DOUBT: Excerpts from nos. 1-7

by Josh Lewis

16mm B/W with chemical toning/ series of 7 films / 2:40 each

Vertical exposures follow the natural trajectory of the film strip, various chemicals are applied in tight quarters by hand under red light. Under these conditions, the struggle to maintain control quickly gives way to a desperate kind of religion.

Detritus 402

▶ shopping essentials!


▶ A visual chronicle of Tokyo’s disappearing jazz bars


▶ Top Ten Words I Am Sick of Seeing on Artists Statements


▶ Listen to Slime Mold Sing a Song


▶ very useful comparison: For those in love with the FULL FRAME look
which system gets closest in 4K = crop factor bake off


▶ wow love these aerial photos


▶ This video has restricted embed, so go watch it at vimeo SPLICES FOR SHARITS (1980) “This homage to structural filmmaker Paul Sharits, was made by re-photographing thousands of cement splices, then arranging them into four movements. The continuous image of the splice bar implies an almost dream-like landscape/ horizon line. I met him shortly after completing the film and gifted a print, which he responded to favorably. Super 8, silent, experimental.”


smartphone orchestra – interesting idea, but a little underwhelmed by the actual music?


▶ re that deleted headphone jack


by Matthew Schoen
Home Appliance is an audiovisual installation that explores the motion and sound of various imaginary contraptions. It takes inspiration from the mechanical, electronic and synthetic world that surrounds us to create new entities or fragments of existing ones, each with unique sonic and visual properties.


▶ beautiful oil/water photos


▶ kanpai!


Tokyo Forum

Earlier today the weather was looking a bit sketchy – I had to vacate my hotel room by 11am but couldn’t move into my Air BnB apartment until 3pm so I left my bags at the hotel and figured I’d go recording…. Except the light rain put the brakes on that plan…

Being close to Tokyo station meant I was also close to Tokyo Forum – a building containing concert halls and conference rooms along with a truly epic enclosed space…. So I took respite here for half an hour, hoping the rain would disperse….



The building is ingenuously designed in that there is a very gently sloping walkway, and after wandering up it for five minutes I was wondering why I was sweating so much… and then realised I had climbed a 7 story building without otherwise noticing!


Along that walkway was a series of historical photos from when the building was opened…
and one caught my eye


If I ever have to shoot a group photo I am going to insist on at least one take using this pose!
The photo is labelled ‘radio calisthetics’ but it might as well say ‘1980s music video’





The acoustics in this space were so beautiful, completely diffuse and subdues by the volume of air and frequency roll off with distance… only the occasional sharp action actually triggered an overtly reverbant sound, everything else was subsumed by the sheer volume of oxygen….

Thankfully by the time I had regained consciousness the rain had disappeared & off to Ginza I wandered..

Ginza too


Mother & daughter meet Mother & daughter?


Recording in the street is (maybe?) a little like street photography – no one knows you are a photographer (or to what degree) until you start using your camera… But with sound there is no blending in, by the time I have my four microphones set up I am anything but as invisible as I would wish to be…

But I felt blessed today recording in such a busy location as the main street in Ginza and no one hassled me… Plenty of people gave me quizzical looks and one guy waving a selfy stick around asked if he could take my photo (no, ea, sumimasen….) but of the many hundreds who passed without saying a word I enjoyed engaging with Taku san who stopped and asked what I was doing….


It is always a pleasure to share headphones with someone you don’t know, and who is interested… Similarly I was super interested in the gorgeous Hasselblad 500 (with digital back) he was shooting with, so when he asked to take my photo I agreed but only if I could take a photo of him, hence the photo above….

Arigatou Taku san

Check out his beautiful work here


not very stealth… but sounds great with no traffic in Ginza on a Sunday!


Tokyo Vertigo

Just got home from a fantastic guided recording/shooting session by Lukasz Palka of EyexploreTokyo
I had checked with him if I could do his Tokyo Vertigo tour but with an equal focus on sound and field recording… So tonight I met him at Ikebukuro Station and we spent the next 3 hours venturing to some great rooftop locations that he knew, recording ambiences in quad for ten minutes and then shooting some stills & video… Here is just a couple…



Next Saturday I’m doing a second Tokyo Vertigo tour, but in different part of Tokyo…

Such a great experience, huge thanks to Lukas!