Music Friday 07

love this song Personal by Georgia Anne Muldrow – get the EP here – via Giles Petersen Sept 6th



▶ An interesting remix of the only Arcade Fire song that I actually like:

If you dont know the original, watch this great live performance (directed by Spike Jonze)


▶ this would be an ‘unmusic’ tip: how to remove Apples midguided & misjudged U2 freebie


▶ OK, apart from me who’s ordering Syro on vinyl? or 24bit .WAV? or the US$400 Limited Edition decided by ballot!?!



▶ Rest in Peace Peter Gutteridge, founding member of The Clean, The Great Unwashed & Snapper

I vividly remember when the Great Unwashed double 45 was released – I bought a copy packaged in a paint splattered double sleeve made from a vinyl shower curtain…


Dubstage Bingo?

A local TV3 comedy show 7 Days released this election night bingo card (PDF here) – is there a dubstage or mix equivalent? Comment if you have a common and/or dreaded occurrence to add to one:

– “We have a VFX update, but they said there was no sync change”
– Rerecording mixer checks Facebook
– Director reconceptualizes crucial moment (after months of design)
– “is that ADR?”
– “surely thats not final VFX??”

– “the picture is locked”
– “the reverb doesn’t speak to me”

John Morris
– “Is that the same as the Temp?”
– “Is that in sync”
– “Is that the take I chose?”
– Reboot the console
– Mixer tells a story about a previous show
– “Are you in dim?”
– “Could you play that again? I was on the phone.”




I picked up one of these Future Retro Swynx boxes off Trademe (local eBay) for not too much – it is one of those devices that serves a dedicated purpose: to convert MIDI sync to DIN sync, with the option to swing the timing AND change the time signature! (I’ve got a TR606 and a CR8000 that will now be able to chase ableton LIVE and/or ProTools) It is quite a nifty little box that I didn’t even know existed, this demo explains it better than my text:

and another, thanks Dan

Detritus 317

▶ very interesting binaural microphone design – stereo and ‘3D’ by 3DIO – plug your headphones in and check out their example recordings


by Fernando Livschitz


▶ Chart topping songs as graphs and diagrams


▶ Its pretty ugly reading lawyers arguing over music copyright & influences etc and while Thickes escape clause is pretty ridiculous, there are some interesting, accidentally-philosophical quotes in Pharrells deposition (when they aren’t arguing about the use of cowbell) PDF here eg page 109 Pharrell: “When I’m searching for music… we look into oblivion. We look into that which does not exist.”


▶ some very funny diagrams related to photography


▶ sound-related articles from dwell magazine (thanks Guy)


by The Brothers McLeod & Adam Buxton via


▶ the perfect present for horror film fans


▶ this made me smile out loud: You can now attach your iPad directly to your face to experience virtual reality


“By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin


▶ beautiful work by Joanie Lemercier – the making of FUJI


▶ Well, the election in New Zealand is finally upon us – this Saturday hopefully everyone gets out to vote. Its been the weirdest election so far, and no matter what you think of Kim Dot Com he has done all of NZ a huge favour by engaging with Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowdon, to reveal some of what goes on in secret here… What has been most fascinating to observe has been the methods and attempts by the current government to discredit both people, which was summed up beautifully by a commentator saying ‘you don’t shoot the postie just because they deliver news you don’t want to hear’
The most important aspect of any such revelations surely must be that we all get to make informed decisions, rather than decisions heavily influenced by public relations spin and manipulation. Its been quite funny to see people commenting online the old chestnut ‘If you have nothing to hide, whats the problem?’ meanwhile forgetting that they are posting their comments anonymously. Actions speak louder than misguided hypocrisy…
I do appreciate that most people reading this are not from NZ so I wont go on about it too much more, but with regards to the Snowdon revelations this is quite a fascinating read: how your innocent smartphone leaks personal data like a sieve and the best solution to the problem? THIS


Evolution of my metal drumkit


I’ve slowly been collecting props for a metal percussion setup, and yesterday got the big kick drum
= a stainless steel tank approx 1m in diameter, a huge range of pitches and 30+ seconds of sustain


Wider shot, with my semi-tuned antique gas tank collection – these instruments are so fun to play, and imho really reward gentle playing – I can easily get lost playing just one of these props, the range in resonance across the different surfaces is phenomenal….

These are headed towards four purposes (or more) – first & most important: fun!
Secondly these will be a part of a far larger (size & scale) HISSandaROAR sound library.
Thirdly deep sampled for one of the new FoundSound Kontakt percussion instrument libraries.
Lastly, imagine when it rains!

Big thanks to Mike & Shane at The MetalMen in Paraparaumu who have been hugely helpful
– more on this aspect soon!

Circle of Abstract Ritual

“This film took 300,000 photos, riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make. It changed my entire life.”

Detritus 316


▶ “Some feature animations consist of about 10,000 drawings, but Ghibli’s sometimes exceed 80,000!


this is pretty fantastic – thanks Simon!


▶ love these animated archival photos



▶ Scientists have captured the sound one atom makes


▶ Michael Moore’s 13 Rules for Making Documentary Film – and Rule #13? “Finally… Sound is more important than picture. Pay your sound woman or sound man the same as you pay the DP, especially now with documentaries. Sound carries the story. It’s true in a fiction film, too…..”



My first prime


I just got my first prime: the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 lens



The focus mechanism of this lens is beautiful – so much smoother & capable of subtle/fine adjustment than any of my Canon lenses!


the only downside to this lens is that it is radioactive!

“Radiation coming from an old lens from the early 1970s is measured with a simple geiger counter. This lens is the famous 50mm f/1.4 Super-Multicoated Takumar (S-M-C Takumar), well known for its radioactive thorium glass element near the rear of the lens. Some photographers claim this lens is one of the finest ever made, and use it as one of their favorites, despite the radioactivity.”

Dialogue Editing Tutorials

José Luis Díaz has a great series of video tutorials on dialogue editing, which along with the book “Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – A Guide to the Invisible Art” by John Purcell should be required reading/viewing for anyone working in film sound post production, but is especially useful to students and anyone new to sound post, or interested in expanding their knowledge beyond their own department or speciality.
I get emails occasionally asking me to outline the sound editing & design process for feature films, and usually it is apparent just from the question that the person doesnt actually realise the scope of their question i.e. they don’t know what they don’t know. I don’t mean they are ignorant, but by comparison I don’t anything about using a dark room for photography but I DO know the scope of how much I dont know & there is no way I would email someone asking how to do it, because I can well appreciate the complexity & acquired practical experience that would be necessary. These are huge, complex tasks and with sound post they involve many skilled people over a long period of time. Summing it up in a collection of ten books would be a challenge, but summing it up in an email? I think not. FWIW here is a small collection of books I have read, and below is a series of links to Joses video tutorials..

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 1: Organization

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 2: Basic Transitions

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 3: Using Reverse Room Tone

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 4: Aligning Shots

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures – Lesson 5: The Telephone Split

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 1

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 2

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 3

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 4

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 5

Dialogue Editing – Lesson 6

And thanks Olivier, for posting this list!