25 Things

Someone tagged me on Facebook with the 25 things meme, so i thought I’d paste it here too. So heres 25 random things about me

1. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is the first film I ever saw. My grandmother took me during school holidays; thanks Irene, I hope Heaven is cool!

2. An empty grain silo on my Dads farm is the first beautiful sound I remember exploring, age 6 or so… I caught a mouse in there and it bit me. This was before computers – it was a real mouse.

3. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno & David Byrne is the first album that made me want to be a musician/sound engineer/music producer/space cadet

4. Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders is the first film I saw that made me want to be a film maker. I still love that film & visited some of the locations when I went to Berlin a few years ago. I saw the angels. They seemed happier.

5. As an artist and a human being, I believe what you choose NOT to do is as important as what you DO choose to do. I do not sing & I do not dance, so please, dont even ask me.

6. I have never consciously tried to meditate, ever. But I meditate every time I play the drums, mow the lawn, drive my car, water my plants, play my double bass, dream, swim, travel, make or listen to music, record sounds in nature…

7. I believe I am currently in Zen kindergarten. I hope to start school one day.

8. I’ve been in three bands (& I bet you can’t name one of them!)

9. I recently fell in love with a modular synth. I would sleep with it if I could, but its a bit sharp & pointy & all the glowing LEDs & warped sounds would keep me awake at night…

10. I would eat Japanese food every day if I could (preferably in Japan)

11. Haruki Murikami is my favourite author but I would love to live inside a William Gibson novel.

12. I like staying up really late on Sunday nights…

13. I dont believe anything good happens on Monday mornings.

14. I dislike telephones and wish they were never invented. Why wasnt the internet invented back in 1876 instead? Oh, right…

15. Autonomy is a core requirement for me to be happy.

16. I had piano lessons for two years when I was young but I still cant read manuscript. I had the loveliest piano teacher called Joan. She had two daschund dogs & when they barked it meant the next student had arrived and I would soon be FREE!!! I met my piano teacher again recently. My Mum told her I make jazz… or something…. and she’s right! (about the ‘or something’ bit)

17. I love steampunk as alternate history…

18. I feel incredibly blessed to work on films & to spend time with so many inspiring people.

19. I believe in Moleskins (the little notebooks, not the trousers!)

20. I have nine nieces & nephews: they are the nine coolest people on the planet.

21. My best work is the work I do tomorrow.

22. My favourite place is here & now. Second is there & soon. Third is way over there, in a few months…

23. My favourite state of mind is when I am caught up in the flow of creating music/sound.

24. I believe you become what you dream about, but every dream takes a different amount of time to become real. And you have to keep dreaming it for it to become real. The really big dreams can take ages…

25. The Y2k bug broke the tibia & fibula in my right leg. Well, either that or a combination of champagne & gravity. It happened 2am Jan 1st, 2000. Enough said. I am now partly robotic & have to avoid large magnets.

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