Detritus 342



▶ profiling 10 Japanese contemporary artists


▶ interview with Whiplash sound team



▶ love these synth miniatures


Zimoun : 250 prepared ac-motors, 325 kg roof laths, 1.8 km rope, 2015 from ZIMOUN on Vimeo.


Robert Montgomery A Short Introduction from dael on Vimeo.

“…the encouragement of strangers….”


isolated vocals? thanks Rene


▶ Transforming room sound with a Max patch – wow!!


One of the most colourful instruments – the ISS from nikoladze on Vimeo.





Journey to Onomichi

I ordered this book quite a while ago but it took Amazon a while to track one down – having visited Onomichi a couple of times I was intrigued to see Wim Wenders view of it. He went there inspired by his favourite film, Tokyo Story by Yasujirô Ozu, which starts and ends there…



I’m a photographer of places.
My greatest pleasure is to arrive somewhere
I have not been before,
to wander around on my own,
to just look
and take pictures.
I prefer not to know a thing!”

Wim Wenders




MECHANISM Meccano outtakes









Some unused macro shots (5DmkIII and EF100L) of vintage Meccano from recording of MECHANISM – while recording with a small 12volt fan for the library I started wondering what would happen if I plugged it into my modular synth, would CV have enough grunt to power a small electric motor? If so, what happens if I plug it into an LFO or a sequencer? hmmmm…


Fridays Music

▶ two songs by Ibeyi




a great mix by Alex Humann, free download at Soundcloud


Marc @ Disquiet:I’ve begun compiling the above set, under the working title Selected Ambient Works Volume 3, as an imaginary sequel to Selected Ambient Works 85-92….”


▶ great to see the studio of Stefan Betke aka PolePole at soundcloud


▶ patching under duress!?