Detritus 336

▶ turning patterns used in traditional folk embroidery into music…. via


▶ 20 unorthodox instruments


▶ when I get an electric car I want this modular synth patch as its audible engine #serge_resonant_eq


▶ someone tried to tell me silence doesn’t actually exist, which is a little silly when you think about it (stick your head in a vacuum & tell me what you hear?) – here’s Paul Goodman talking about nine types of silence


via Diffusion Mag


▶ a long-ish read/critique of crowd funding



▶ photobombing stock photos? funny




▶ Up for a listening test: can you detect audio watermarking?


▶ The Coen Brothers are jury presidents at Cannes this year!


▶ Floating Points (RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture)


▶ Robots Can’t Dance


Bjork 1 Patriarchical music industry 0


▶ this could well be THE BEST ever youtube video


▶ “If something needs a bit longer,” said the chair of the organization that supervises the performance, “then it can give us an inner calm that is rare in normal life.” Or at least one would like to believe so. The reality, alas, is a little different. When the organ last shifted notes, more than a thousand people descended on the little church to hear a change in tone rarer than a leap year….” The current chord began in 2013 and is set to last through 2020




timelapse #44 of Mana Island shot last night – 5DmkIII & EF400L lens + 1.4 extender

Summer Therapy


perfect summers day to coincide with the annual Plimmerton beach party













all shot today 25th January with 5DmkIII and EF400L lens


The Otherness

Rae Sremmurd – No Type


This is just a theory with no delusions to being a universal theory – it likely only applies to me… but even if it could be applied universally, the examples of the theory would be VERY SPECIFICALLY different for every individual… so you know, take all this with a grain of salt…


One of the things I love most about *some* music is its sense of otherness – I’ve ranted about that feeling as far as Eno & Byrnes early collaboration goes here…. its not just that its not from my own culture (whatever that is exactly) but its that it immediately conjures up a strong, idiosyncratic culture regardless of it being real or fiction…


Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri rainforest – Darkness Is Good


For example when I listen to music of the Mbuti Pygmies, it isn’t because I identify with them or their music – no amount of prosthetics will make me a pygmy. But to hear even half a bar of their music instantly transports my imagination.. my eyes glaze over, there’s nobody home… Same goes for a couple of tunes off this album by Rae Sremmurd….

its the otherness…


Rae Sremmurd – No Flex Zone


The 7th Law

7. Kawaii does not preclude suffering






Sorry to get your hopes up but this UFO is of the terrestrial kind: an unidentified bird call from the valley beside my garden

I hear Tuis every day around my house, in fact a few days ago I stopped the music I was listening to as it sounded like a Tui was actually inside my house, but after creeping over to the window I discovered two young Tui in a tree right outside the window… I listened to them for 5 minutes before they took off, but that was what prompted me to go get my Sound Devices 722, plug in the two MKH70s and have it ready to capture any unexpected bird behaviour…

Almost every night I hear Moreporks and the other night was sitting out in the garden & heard what at first I thought were frogs, but slowly it became apparent it was two Moreporks having a conversation – not in their usual ‘mooore… pooork’ way, almost more clucky… OK dont believe me, my mics are ready for next time!

I wondered if that birdcall that I did record is a bellbird? As rare as that is, I’ve read mention of a few around this area. And it definitely isn’t a familiar local call…

Here it is at half speed, quarter speed & an eighth real speed…




The resonance & beautiful pitch modulation of each note becomes more accentuated as its slowed down….


The 6th Law

6. A little fame does not preclude suffering






Having tracked its every movement, this morning I raced down to my POBox to pick up a little shipment from Analogue Haven


Funnily enough this module by TipTop Audio, Circadian Rhythm was previewed at NAMM last year but has only recently become available for purchase and from what I’ve read of the manual, watched a few videos and now had a play, it was well worth the wait – the software lurking beneath this grid of lights is very, very clever and may well be the missing link tying my entire modular synth together…


Here’s a basic preview of its sequencing functions & ui

Along with a longer aerial for my RF Nomad module, in my shipment was also this nifty kitset:


The Music Thing Mikrophonie kit is a contact mic preamp, and includes a contact mic which can be surface mounted on the underneath of the panel, so all that patching & knob twiddling can be heard as you wish 😉