check these big


LED lights ex Akihabara, diffracted through vintage glass
shot with Sony a6300 1080 at 120fps, with Canon EF100L macro lens & Metabones Speed Booster…

TriX Ikeda













Contax T2 + TriX + Ryoji Ikeda at www Shibuya

Frankly surprised to see anything from these shots!

AHC vinyl



I can remember the first time I heard African Head Charge like it was yesterday, but it was in a dodgy Tuam St flat in Christchurch in the mid 1980s, thanks to a flatmate Shaun who was at Ilam Fine Arts School…

I couldn’t assimiliate it at first, but could see a connection to Byrne & Enos Bush of Ghosts… Those first 4 albums have stood the test of time, still as deeply effecting now as they were then…

Can’t wait to crank up this new LP!

my first robo jam


next step: get better stands to hold the Polyend PERC beaters, positioning is crucial!


After the recent earthquake a number of buildings in central Wellington were declared unsafe & Monday this week demolition started on an office building at 61 Molesworth street…


Rather than blow it up, or implode it, this building is being deconstructed by a machine that is like a cross between a transforminator and an insect. Using an extended claw it nibbles away at parts of the building


On Monday it was a bit windy, so having found a good location to record from I went back yesterday, Tuesday and also took my 100-400mm lens…


Apart from recording it was kinda fun just hanging out, it felt a bit like a sports event with random people stopping to watch… and a few media people shooting it…

At times it made slow progress – the whole process is estimated to take two weeks, but occasionally it gets dramatic – I had to stop myself cheering when that big claw took out a whole wall of glass! Great sounds, both from the impact & the rain of debris…

This will make an unexpected addition to my HISSandaROAR INDUSTRIAL Ambiences library due for release early next year – I recorded about 2 hours worth from my two visits, but will go back a few more times to see how much variation there is as it comes down…


Sugoi!! Super happy to have finally bought a device I’ve been hunting for, for over a year! The VOCU VTE2000 is a tape echo with one special feature that none of the Roland or Korg tape echos have:
a pedal/cv input for echo/tape speed!



Like my Fuji TX2 I have somehow lucked in again, buying a device that is 20+ years old but has hardly been used. The seller said this had been used less than 20 hours total, and looking at the head & roller it would seem to be true!



The parent company are interesting, VOCU now primarily make power supplies for guitar pedals and apparently ceased making tape echos due to access to parts. But the website for this model & the VTE1600 are still online, have a look here for the VTE2000, which lists the new price as ¥59,800 = USD$529. Shame they aren’t still made as there would be plenty of demand for them… Page for VTE1600 here (They did sell the VTE2000 outside Japan as HIWATT Custom Tape Echo CTE2000) There is a link to a PDF of the VTE2000 manual in Japanese here

A few google translations from that site:

– Control of echo time by the expression pedal, such as loop recording function, packed with unique features not found in conventional machines.

– Foot switch: Echo on / off, recording on / off

– The longest echo time about 2000ms.

– Head configuration: Erase × 1, recording × 1, short echo playback × 1, Long echo playback × 1

A side note: if you are into film cameras the you probably know of Japan Camera Hunter who is based in Tokyo & will source film cameras to request.. Current stock is listed here (check the Nikkor fisheye lens!! and the xPan 2 full set)

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the same service for synths & outboard gear, especially devices like this VOCU tape echo that you very rarely see outside Japan…

Heres some (slightly wacky) sounds from one (not my vid)

update: wow – just found a second one from the same source!!

update: put the manual through google translate, english version here

update: english manual for the HiWatt version here

Vinyl love


Since I got back from Japan I have been massively re-organising my studio & my house, inspired by the brief objectivity you get from arriving somewhere familiar but after having not seen it for 2 months. Needless to say I left it in a slight state of chaos & that chaos is now being sorted!

One conclusion I came to is this: my house is 2 story, and basically anything downstairs I do not tend to use very often. My foley/recording room gets used occasionally (intensively for periods & then not much) but one thing that struck me was how much I miss listening to vinyl…. And as my turntables & vinyl collection are all downstairs I decided to remedy that fact!


So now my modus operandi is: if its not in use, it goes downstairs. If I am using it, or plan to then it goes upstairs. I think it might be a useful mental paradigm!

But ah fck what a pleasure it is to listen to vinyl again! The blue vinyl in this case is POLE – R album I bought as a double 12″ in London, which must mean it was back in 2001…


The lefthand deck is an SL1200 but the right hand one is a Vestax PDX2000 – I used to have a pair of 1200s but sold one to buy the Vestax, after using one in a record store & loving the fact it had a backwards button, and very wide pitch control… great for sampling, or just for listening in strange ways…


But this isn’t some technical fetish – its the music that matters. And its been a pleasure diving back into my vinyl collection – if I can find them on online I’ll post a few tracks I’ve been listening to recently…

Relatedly last night I was struck by how beautiful the play out locked groove was at the end of a Dub Syndicate album – it had a thump & a click as kick/snare in nice timing, but it was the spatial stereo clicks & pops that made me sit & listen to it for a while… & then start jamming on the piano…

Found a 7″ of this classic

& this Flying Nun classic

nuzic 14

▶ new Porter Ricks!


▶ Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Remain Calm, via bleep
(love ‘Xhill Stepping’ from the new album)


▶ Lars Leonhard – Freedom from Erstwhile album


▶ Matt Robertson from In Echelon album


Fuji TX2 + Velvia 50



















For shooting colour film I love Velvia 50, the greens & inky shadows are gorgeous!!
I must get out into some New Zealand dense bush & forests & shoot some…
Shot with Fuji TX2 + Velvia 50