An Unidentified Sound


Today I heard (& recorded) a sound that I couldn’t identify. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of mystery, but this was a creature vocal and quite an eerie one. I also discovered a great new location on Shodoshima to shoot the sunset from:


But today wasn’t the first time I heard this particular sound – I heard it the day that monkey sat in shot on my timelapse. When I noticed him I heard the same sound way in the distance, and when I heard it so did he, as he cocked his head slightly askew & listened…. So… I am guessing it is a particular kind of monkey call…. But anyone have a better idea than my vague guess? Have a listen:


About an hour earlier I had been exploring further up this particular road & saw some monkeys, so maybe it was them, communicating long distance? Most of their close up sounds are either high pitched chitters, or the males make fairly scary/bravado sounds… but those sound kind of like how you would expect monkeys to sound:

I got a really strange feeling when I was recording the monkeys and one of them stood on its hind legs…


When I saw this & took the photo I couldn’t but help think it was somehow related to this earlier photo:


Severely tempted to photoshop a retro communicator in that monkeys hand!

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  1. tim says:

    OK, thanks to J.Campbell on twitter I believe the unidentified sound is a deer vocal!
    Have a listen to the example in this video:

  2. james hayday says:

    UFO snap: amazing.. ha!

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