Lake Pukaki


Lake Pukaki today… i so LOVE driving through the MacKenzie country!!



Tortured trees


no prizes for guessing the prevalent wind here at Slope Point!

Waipapa Point


found this location by accident – drove to Fortrose to shoot a shipwreck only to find out it is only visible at very low tide… so I went for a drive out to the coast for a few hours, hoping the tide might go out enough before sunset.. It didn’t, I’ll revisit it tomorrow… but was hard to leave this lighthouse as the light turned golden…


leaving Wellington/North Island on a freezing cold morning…




Across Cook Strait & into the sheltered Marlbourough Sounds/South Island




Nugget Point


beautiful & more than a little scary flying my drone over the lighthouse & ocean – sea was so calm, not much wind but there would be no retrieving it if anything went wrong!!!
shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro


Previz to the South


I’ve wanted to shoot this location for about 3 years now… Its in the Catlins, which I’ve visited 2 or 3 times previously, but they are so complex that six months in this area wouldn’t reveal all…
Anyway – Nugget Point, google image search it & you will get why I am going there…
5D, Distagon & drone at the ready!

While I was wandering around Google Earth I zoomed out… & then back in, to this:


Such distinctively Maori artwork!
(although carved by time & not hand)


me & the drone may well be going here, too!

Quadcopter Promo

HISSandaROAR library due for release early next week!

Ocean Beach


Its an odd name for a beach: Ocean Beach… be like calling a river Water River or something… Stopped here on way home from my drone recording session & had enough batteries left to fly here & shoot some video.
It is amazing how stable the DJI Phantom 3 is – I sat up there, about 100m up & filmed waves breaking along the coast for 4 or 5 minutes, without any camera movement. Its like the worlds largest tripod!

Canyon drone


VERY careful flying today, recording my DJI Phantom 3 Pro in a mini-canyon…


Yesterday captured amazing sounds of a Quad 250 racer – these are super lightweight & very fast, made for racing & really take some serious skills to fly let alone race…. Thankfully had a great pilot who was happy to blast pass my mics – thanks Cheye!


The controller and FPV setup – the racing quad has a small video camera built into the front of it, so when racing the pilot wears these VR goggles & is flying via first person pov! But best of all, these very fast little racers sound amazing – very much like F1 except in 3 dimensions!

Here’s a bit of a blast (not my video, but imagine this with full field POV!)

And from the sublime to the ridiculous… I’ve also been torturing these cheap little quads for the imminent HISSandaROAR library – they aren’t very loud but make great sounds so I’ve been recording them in my foley room!


serious fun!

music please

General Ludd – Rare Earth Metal EP



Secret Location – Pete Namlook & Higher Intelligence Agency (S.H.A.D.O. – 1997)



Xenakis-Emulator [Kammerbauer + Schnellboegl 1998]



Dawn by Alex Humann



new Lee Scratch Perry doco is finished – can’t wait to see it!



ps i dare you to play all of those at the same time