Mod Wheel Double Bass for Kontakt

THE LOWDOWN is a new deeply sampled Double Bass instrument for Kontakt and is the first release for new local sound developers MOD WHEEL. But what makes this new release particularly special is the people behind it – the first film that I was Sound Designer on (Saving Grace back in 1997) was scored by a trio of composers, collectively known as Plan 9. Their musical heritage reaches further back to the legendary Six Volts and a multitude of Jazz and experimental acts, and it is from all of this experience that Mod Wheel has been created.
As the double bass player in the collective David Donaldson has always been an extraordinarily inventive and expressive player, so it comes as no surprise the creative depth & unique nature of a virtual Double bass Kontakt instrument originating from his primary instrument for 35 years. This is most definitely not just another generic double bass Kontakt instrument:
go check it out for yourself


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Scattered Light 139

I thought my internet was running a little slow… and sure enough a Wood Pigeon was downloading wikipedia!







Ten minutes later his mate was back to try & finish the download…










shot today 16th August 2014 with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens

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Light reading


sorry for the pun :/ a great (but overdue) library book & my favourite magazine

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SYN-Phon (Graphic notation)

SYN-Phon ( Graphic notation) from candas sisman on Vimeo.

Graphical notation and composition by Candas Sisman – more info here

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Rain Town

by Hiroyasu Ishida


watch full screen!

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