Infra Red Tora

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Blast Door


recorded a super heavy ‘Blast Door’ the other day… recorded from INT perspective too, but a little unnerving being in there with lots of chemicals…


North Tora Pan


First time I’ve tried shooting a panorama with my drone – its only two images stitched together but hey… its worth doing more… Click image to see larger version – love that landscape!

The Planck Universe

3 DLP video projectors, computers, speakers
concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
programming, computer graphics: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama, Yoshito Onishi, Satoshi Hama
commissioned by and produced in cooperation with ZKM I Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Camera: Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann. ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
© Ryoji Ikeda Studio, 2015. All rights reserved.

Cellular Recorder

Dear Sound Devices
I’d like a cellular single channel audio recording system, with each cell having a single high quality preamp & 24/192 recorder built in. Cells would all be wirelessly synced together with sample accuracy, and a swarm of recorders could all be remotely controlled from a single app, while also being able to be distributed & spaced up to 1km apart. Each cell would wirelessly transmit a lower resolution feed for monitoring, with the option (via GPS tracking & calculation) of time alignment…. The cell would be small, indestructible & solid state (incase of misunderstanding, I dont mean cellular as in cell phone – I mean it as a metaphor of single cells combining to create a larger organism…. but this system would obviosuly need some form of rapid wireless comms to avoid latency)

Please let me know when available – I’d like to buy six immediately!


Detritus 364


▶ Given the maleness of the industry, it’s a surprise to realise just how many classic films have been crafted by female editors: Scissor sisters


▶ The best quotes from Brian Eno’s John Peel Lecture


▶ hmmmm… Vinyl sales are more valuable than ad-supported streaming in 2015


▶ learning to roar?


▶ Humpbacks synchronize their music across oceans, and there’s sheet music to prove it… apparently


▶ great news: Ryuichi Sakamoto to score next film by Birdman director González Iñárritu


▶ “When we learn to speak the ‘why’ of sound, we are speaking the language of storytelling.” – Mark Mangini


▶ nice work Moog – a great entry point & really great to see expansion with other modules in that video!!


▶ Contact microphone recording of kite line scream by Tom Benedict
#150 Cored Dacron kite line + 6′ rokkaku kite + 6kt variable wind
Piezo contact microphone attached to a carabiner that was part of the ground tackle recorded to Tascam DR-70D



▶ support the doco: Deep Listening – The Story of Pauline Oliveros on indiegogo


▶ Any thoughts on soundly? “Soundly lets you drag sound effects from the cloud and drop them into your project, saving precious time….” – not quite sure how relying on the speed of your internet connection is going to ‘save time’ when compared with accessing & searching local hard drives, so its aim must be to act as a search engine for online resources in which case its use is totally dependent on what resources it can actually access…. time will tell, but one thing is sure – it may not be the first (SoundMiner can access some online libraries) but it wont be the last…


▶ check that uber double bass at 1’26”