Morning jam


testing out my new steel/pan drum… perplexed seagull is perplexed


Wreck 4 dawn shoot


This was about 6.30am this morning, shooting shipwreck #4 – at least it was far easier to access than wreck #3 which was a 20min drive & 3km hike – hard work getting to it before dawn, but I did!

Sorry this is only an iphone shot – if you want to see the shot from my 5D I’m afraid you are going to have to be very patient, I am in the slow process of creating a book and won’t share final images until its ready… ETA? six months, maybe… not sure.. current plan = self publish, physical & ebook (I am very keen for any advice or experience if you’ve done this before – comments welcome or email me tim@soundbite.co.nz)

Shooting one more location on this trip, but have at least four more trips planned to pretty much every corner of this country…

Every location has provided unique challenges – this one required buying a pair of gumboots so I could wade out in the mud & shoot close ups… And I have to say: nothing makes me more careful than swapping lenses while knee deep in salt water!!

At this location I shot maybe 70 photos between 6.30am and 9.30am, as well as some video and some short timelapses… It was a pleasure to be awake & present in such a place…

Black Shag at Marahau


I thought it was a shag, confirmed by NZ Birds here
Photo taken with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens



Nervous black shag prepares for take off…


Classroom for today


classroom for today, shot with 40D infra red + 10-22 EFs lens in Motueka



Robin, Motuara Island


I spent yesterday afternoon on a tour through Queen Charlotte Sound to Motuara Island which is a bird sanctuary… Along the way we saw a pod of Hectors Dolphins who raced around our boat & were jumping out of the water & having what looked like a lot of fun! As the guide said it is so great to see them doing this in a natural environment, with no coaxing or training or rewards or anything… They were really inquisitive & boy could they accelerate when they wanted to! There must have been six or eight racing around…

For future reference the tour I took was really well organised & very affordable (NZ$99 for a 4 hour trip) and was run by Nature Tours in Picton – I highly reccomend them!


All shots taken with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens with 1.6x extender




Dusk, Rarangi



Travel Tip: for less than the cost of a crappy tiny motel room with thin walls & no style, you can easily rent great beach houses in seriosuly great locations (in NZ speak beach house = ‘bach’ or if in deep south ‘crib’)
If you’re visiting/travelling in NZ these two sites are invaluable: Book a Bach and Holiday Houses (and yes I know of air bnb, which is maybe useful in cities but a non starter by comparison locally)

These two photos were taken from my bach for two nights, approx 300m from this beautiful beach at Rarangi… and New Zealand being New Zealand, as soon as you mention what it is you do (field recording, photography etc) you instantly get access to local knowledge… which is invaluable!

both shots Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm




I caught the ferry southward this morning, leaving a very foggy Wellington…


Every time I catch the ferry I charge my batteries, thinking mainly of travelling through Queen Charlotte Sound… A couple of times I’ve timed it right for beautiful weather and it is stunning, but this trip was a different kind of beautiful – almost monochromatic


As we moved away from the North Island all signs of land slowly dissolved into the fog…


By this stage I was wondering what the Sounds would be like…


This was at the heads of Queen Charlotte Sound





I dont know what this island is called, but maybe it should be Brocolli Island



Nice LFO patterns


All shots taken with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens


SWISH 2 recording 3


six bull-roarers and two aerophones recorded today in the Park Road Post foley room


flag swishes captured mid take…

Captured so many great sounds today, for HISSandaROAR SWISH TWO library – I had great help from excellent soundie Tom Scott Toft. We’d alternate takes, working until our arms ached & then recovering while listening to what each other managed to perform… Every time I’d exhaust what I could do & Tom would then step up & find some GREAT variations (& vice versa)… Super tired now, watching 30Gb of sound slowly transfer off my 744…. captured 5 channels of everything today: MKH8040 ORTF stereo, MKH70 pair wider stereo and MKH8020 omni on the ground looking/listening up….

Many, many moments of being totally surprised by the sounds being produced from my collected & selected props… it was a great but intense day of making sounds happen!


So tired of clickbait headlines…



Who actually believes that dumbass headline?

As anyone who has observed any history of the legal system will likely know,
justice is for those who can afford it

Having casually observed this bizarre court case the first thing I thought was this: what a load of sh+t
Would there be such emotional publicity for the Gaye legal attack if the song was a clunker & made no money? Nope, the Gaye family obviously hired the ‘right’ legal resources to sway the justice system and exploit the financial success that would not even exist without Pharrells work.

If that Gaye/Pharrell/Thicke case sets a precedent then its open season… but in reality the only ‘winners’ are the vampire lawyers who solicit and engage with this…

#copyright is broken


essential further reading?