Takachiho Gorge 2

Apart from Mount Aso this location was the initial motive for venturing into the mountains – upstream by 30km or more from the earlier photos of Takachiho Gorge I was intrigued to visit here as apart from the amazing gorge there was also the option of renting a row boat and going up to the waterfall! Due to the heavy rainfall there was a torrent of water passing through the gorge and no boating was available for safety reasons, but we could still walk a few km up the track beside the gorge to experience the incredible scenery carved through the gorge….


The waterfall was so beautiful and made me wish we had more time & could stay here for a night or two – shooting at dawn would look amazing!!!




Both this gorge & Mt Aso are relatively close by rental car to the city of Kumamoto, which can be access via Shinkansen… so I suspect a repeat visit will be on the cards for sometime in the future!

The Overlap

The keynote address at SIGGRAPH 2015 this year was made by Joi Ito, of the MIT Media Lab, and while the presentation and video excerpts are fascinating what I found personally interesting was the venn diagram used for each project and/or head researcher, illustrating the core abilities & fields of experience/expertise… While the four main sections explain the background or origins of a project what intrigued me was the overlap. If you can’t be bothered watching the video I’ve screengrabbed a few below….

What intrigues me is this: a fairly well known concept is that while specialisation is important, ideas & inspiration from other mediums is often the difference between new ideas versus extrapolating existing ideas. If your expertise is focused exclusively in one field, it may be at a creative cost to you.

So I thought no matter what your primary field of creativity is, it could be interesting to apply the venn diagram to your own work, ideas & creative practice…



So what would you enter as your four primary fields of creative research?
And having established them, what is the overlap?


There lies the magic

Mt Aso


Feels like we spent the last few days up in the clouds – driving up Mt Aso, in pursuit of the volcano



As we got closer to the top we got an awesome view down on to the plateau below


Unfortunately the volcano is currently VERY active – so active that all access to the area is limited to 1km below the crater and even the ropeway (gondola) was not operating… I tried flying my drone up to get a look but as it reached its limit of signal transmission still couldn’t really see into the crater…


Having watched a video on youtube of someone flying a drone above a fire & crashing due to lack of ‘air’ I wasn’t keen to start experimenting with the ability to actually fly when video feed is starting to break up & there is no means of retrieval if it does lose the plot… Still awesome to spend time up here & I have a feeling I will be back – I was ready to spring Y500,000 for a helicopter flight over the crater but even they weren’t operating… Next time!

Takachiho Gorge


Climbed up into the Kagoshima mountains today, on the way to Mt Aso we took a side trip into Takachiho Gorge because it looked so unreal in the mist… Too damp to fly the drone but shot this with 5DmkIII and new Zeiss Distagon 18mm lens….

Makurazaki, Kagoshima


awesome shoot today at Makurazaki, Kagoshima!


It always makes me nervous flying my drone from a boat – we are on the little white boat in middle of the photo – not much margin for error when landing (especially as the home GPS location moves as the boat drifts!!!)


Detritus 360

(thanks Nathan)


▶ The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t?


▶ Electronic music and the big screen


▶ singing the solo from Giant Steps?


▶ Ars electronica 2015 winners have been announced and in the category Digital Musics & Sound Art:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.52.25 am

Chijikinkutsu by Nelo Akamatsu (JP) received a Golden Nica

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.09.56 am
Drumming is an Elastic Concept by Josef Klammer (AT) received an Award of Distinction

::vtol:: oil by Dmitry Morozov (RU) received an Honorary Mention

UNDER WAY by Douglas Henderson (US) received an Award of Distinction

Electromechanical Modular by Gijs Gieskes (NL) received an Honorary Mention – checkout his electromechanical Eurorack modules here and on youtube here

Rawr! A Study in Sonic Skulls by Courtney Brown (US), Sharif Razzaque (US) received an Honorary Mention

Tipping Point by Kathy Hinde (UK) received an Honorary Mention

Soft Revolvers by Myriam Bleau (CA) received an Honorary Mention


Osaka Dawn


view from our 30th floor hotel…


even the bath had an awesome view!!





In the stream


Spent a blissful few hours today visiting a group exhibition at the Dojima River Forum – the chance to experience one of Ryoji Ikedas work was the immediate incentive and while I’d seen photos of this work actually experiencing it was quite something!


Overhead was an array of very powerful projectors and as long as you followed the instructions to remove your shoes, you were welcome to sit in the path of Ikedas data manipulations…




What isn’t apparent in photos is the flow of data and images – it intrigued me that the audience slowly gravitated to face the direction of movement, and while large scale effects were quite simply mind blowing, when you focused on the imagery immediately surrounding (& projecting on to) you it became more meditative…




Exhibition ends in six days (Aug 30th)

Muko River


Having read up on rules & regulations for flying UAVs in Japan I ventured out today for a quick fly at Muko River, Hyogo…


Its against the law so I wont be doing it but I would love to fly here at night & capture the Shinkansen snaking its way across the metropolis!


all shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro