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nuzic 48

▶ Erland Cooper – Maalie


▶ Murcof x Vanessa Wagner – EP03 bandcamp


▶ Burial – Pre Dawn [NONPLUS 043] via


▶ locals Unitone Hifi reunite!


▶ this is such a great, electic mix by Russian producer Kedr Livanskiy, download at soundcloud


▶ “dearestest music-lovers !
here is a little set for you . it is most definitely flute and air themed and perhaps reveals the sonic environment my ears were in last year . i thank all the musicians . kindness , björk.”

tracklist via
[00] Carl Stone – Shing Kee
[0?] Caroline Shaw – Partita II Sarabande
[03] Steve Reich – Vermount Counterpoint
[0?] David Lang – Death Speaks
[0?] Philippe Hurel – Loops For Solo Flute
[??] Anastassis Philippakopoulus – Song For Bass Flute
[??] Sarah Hopkins – Kindred Spirits
[??] Arca – Anoche
[??] Bjðrk – Losss
[??] Tenores Di Bitti – Cantu A Ballu Seriu
[??] Mesharyalaradah – Tafakarto
[??] Duchegerm – Augmented Flute Live
[17] Ragnar Johnson & Jessica Mayer – Mo Mo 2 [Ideologic Organ – SOMA 024]
[18] Serpentwithfeet – Four Ethers [Tri Angle – TRI 037DIG3]
[21] Mala Feat. Asociacion Juvenil Puno – Kotos [Brownswood – BWOOD 0140DD]
[23] Lanark Artefax – Glasz [UIQ – 005]
[26] Kelly Lee Owens Feat. Jenny Hval – Anxi [Smalltown Supersound – STS 293D]
[27] Loft – Funemployed
[29] Peder Mannerfelt – Limits To Growth [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion – PMLP 002]
[??] SD Laika – Sanpaku Island
[??] SD Laika – Latent Fish
[??] Master Sriram Roshan (Kanchana 2) – Moda Moda
[34] Aby Ngana Diop – Ndadje [Awesome Tapes From Africa – ATFA 010CD]
[36] Rules – Heat 2
[??] Emptyset (Roly Porter Version) – Function Vulgar Display Of Power
[??] SD Laika – Dreadful John
[??] Oxhy – Burning Tories
[42] Kelela – Take Me Apart [Warp – CDD 287]
[??] David Lang – Child LV. Sweet Air [Cantaloupe]
[??] N/A – Untitled [Oiseaux De Venezuela]
[??] N/A – Untitled [Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea]
[??] N/A – Untitled [Birdsong From Iceland]





Blue Planet Sky by James Turrell – 21st Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa, Japan
Fuji TX2/XPAN2 + 30mm lens + Superia 800 (view full screen!)

If you have never experienced a work by James Turrell yourself, then this photo falls on deaf ears. Google “James Turrell” and identify one of his works that is closest to you, and make a plan to go visit it. I can’t describe the experience and I have never tried to photograph one before, but this photo captures only a very tiny essence (like 0.000000001%) of the experience.



Tokyo Forum XPAN2

love this building & have shot here many times before…
but never with an XPAN until now

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 + 30mm lens + Superia 800 (view full screen!)



Detritus 440

▶ love miniatures!


GleetchLab 4 is now released! Thanks Giorgio


▶ Some of Jaki Liebezeit’s best drumming outside of Can


▶ John Malkovich recreates famous historical portraits



▶ I retweeted this gif on Twitter (of a piano key mechanism) and (someone/pls comment, i will credit) replied as they wondered about the existence & effect of physical latency on piano players…
#fascinating #non-pianist_OR_professional??


▶ beautiful work by Tokyo based, Polish illustrator Mateusz Urbanowicz – check out “Tokyo Storefront” series at his site, which reminds me of the occasional photo series on Instagram by Kyoto Journal: Small buildings of Kyoto…


▶ a great read: Stockhausen in Japan – listen to the piece he composed at NHK Studios while there:


▶ From the same site, I found this quite interesting, especially in this age of over-sharing: “When it comes to my work methods, I really use time a lot. Like, I’ll do a song and I’ll work on it for half an hour, and I’ll just leave it and I’ll work on some other song. A week later, I’ll be like, “Am I ready? No, I’m not ready.” Three weeks later I’ll be like, “Today is the day.” And I’ll maybe work on it for only half an hour. I think there’s a window that you feel you can actually add to that conversation, and then when you’re just going into some routine, or some conveyor belt behavior, just stop. Just go and have an orange juice or something. Just leave it. What I’m trying to say, in a very clumsy way, is that if you wait, and look at it again in three months time, you can be the other person that sees it from the outside. You can be both the maker and the critic. The way to be both of these things yourself is to use time….” – guess the artist?




National Art Center, Tokyo

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with Fuji Superia 800 film (view full screen!)

Shot after visiting the Tadao Ando restrospective….




Fuji Natura S photos

I think I mentioned just as I arrived to Japan I bought a new little film camera, a Fuji Natura S and I figured I’d share some photos shot with it after having the negatives & 26GB of hi rez scans arrive yesterday.

The Natura S is a tiny and relatively rare film camera, as it was only released in the Japanese market, accordingly all the menus are in Japanese but being a point & shoot camera it is very easy to use…
And it is tiny! Literally small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the camera also features a fast, wide lens – 21mm and F1.9 – and was designed to cope with shooting in low light. Fuji released a film Natura 1600 at the same time, and the camera has a special mode when it detects a combination of low light and fast film (800 or 1600 iso)

To get an idea of how small this camera is, compare the size with a 35mm film cannister:


Here are a few photos I shot with it, while in Japan… I was/am still learning to shoot with it, but its size & low light ability meant it rapidly became the one camera I always had with me, even if just going out for dinner and leaving my camera/sound bag at home…
Note the quality of the bokeh in these.. and the colour rendering with Natura 1600 – these have had only a tiny amount of post, small tweaks to contrast/black levels…. click photo to see larger version







This photo has a strong sonic memory attached… I was walking through quiet back streets in Kyoto and saw this dog tied to a door of a shop, I could hear the owner inside talking to the shopkeeper… I crouched down to shoot a photo and the dog jumped for joy, running a few steps towards me and thereby forcibly pulling the sliding door open, with a loud bang… The dogs owner came running out & apologised, to which I apologised and gestured I was trying to take his photo, it was my fault etc… The owner then got the dog to calm down, and pose for me… but I knew any sudden movements & the dog would be jumping around again…. Who’s a good boy?







For all the film emulation and post production in the world, I simply do not believe I would achieve the same results shooting digital. I love the bokeh, colour rendering & grain in these photos and while it is a long time since I used a point & shoot digital camera, it is a pleasure to have a Natura S and be able to shoot film rapidly, and instinctively even in low light… I’ll post some low light stills once I’ve been through all the scans…



Purau Bay

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 + 30mm lens + Lee Filters + Velvia100

nuzic 47

▶ Dmitry Evgrafov – Comprehension Of Light 130701


▶ Four Tet Remixes Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Will Make Room For You


▶ Shinichi Atobe – First Plate 3 [DDS023]


▶ Babe Roots – Falling (feat Milly James)