I went to send someone a link to that great Youtube clip of Arvo Pärt explaining the two lines from a piece of his beautiful tintinnabular music only to discover it had been taken down via some aggressive & short sighted copyright protection. A little more research & I discovered it came from a DVD which is no longer available new (so what purpose does the take down achieve!?) and all the secondhand copies available via Amazon were like US$90.. Next stop eBay and through total luck someone had an ‘as new’ copy for sale & the seller is based in Australia… $20 later & the DVD arrives!


While I was hunting on eBay I came across vinyl of Misere (review here) and I so love the exquisite minimalism of the piece of music on that album called ‘Sarah Was Ninety Years Old’ (1977/90) that I bought it too!


Heres a link to iTunes
(dont bother if you have a short attention span)

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