimeo.

Graphical notation and composition by Candas Sisman – more info here

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Rain Town

by Hiroyasu Ishida


watch full screen!

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Detritus 312


> cats – is there anything they can’t do?


> “It’s very important to save this” – the Brazilian bus magnate who’s buying up all the world’s vinyl (thanks Tom!)


> Disney meets reality


> Exploring the sonic potential of documentaries with Peter Albrechtsen


> I’m sure we’ve all met people at some point who start a sentence with ‘I’m not rascist but…’ or ‘I’m not sexist but…’ and the part following the ‘but’ is exactly what they are denying…
The few times its happened in my life I’ve learned to not let them carry on, when the ‘but’ arrives you have to just take over & tell them to STFU. But anyway, re the sexist part, next time someone questions the existence of sexual harassment, show them this.
Being unaware is not an excuse.


> love it or loathe, one thing is sure: you have to to be careful what you like


> manipulated city buildings x 88?

NHDK from victor enrich on Vimeo.


> great interview/chat with Werner Herzog


> yeech… looks like hyperlapse will just be a plugin soon



> free time, what a bizzare concept…. I suspect it only realistically applies to either the very young or the unimaginative, but here are some tips to try & help maximise your chances of having some ‘free time’… and the only tip they offer which I really agree with is #7 (#3 is a given = let voicemail/caller ID answer/filter your phone calls) and to prove that isn’t clickbait I’ll save you the round trip re #7:
7. Schedule non-negotiable YOU time in your calendar every day.
Better advice might be to live your life & enjoy the world in a way that doesnt HAVE to involve calendars & schedules, but regardless it is important advice ie to consciously carve out time that is for your own use & not for others to commodify/distract you etc..


> So what frame rate you shooting at? 23.9756? 24? 25? 30? 48? 4.4 TRILLION FRAMES PER SECOND! – WTF? (I bumped the shoot button and it filled every hard drive I own!) But what is most interesting is that despite all the R&D into shooting visually at high speeds, it is pretty rare to hear of anyone doing the same for sound, why is that?


> I’ve always found asymmetrical waveforms slightly disturbing…
their existence explained here & here

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.15.18 PM


> xkcds universal convertor box!


> love & synths & reverse psychedelics?


> remember the first time you heard this record – I don’t, it was too long ago (back in the steam age) but I do remember going to a photo exhibition in Osaka a few years ago: the exhibitions theme was ‘out of focus’ and include all sorts of very creative work & quietly in the background there was some music playing that I just knew that I had heard a million times but couldn’t place what it was. Rather than rack my brain I asked & sure enough was the same: the first ambient album!


Ei Wada – Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records from FILE SP 2014 – JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL
via FILE


Untitled V by Marianthi PAPALEXANDRI-ALEXANDRI and Pe LANG

“Untitled V is a sound sculpture that consists of miniature speakers acoustically activated by a motor driven mechanism. A nylon thread is fastened through a hole at the center of the membrane; the end of the nylon thread is loosely secured to a motor turned rosined wheel to produce friction. Sound is produced by the action of the rim of the rotating wheel rubbing the thread as the wheel is turned. The two surfaces alternating between sticking to each other and sliding over each other, with a corresponding change in the force of friction. The motor speed is reduced at the lowest speed. The slow turn of the wheel creates changes in the tension of the thread, resulting as sounds (crackling impulse) in the membrane of the speaker. Untitled V creates a very quiet listening experience.”


Taro Yasuno’s Zombie Music “DUET OF THE LIVING DEAD”


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