SWISH 2 recording 3


six bull-roarers and two aerophones recorded today in the Park Road Post foley room


flag swishes captured mid take…

Captured so many great sounds today, for HISSandaROAR SWISH TWO library – I had great help from excellent soundie Tom Scott Toft. We’d alternate takes, working until our arms ached & then recovering while listening to what each other managed to perform… Every time I’d exhaust what I could do & Tom would then step up & find some GREAT variations (& vice versa)… Super tired now, watching 30Gb of sound slowly transfer off my 744…. captured 5 channels of everything today: MKH8040 ORTF stereo, MKH70 pair wider stereo and MKH8020 omni on the ground looking/listening up….

Many, many moments of being totally surprised by the sounds being produced from my collected & selected props… it was a great but intense day of making sounds happen!


So tired of clickbait headlines…



Who actually believes that dumbass headline?

As anyone who has observed any history of the legal system will likely know,
justice is for those who can afford it

Having casually observed this bizarre court case the first thing I thought was this: what a load of sh+t
Would there be such emotional publicity for the Gaye legal attack if the song was a clunker & made no money? Nope, the Gaye family obviously hired the ‘right’ legal resources to sway the justice system and exploit the financial success that would not even exist without Pharrells work.

If that Gaye/Pharrell/Thicke case sets a precedent then its open season… but in reality the only ‘winners’ are the vampire lawyers who solicit and engage with this…

#copyright is broken


essential further reading?

SWISH 2 recording 2

Getting packed up, ready to head in to Park Road Posts lovely huge quiet foley stage… suspect this might be the loudest doppler to record today!


How long should the rope be? How low to set gain… we shall soon find out!
Will post some photos later on, if my arms are still working by then..

Detritus 345

▶ this is quite a funny riff on the cochlear implant videos where we watch someone hear sound for the first time… & while they are always heart breakingly beautiful & emotional moments, there is also something that makes me cringe about them and I think its that such a deeply personal moment is being commodified as clickbait… anyhoo…

Watch This Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time


▶ Petrol camera/sound gear bags have been discontinued/merged into the Sachtler brand! More info here


▶ another musicless music video… doubly funny: sound-wise and… who was she again?


or… reasons to not get addicted to cocaine


▶ Chasing the blue whale’s song – a fascinating article/video!


▶ i’d like to load (& mis-label) some really disturbing audio on to one of these dead drops


heh heh, its all about boom this week!