Aerial view

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day – first time I’d seen the sun after a week of rain & clouds… and having acquired 3 more batteries for my drone I decided to see what I could capture from my backyard…
I took the drone up to its allowed maximum height (as per regulations, can be manually over ridden) and it was quite bizzarre doing a vertical tracking shot from shoulder height up, watching the altitude meter on my iPad clock up past 100m…


Apart from learning to fly I’m also practicing shooting – stills & video. Unlike the GoPro cameras the DJI camera lets you shoot stills in RAW, so as per my 5D and x100s I shoot JPG+RAW…
It also provides access to manual controls for exposure, from the remote… the JPGs from the Phantom 3 come in at just under 4MB while the RAW images are just over 18MB, illustrating how much more data is contained….


One of the favourite features of my house = no neighbours!


Heres a bit of the video I shot – down rezzed to 720p so excuse the aretfacts, the 4k straight out of the Phantom 3 looks stunning, although I am still waiting on some ND filters for it..

(music is some ambient noodles of mine, called ‘kevin spacy’)

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