Little planet




Someone on FB asked me how I made this, so here is how:

Process to make this:

(1) fly to position and lock exposure, focus & white balance, then tell the drone to capture a 360 panorama (mines a DJI Mavic Pro but all DJI drones can shoot pans) – it then auto shoots 34 overlapping photos, rotating & angling camera… (also need low wind, as dont want drone to drift etc while shooting or you can end up with gaps in the panorama)

(2) load the 34 photos into an app, in my case AutoPanoGiga which identifies them as a panorama and stitches the photos into one image, cleverly removing ghosting/overlap between photos etc…

(3) take the single stitched/rendered panorama into Photoshop, then extend the canvas so if eg the width is 20,000px then the height is half that 10,000pix as the 2×1 aspect ratio is a requirement for FB to see it as a 360 image…

(4) extend/replace some of the sky. The drone cant shoot above its propellors… i have a library of skies & find one that matches colour, clouds & position of sun. Scale and position it to match & then I use a gradient mask to merge the sky extention with the stitched image.

(5) Export final image as a JPG 8000x4000px

(6) use OSX Terminal (with exiftool installed) to rewrite metadata on final image using this command:
exiftool -ProjectionType=”equirectangular” myphoto.jpg

(7) upload final image to FB, which displays it as a 360 VR (can then also edit the initial FB view & zoom)

(8) little planet version is created in Photoshop using the Flexify plugin on the final image

Here is a small version of the final stitched image, as per FB360VR image & before using Flexfy plugin to create little planet:




Summers not over yet!




DJI Mavic Pro
(love how its caught the light on the fishing line)





spot my house!





setting sun














no words







nuzic 80



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Detritus 472



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▶ I contributed some words & some XPAN photos to the latest edition of INSPIRE magazine,
via Wellington Photographic Society, PDF here





Shiso flowers




My shiso has just started flowering as per photo, and considering how tricky it can be to germinate Shiso seeds (you have to put them in the fridge for a week etc) this year I have maybe a dozen or more Shiso plants which are all self seeded! So if you happen to ever grow it I highly reccomend letting it go to seed & just leave it in your garden, as it means next Spring you will be rewarded with lots of self seeded plants & no need to germinate any new ones at all! (Shiso green = Perilla = delicious with sushi & sashimi, great in salads etc… you can easily buy it fresh in supermarkets in Japan, but I’ve never seen it for sale in NZ… oishi!)