Window Seat


Waking before dawn is not my favorite way to start the day, but sometimes it is very worth it….
eg 4am check in


Living in the Pacific = flying over atols to get pretty much anywhere else!

One of the things that kept me sane during a very long day of travel (20+ hours, Auckland > Gold Coast > Tokyo > Osaka) was a fascinating audiobook which I am still enjoying and highly reccomend, Philip Glass autobiography – Words without Music


I’m sure the book is also great but when you are stuck in that twilight zone of long distance air travel the audiobook is an ideal solution – here is the iTunes link – can’t say I am much of a fan of audible.com requirement to use their app (or categorising me as Australian) but I do highly reccomend the audio book, beautifully voiced and a welcome reminder that people really are the sum of their experiences. Glass early life & subsequent travels & study is deeply inspiring…

Aerial Sheep

I’ve posted some stills from this before but finally got around to cutting together some of the video…
shot at Mt Posession Station with a DJI Phantom 3 drone

DAWN TO DUSK – The Waitakere Ranges

At last I can share the trailer for the short film project I have been working on for the last four months: DAWN TO DUSK – The Waitakere Ranges


The film is a commissioned short to screen at ARATAKI Visitors Centre, and shows a day in the life (and all of the life in a day) in The Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. For more info visit dawntodusk.co.nz


Sound mix by Mike Hedges and colour grade by Damien McDonnell, at Park Road Post


Perfect Balance


forget the oxygen free directional audio cables, this is the ultimate audiophile stylus balancing accessory

Slope Point infrared


I was cleaning out the CF card from my 40D and found this photo (& a few others ) on my 40D IR I took when down at Slope Point, but had forgotten to transfer – demerits!!

Detritus 359

Visualizing Thom Yorke ~ Truth Ray [excerpt] by Dundas


▶ ninja troll


▶ back in the day i had a good friend & excellent reggae keyboard player who whenever we did any recording to multitrack would at some point go switch the varispeed on & listen to our recording slowed down or sped up – amazing how the feel changes…. reminded of those days by this article: 10 records that sound incredible at the wrong speed


▶ sound totems, what a beautiful idea


▶ TV is not the ‘new’ film


▶ Famous horror themes re-recorded in a major key


both these are by Ʀinơ Ƥetrozziellͽ ▜▝



ELOISE is a beautiful short film by Chris Todd set on the Kaipara Harbour, Aotearoa with music by Plan 9

Soundcloud Strike One?


Anyone else received one of these?

I got this email (and the previous one) from Soundcloud while I was away down South. It relates to a remix I did of a Laura Mvula track which they (Sony) released the stems for and then asked for remixes to be submitted via Soundcloud. I uploaded my entry to Soundcloud as requested & the remix sat in my Soundcloud account for a year or more, until some dumb ass copyright algorithm ‘found’ it and issued a take down notice to Soundcloud. Now I don’t know whats going on behind the scenes with Soundcloud, but they are obviously trying to do some kind of deal with Sony to warrant such toxic behaviour towards their paying customers. In short, WTF?

Three strikes?
Did this action make me change my behaviour? Nope, I honestly believe I have not breached any such copyright issue. I’ve had to issue take down notices, and it is basically a great big waste of time. But what Soundcloud achieved with their ‘first strike’ warning is this: I IMMEDIATELY started researching an alternative to their services that does not involve Soundcloud. I suspect they just lost a paying customer, so I hope their motives for pursuing contestable copyright infringement by issuing & acting on a notice without *any* involvement or consultation with the possible offender actually serves some viable purpose.

There wont be a strike three – I will be long gone before that happens.
But holy sh+t have I got a great idea about a *better* service than theirs…

And for any soundcloud users, there is some sage advice HERE
and guess what number 1 is?

1. Don’t upload edits, mixtapes or remixes to SoundCloud

Finding great remixes, edits etc is one of the core things Soundcloud was great for… but not any more!
If you have any remixes or edits or anything in your Soundcloud account then you might want to delete them – they are a timebomb just waiting for an algorithm to find them. If the algorithms find three of them then all your content gets deleted! Charming…

As a better example of how such things can be dealt with, when I made the SEAL VOCALS promo I had this idea about using the theme music for THE BRADY BUNCH as a parody. But before I uploaded it I sent a copy to my lawyer – his advice wasn’t a lot of help, it just pointed out the possible issues… So I uploaded two versions to Youtube, one with the Brady Bunch intro & one without. A few days later my lawyer emailed me, having seen me promote the non Brady Bunch version, and asking what happened to the funny Brady Bunch one… Um, I thought I was following your advice… But I actually had uploaded the Brady Bunch version, just to see what happened… which was nothing. Until just the other day when I started reposting all the ‘making of’ videos and rediscovered the Brady Bunch vid. A copyright issue had been identified by Youtubes algorithms, but unlike Soundclouds three strikes/guilt by accusation, all that had happened was this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.54.49 pm

So lets compare the two approaches:

– guilt by accusation
– three strikes and all content deleted

– accusation can be disputed
– copyright infringing material can be removed without further consequence (although not blatant infringement etc)
– my video cannot be monetised by me (unless issue resolved = fair enough)
– my video can be monetsied by copyright owner (but I retain control as can remove infringing content)

The only conclusion I can come to is that Soundlouds approach is immature, unethical & legally dubious.
If they are trying to impress potential funders or streaming services with big labels then this is a VERY misguided way to go about it.
But the real conclusion comes from considering which service I would prefer to use…

All the remixes I’ve done are now deleted from Soundcloud, making it that bit more useless to me…
Now back to that idea…

UPDATE: after a number of email exchanges Soundcloud has removed the ‘first strike’ it gave me…
The remix is still deleted & I have since deleted all the remixes I have uploaded