Detritus 388

▶ Music 2025: Access or Experience?


▶ genius: SL1200 mod’d to play digital files


▶ Apparently we are currently passing through the tail of Halley’s Comet




▶ interview with local sound artist, composer, percussion genius Phil Dadson


▶ mmmm 1000fps


▶ Lumen video synth app is released


▶ four space echos? excellent! (from about 28′ onwards he talks more philosophically about music, composing etc)


▶ While this article is aimed at screenwriters, it applies to anyone working in the film industry and about mid way through the article is this very poignant observation: “what will mostly define you more than anything else is what projects you say yes to and what projects you say no to


▶ “How does it feel when someone posts a video of a circuit you designed, hacked so that it uses high-voltage Nixie Tubes as the display instead of the crappy red LEDs you used?” – in praise of open source


▶ anyone old enough to have used Studio Vision? I started using Sound Designer straight after film school in 1991 but this article describes how StudioVision was the first app to combine audio & MIDI came into existence 21 years ago… I managed to get an NFR of StudioVision when it was released as I was working for the local distributor and Opcode sent out a guy to promote it. Still remember when I was driving him out to Auckland airport after his visit, a car directly in front of us on the motorway got a blow out & crashed into the side of the motorway!!


▶ Mario Wienerroither does it again!


Not quite winter

Have been slowly preparing for winter – collecting up firewood & even had the fire cranked up last night… But summer/autumn is hanging on for now, was a beautiful day so went for a drive up the coast a bit and since it was so still, took the drone for a fly!


Love this bit of road, between Paekakriki and Pukerua Bay, sandwiched between the ocean & the hills… if you look hard you can see the new escarpment walking track up top of the hills on the left…


Drove out to the beach, north of Waikanae (safely away from air space restrictions associated with the small airport at Paraparaumu)



Love being up above the ocean & watching the wave patterns as they roll in… so I left the drone up there for ten minutes while I shot video… 1080p vid so watch it HD and full screen if you want the full effect!

RIP Prince

OK can people stop dying please??

I can vividly remember the first time I heard Prince – I was hanging around waiting for a gig to start at Canterbury University. JPSE were playing & their live sound guy had the PA cranked up, prior to the band doing a soundcheck. And this incredibly sparse funky minimalist emotive music came on… Turned out it was Sign of the Times, and I can remember how it sounded & how it felt, like it was yesterday!

Along with great songs and arrangements, Princes music always had such ingenuous production and this interview with his first manager is fascinating:

…when we signed the deal with Warner Bros., I had the great job of going to the chairman of Warner Bros. and saying that an 18-year-old artist, who has never made an album before, is going to be producing his own album and having complete creative control. I didn’t relish that meeting!

We kind of organized a test where they watched him in the studio. And at the end of him maybe getting halfway through the song, Lenny Waronker, who was president of Warner at that time, he pulled me out in the hallway and said, “We’re going to give him the complete control that you’re asking for.

There aren’t a lot/any youtube vids I can post, since as quoted here Prince rightly said about Youtube etc: “They are clearly able to filter porn and pedophile material, but appear to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content which is core to their business success”

found one!

But I will post the only cover of a Prince song that achieved something other than a bad copy: Sine of the Dub by Kode 9 has a similar skeletal structure, and held together by that slowed down gravel voice, at first those lyrics that make you wonder where have you heard this before… ah….

Detritus 387

▶ free Mt Kimbie sample pack and remix/writing competition here


▶ great concept, very ‘zeitegiesty’ as someone said the other day – is that really a word form?
photos with the phones removed


▶ Not all that wander are found


Seances presents a new way of experiencing film narrative, framed through the lens of loss. In a technical feat of data-driven cinematic storytelling, films are dynamically assembled in never-to-be-repeated configurations. Each exists only in the moment, with no pausing, scrubbing or sharing permitted, offering the audience one chance to see this film before it disappears….

Check out Seances here (thanks Anthony) – quite amazing/disturbing/brilliant!


▶ if this doesn’t melt your heart then you must be dead already!


▶ Each Perc system can control up to three beaters, and you can connect multiple systems over MIDI to add more beaters. Polyend plans to ship Perc in September 2016. You get a controller and one beater for 799 euros (about $907 US as of today) and 200 euros for each additional beater.



“they don’t know anything about computers or the electronic music culture of the West, or even rock ‘n’ roll, or even rhythm & blues, all of this is very foreign to them”guess the artist?

▶ “When the song went to No 2 in the UK, my artist friends told me I was selling out, but just months later the term being used was “crossing over”. I’d gone from an idiot to a visionary.” – guess the artist #2?


▶ wow would love to experience this installation: time is TIME – Tsuyoshi tane states that; ‘the goal was to show that there is an absolute quality to time. in the universe and on earth, it has a fixed measurement yet every one perceives it differently’


▶ Good on Apple for adding a mute button to Safari! Amazing that it took until version 9


▶ great interview with John Lurie


▶ so can your Apple watch do this!? Didn’t think so



▶ Hudson Mohawke remixes Boards of Canada


▶ fantastic new Kanding Ray music video – altered landscapes!?


▶ My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts – Early Mix


▶ I’ve been doing a ton of research for the film I am currently scoring, as we will be working with a choir and I plan to use some aleatorical techniques, including making use of a graphic score… I have collected up a lot of useful references, but always keen for suggestions…


▶ beautiful new release by Will Thomas & Roger Eno – everything left unsaid
Now available via the Neutral Music label


Kereru slow mo

Just a quick first test with my Sony a6300 and Canon Ef100-400L lens via Metabones speedbooster, shooting 1080p at 120fps and then playing it back at 24fps, followed by a version speed changed with Twixtor. I need to get a faster U3 SD card as camera would only let me shoot 120fps 1080 at 50Mbps, with faster card camera will shoot 100Mbps! This was also shot on auto exposure, hadnt worked out how to get video into manual exposure, but know now… next test will be better!

Detritus 386


▶ love creepy animal sounds




▶ incredible heartbreaking photos taken in Fukushima 4 years after the tsunami & nuclear incident, by Polish photographer Arkadiusz Podniesiński, who has also documented the after effects of Chernobyl


▶ love these photos of real estate where the owner refused to sell


▶ Free, Open Spaces: 14 of Brian Eno’s Favourite Records


▶ check out his time slice photos here


▶ Analysing the Beatles magical mystery chord


▶ The natural history of the Funky Drummer break


▶ learning a new language? nailed it


▶ The other day I needed to go buy some boring tech (a fast CF card for a6300) and soon as I parked outside the store I heard a sound that is as painful as it is endearing: some kids busking outside the front entrance, with i think three of them playing violin. They were playing along to an mp3 player but hearing their variable intonation was so great, that when I came back to the car I just had to give them all the change out of my wallet. Love that sound… but these kids…. i so LOVE this!!

Thanks to @Vordio “That’s the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Started as a joke but they even had a hit single in 70s” – more info here
The Portsmouth Sinfonia was an orchestra founded by a group of students at the Portsmouth School of Art in England, in 1970. The Sinfonia was generally open to anyone and ended up drawing players that were either persons without musical training or, if they were musicians, ones that chose to play an instrument that was entirely new to them.[1] Among the founding members was one of their teachers, English composer Gavin Bryars. The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single. They last performed publicly in 1979


Faulty bass

Picked up a bargain – listed as a “faulty bass guitar” so I didn’t pay very much for it at all (not that its worth a lot anyway as apparently this bass is a Hofner clone made in Japan, Silver Star were a sub brand of Tokai)

The faulty part didn’t amount to much – the 1/4″ socket was loose and making the connection intermittent, I didn’t even need to resolder it – just tighten it up…


Little Planet #2


shot out over the reef by Plimmerton Fire Station


shot out from Plimmerton Boat Club

Captured using DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone and DronePan software, stitched in AutoPano Giga and made into a little planet in Photoshop using Flexify plugin