An elusive cable



Dagnamit! While I was on my road trip down South I managed to lose a cable, and not just any cable but a very rare cable. Yes thats right, cables can be rare! Unfortunately it was the cable for my XPAN2, which can take a normal old school physical cable release, but one of the improvements made to the XPAN 2 was longer bulb exposures (max 9 minutes compared with 1 minute on XPAN 1) and XPAN2 also enabled use of an electrical release cable. I started off with the former but doing long exposures I found it unreliable, blowing two or three photos per roll due to misfires, and/or shorter than intended long exposures… The problem is that the specific cable, Hasselblad model #C10579621 are as rare as hens teeth. I bought my first one off a Japanese website and the last time I saw it was up near the top of Mt Cheeseman… So even if I could go back there to search for it, that area gets so much rain, wind & snow a search would be futile.

Finding a replacement has proven to be difficult. There are currently exactly none for sale anywhere on the planet. But soon after I realised I had lost it I managed to find one on a website in Brazil, MERCADO LIVRE. Could I buy it? Nope. The site does not allow non-locals to register, due to requiring identity verification via SMS to a local phone. I tried asking a few locals that I knew of to help, but none seemed able or interested… But then I found this site: 4Repack

They provided a quote for the purchase (asking price + a small fee) and two quotes for shipping via DHL from Brazil to New Zealand (fast and slow). I chose the fast option, paid the two invoices and waited. After a few days the cable disappeared from the Mercado Livre, and a few days after the 4Repack site updated to say they had received the cable and would inspect it and prepare it for export. Great! But then nothing for a while, so after enquiring with no response I eventually started emailing daily asking why it hadn’t been shipped onwards to me. After almost two weeks they eventually shipped it and its now on its way (nevermind that I paid extra for fast DHL, kinda futile after a 2 week wait) But look at the path my cable has taken:

Thursday, November 14, 2019 – Departed Facility in SAO PAULO NORTH – BRAZIL
Friday, November 15, 2019 – Departed Facility in MADRID – SPAIN
Sunday, November 17, 2019 – Departed Facility in LEIPZIG – GERMANY
Monday, November 18, 2019 – Departed Facility in FRANKFURT – GERMANY
Tuesday, November 19, 2019 – Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG – HONG KONG

Its on some kind of round the world tour and is now visiting the riots in Hong Kong!

That little cable is going to get cable tied to the strap on my XPAN so it can’t go getting lost ever again!



Update: ordered October 24th and huzzah!! it arrived to NZ yesterday, November 21st!





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