shot with Canon 5DmkIII, Zeiss Distagon 21mm lens and 2 stacked Lee Grad Filters


A cave, the shape of its own making


I shot about a dozen photos before this one, each time trying to capture it but failing – either the cave was lit & the background was blown out, or vice versa… The answer: getting away from the intense light…
and suddenly it became apparent how this cave was actually formed!

Bullock Creek Track


recorded some beautiful ambiences, after driving about 10km on a very rough ‘road’ called Bullock Creek Track, thanks to Dave Whitehead & Matt Lambourn for the tip…

shot with infra red modified Canon 40D and 10-22EFs lens

Wetlands without getting wet


I love the work people do (Dept of Conservation, Park Rangers, labourers on Periodic Detention etc etc) that makes such rich & diverse environments accessible to anyone eg this boardwalk over a swamp & wetlands in Okarito – beautifully designed & implemented!

Visiting Winter


Travelling south in search of an opportunity to record a kiwi was a bit of a shock to the system – on a bad day Wellington is cold, but not frozen cold! Day 2 at Okarito woke to a mighty frost, crunchy underfoot & crisp to the ear….

shot with Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss 50mm lens

BTW kiwi recording was very successful – captured an exquisite performance/duet between a breeding pair of 17 year old Rowi kiwi, the rarest species with only 300 or so in existence… Will post the recording next week, when back in studio