Weird seeing my old apartment building in it’s death throes…



I really enjoyed living there – had some great times, but also learned living in an apartment comes with mixed blessings… eg neighbours stinking out the stairwell cooking god knows what… or dealing with a body corporate (never again!)

FWIW the entire building was bought out from under us, to make space for more roads! It was a fairly stressful and unpleasant time, dealing with NZTA who went out of their way to try & devalue our building with fake EQC assessments and bogus deadlines… I still smile when I think about going to the final meeting with the suits from NZTA, where they attempted to hand us all a fait accompli. As the meeting started I interupted them, plonking my little Zoom handheld recorder on the desk and saying “not all the owners are present so its no problem if I record this for them, right?” In hindsight, apart from wanting a recording for evidence it also put them on notice that anything they said in that meeting was public info and could be shared…
In the end we each settled for a fair-ish price, and one of the few benefits of being forcibly bought out was that they also had to cover all expenses of buying a new property and moving. This was right about the time I went and did my two Artists Residencies… so I packed up my apartment and stored it in my studio in Miramar, and headed off to Shodoshima, Japan for 2 months… And then 2 months in Little Huia, Auckland… And then found my house in Plimmerton and have happily lived here ever since!



Some timelapses shot from the balcony of my apartment, soon to be a ghost!


A few shots from Google Streetview…







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