A Near Death Experience

Don’t worry its wasn’t my near death experience, but I was very, very close to losing one of my cameras! After I had walked miles down to the West end of the beach at Patea to take this photo


The tide was coming in, so I wandered back along the beach, not really thinking about anything until I nearly stood on a bumble bee. My first thought was, what the hell is a bumble bee doing at the beach? I took a closer look and realised it had come here to die. I felt a bit sad but thought it might make a melancholic photo, so I thought about getting my 7D and macro lens out but instead just took a few photos with my little Canon s100 point&shoot camera – in some ways I wish I had used my 7D as the plane of focus on macro with the s100 isn’t so controllable, but this was the photo I took:


I felt a bit sorry for the dieing bumble bee, its wings were occasionally flickering & it was obviously damaged & dehydrated.. I started to wonder if all bees travel to the ocean to skip off this mortal coil… Anyway I decided to shoot some video of this poor bee, so I set my s100 down on the sand & hit record… watch what happens:

This Mortal Coil from tim prebble on Vimeo.

At a guess I would say if I had been one second later it would have been all over!

Never turn your back to the ocean

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  1. Simon says:

    If you find a bee like this, it usually means they have over flown and anything liquid and sweet will help it fully recover, though honey is best. I have helped a few on my drive like this, and I have a video of one on YouTube lapping up honey..

  2. Once I left my camera inside a cap. Meanwhile I enter the sea to swim. But from the sea I saw how a wave get to the sand so much and my camera just got wet.
    If this happens. All you have to do is… quickly turn off, taks off the cells, and put it inside sweet water to get off the salt. And then wait to dry.
    That’s what i did, and i recover my camera back.

    Good luck!

    • tim says:

      The camera was fine, but I had another camera die at the beach a while ago, a Canon s95 – it fell over into the sand & grains of sand got into the lens mechanism & it would keep displaying lens errors & shut down…

  3. Dan says:

    You saved the camera instead of the bee?

  4. Andreas says:

    Lucky Tim 🙂

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