Detritus 297

More great music-less music videos by Mario Wienerroither!


> Check your mix at London club The Hive Project via these impulse responses captured on the Funktion One sound system


> ranking the 20 greatest long takes in cinema


> The long tail was going to be the saviour of the music industry at one point, seems its dead?


> Suffering from GAS? (gear acquisition syndrome) read THIS


Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.


> This is quite amazing whether you’re a fan of Michael Jackson or not



> need to get some work done – put your phone in plane mode, like this


> Jim Jarmusch tells it like it is


The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty by Alistair McClymont


> Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger create melodies charged with moving shapes – more info here


> Love these famous/classic paintings subtly altered by Rene Magritte


> TV – what it isn’t & what it could be


> fantastic old school forced perspective photos


> creepy black orb records you


> an incredible set of photos from the set of 2001


Darths lines read by Pooh Bear


> Deepchord attempt to transcend technology


> beautiful long exposure photography by Darren Moore


50 cent dubbed over a jehovahs witnesses trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating?!? OK…


> Great news for Delia Derbyshire fans: some of over 200 tapes from the archive of her work will be available to listen to at John Rylands Deansgate Library in Manchester, from later this year! Also check out this 20minute doco: The Delian Mode


What to do in an earthquake? Play on!! (thanks Steve)


> What does sound look like? (also see Adam Browns approach)


> Music with Context: Audiovisual Scores for Improvising Musicians


> step 1. Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted…


etcpp – traces in various matters from lafkon on Vimeo.


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Scattered Light 116


Autumn & the leaves are turning… shot at Laingholm on April 5th




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Two new drum toys


While I was in Auckland I picked up this beatbox I scored via TradeMe – its a Roland CR8000 which has had Analoque Solutions mods applied, as per the image below. The seller advised it has a couple of minor faults but I can live with them, and will get them fixed when I find the right person, locally… in the meantime I am learning to program this great sounding drum machine & the sync out will come in handy for driving my modular synth sequencer!


Waiting at my POBox was another TradeMe purchase – a TAMA Techstar TS602 drum synth, circa 1984. This didn’t cost much so it wasn’t much of a risk but I’ve already had my moneys worth! It is seriously fun to jam on and the range of drum sounds achievable is pretty broad. The photos on TradeMe made the pads look quite small but they are BIG – the size of a small/medium tom…


Here’s a little demo via youtube – the rack unit has 2 drum synth generators with a trigger input for each of the pads, plus 2 ext trigger inputs (presumably for use with a sequencer) a mixed audio output and seperate audio outputs for each of the 2 drum synths… Given what it can produce & how much fun it is to jam on, this was a bargain, especially with the two pads which I am sure I’ll be able to use to trigger my modular synth too!

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Scattered Light 115

Little Huia

Little Huia revisited, Monday April 7th

Little Huia

is it always so perfect there!?!


methink Little Huia is my favourite part of Auckland!

If you want to stay in Barr Cottage at Little Huia, pending availability you can book it here

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Following on from the Q&A after my screening at the Titirangi Festival of Music, I thought I would do what Reddit call ASK ME ANYTHING. I totally appreciate for some people email or online comments are a better form of expressing themselves or asking questions than at a public screening. So for anyone who has seen my residency work feel free to ask any related questions.

But also every week or two I get a random email from someone, asking for sound related advice or something… If it was someone I do not know, then I usually asked them to post their question at the SSD website (i.e. a public site where other people could also comment or provide answers, so it isn’t just my opinion). Sadly SSD had a melt down & some people who weren’t at all involved in creating & defining SSD decided to merge it with a completely unrelated Stackexchange topic. (If you ever need a good example of how to mismanage a very focused user group, that is one for the history books!) So this post is going to be my own personal replacement for SSD!

While I am always happy to help people that I know or have some form of direct relationship with, I will direct all randoms to this post & will provide any thoughts or opinions (not answers) so that its not one-to-one but hopefully many-to-many!


So ask me anything! Preferably in english… but no rush – this is primarily intended as a resource for the random email questions :)

Please note: if you have never commented here before, your question won’t appear immediately. Due to the robot-spammers I have to manually approve the first comment from anyone new. Apologies for the little delay but your comment or question won’t have disappeared, its just waiting patiently….

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