A stick insect guarding the pioneers graveyard on Waiheke Island



Waiheke shoot






Shipwreck #53 at Blackpool, Waiheke Island



French Bay







Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens
& my photo/drinking buddies Ian & Eddie stage left



Awhitu Peninsula







5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens + Lee Super Stopper
















staying at a gorgeous spot, right on the beach at Papamoa…
arrived in time for a swim before dinner – my first in years
and Satokos first swim in the ocean, ever!
Got the drone in the air as the sun set… bliss!






Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 18mm ZE lens
DJI Mavic Pro




Ngawi Dusk


Canon 5D3 = EF100-400L lens



Ngawi stars


Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm lens