re SD01 exercise

Here are the first five submitted for Sound Design Exercise 01


▶ Henrique Brion


▶ Charles Coes


▶ Simon Lebel


▶ Paul Fonarev


▶ Arnaud Noble


Nice work, I’ll post other versions in groups as they become available…

If you’d like to try, details are here

I’m going to do a version on my modular synth this weekend, not sure if thats a threat or a promise ;)


Fly by

Apparently the ISS flew over New Zealand the other day & took this photo – thanks for sharing, NASA!



My house is the red dot below


So when I post photos of the sunset & Mana Island with the South Island behind it, you can see what I am looking at….


this was two nights ago…


and a few earlier from timelapses…




Detritus 341



▶ this photo, brilliant! its up there with that photo of the snow monkey & the iPhone


▶ beautiful minimalist photos of restricted areas in Russia (thanks Tom)


▶ Softube released a virtual Mutronics Mutator!



Film Grab – a growing archive of stills from the best films ever!


▶ awesome kids toy train/music composition track


thanks Mel/Ray ;)


I never vote for these categories because I have no idea what’s good sound or bad sound — and believe me, I’m not alone among Academy members. MY VOTE FOR BOTH: I abstain.hmmmmm?



The best time to plant a tree

So the saying goes:

“The best time to plant a tree… is 20 years ago.
The second best time is today”




Depending on the weather, the seasons and a whole lot of other things I have no control over, about 3 years from now my new tree may or may not produce some avacados. But the vegetables, a bit sooner than that!




Funny thing: the last time I had a vegetable garden of any kind was when I was maybe 10 years old – our school had some kind of sponsored award thing where they encouraged us all to grow vegetables & we were marked & given reports on the state of our little gardens. My favourite was growing radishes, because they grow so fast but also because a fresh radish tastes fantastic! So when I started this vege garden, half of one cube is full of radishes… And a row in the long box is Japanese daikon – I LOVE daikon salads, its one of the first things I scan for on the menu at an izakaya.

But on a more philosophical angle, this summer I have been discovering the virtues of having a garden. As I am sure is the case with a lot of you reading this, my ‘work’ suffers from two negative aspects. First it is often sedentary, progress often requires long hours sitting at a desk… Secondly, some of my work is abstract – it can sometimes be hard to see where & how much progress is being made, especially in the short term.

So I think I’ve found the antidote to both these issues: 15 minutes every few hours digging or weeding or whatever in the garden is enough to oxygenate & refresh the brain. But creating a garden is hard slog – most of the soil here is heavy clay, hence the raised beds. But good soil has to come from somewhere & preparing the site for it takes a lot of sweat.

The eventual rewards? fresh mint for my drinks, fresh veges & herbs to cook with & eat…
and three or four years from now, fresh avacado!