Detritus 426

▶ Robots, they’re coming for your drum solo!


▶ MPAA Adds New Rating To Warn Audiences Of Films Not Based On Existing Works


▶ Vintage photographs altered by Anja Wülfing


▶ Fascinating reading: Avian Acoustics Research at Massey University, Auckland, NZ


Post horror? anything has got be better than dumb schlock frights… I don’t watch horror any more, whereas existential dread I do still appreciate…. maybe..


▶ “Imagine if Charles Dickens had left a record of some of his technical decisions—why, for example, he so often used a verbless sentence; or if Joseph Mallord William Turner had explained to his contemporaries why he chose a certain vivid pigment….” – the composer who broke the rules


▶ Does music played in a metadata void actually make a sound


▶ With recent news of layoffs etc at Soundcloud, do you have backups/archive of your tracks on Soundcloud? This site can make backup easier (thanks Tom!)



I stopped a few places along the way hoping to see a Kea, and gave up….
only to find one at the cafe at Arthurs Pass!

Arthurs Pass

Arthurs Pass has been closed for the last few days due to snow, so I paced my trip hoping it would open today….and luck was on my side!

Back street








Inner city Wellington NZ
XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens + FormaPan400
(click image for full size)