44 Pianos

Local musician Jonathan Crayford recently completed a project that is very intriguing: “44 Pianos was a filmed and recorded performance project that was the product of being in a piano store that contained a very large number of pianos, which later I counted at 44. I was intrigued if they could all be successfully played at the same time by a range of pianists from all walks of the musical spectrum”

Some of the compositions are genius eg one called Dawn Chorus where each player became a bird, composed a call, and ‘woke up’ or the Big Earth Chord: I met a man in New York late one night, who said he knew a guy who could hear the note the earth spun at. I asked him what the note was – he said ‘it’s Eb’

Go have a listen here

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  2. This is definitely one historical achievement. It’s more than just watching a whole orchestra. This is something new. Great idea, Jo Cray!

  3. Gareth Farr says:

    Beautiful stuff – wish I’d been there!
    Dawn chorus just magical.

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