I have a folder on my desktop labelled vizref which I constantly dump images into, but these two are the real thing: books!






mmmm i love the smell of a book in the morning


Detritus 337

ECHOOOOOOOO from ◥ panGenerator on Vimeo.


▶ Drivers want all the force and fuel savings of a newer, better engine — but the classic sound of an old gas-guzzler… Does it matter if the sound is FAKE?


▶ “No drum track. No lyrics. Just raw synth, raw noise” – guess who?


▶ RT @thereaIbanksy: “If we held 1 minute of silence for every victim of the Holocaust then we would be silent for eleven and a half years.”


▶ production sound recordists: save your back pain with this nifty monopod support: the Dedleg


▶ free glitchy sound library with kontakt patches



▶ interesting map of the world with countries resized based on population


▶ A Master Class In Crowdfunding & Film Distribution – Full Interview with Emily Best (SEED&SPARK CEO)
00:00 – 1 Out Of Every 250 Movies Receives A Distribution Deal
02:55 – The Story Behind SEED & SPARK
07:43 – Why Most Filmmakers Fail At Crowdfunding
10:35 – An Independent Filmmaker Is Always Crowdfunding
15:44 – The #1 Reason Why Someone Invests In A Movie
22:25 – First Steps To Building A Social Media Audience For Filmmakers
29:21 – Filmmakers, Stop Making Horrible Crowdfunding Pitch Videos
34:12 – First Steps Toward A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
46:05 – How An Unknown Filmmaker Without An Audience Raised $57,000 On SEED&SPARK
54:07 – What The Future Of Distribution On SEED&SPARK Looks Like For Filmmakers
59:37 – Future Of Filmmaking & Distribution
1:08:18 – When A Filmmaker Ends Up In A Bad Distribution Deal


▶ so how do all these album leaks actually happen?


▶ wacky supercut!?!


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.43.20 am

▶ thanks Apple but I preferred the Finder labels the way they were – thanks to this little app I can revert!


▶ fantastic – Google Earth Pro is now free!! – I use it lots for virtual location recces & am currently researching a very specific South Island road trip… Here’s a screenshot of my Shodoshima locations:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.47.28 am



Minimalist Modular Music

Ever since a thread appeared on MW Forum titled ‘I love modulars, but I don’t love modular music’ I’ve started stashing videos of modular synth music that i actually DO like, a few of which I’ve posted below.

Of course many of the modular synth videos I come across are demos of new modules or setups, which are interesting in terms of hearing what is possible, but often times is less interesting musically, which is understandable…

And there are plenty that simply come down to taste – too much chaos and I lose interest.
My favorite musician quote is by Charles Mingus “Anyone can make the simple complicated, creativity is about making the complicated simple’ and while we all know ‘simple’ is rarely simple, I suspect restraint is less often a technical issue than an aesthetic one: more is often easier than less, but to me clever evocative use of less is something to aspire to…





feel free to comment/recommend similar?


user48736353001 update

All 110 tracks uploaded by Aphex Twin now have download enabled…. playlist here.. & all files zipped here

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 12.35.00 pm


Bitter Lake

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.37.58 am

Last night I watched the new documentary by Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake and I very highly reccomend it, both for the unique & experimental form of documentary film making Curtis employs and as a profoundly disturbing history of the Middle East & the repeated attempts at manipulation by the West.
If you’ve seen American Sniper then consider this documentary to be essential viewing for global & historical context ie the 100 year back story! Here’s the trailer:

If you have never seen a documentary by Adam Curtis then you are in for a treat – his use of Burials music in the opening montage of Bitter Lake is both surreal & haunting, but his tangential use of archival footage combined with score is fascinating & at times profoundly unsettling…

I also highly reccomend his earlier documentary Century of the Self which provides a history of mass manipulation for commercial purposes, and it is full of laugh out loud examples which would be funnier if they weren’t actually true. For example there is a scene in the section ENGINEERING CONSENT where they discuss how the first attempt at marketing Better Crockers instant pudding failed. At launch the instant cake mix just didn’t sell and after doing focus groups with consumers they discovered the target market (i.e. housewives) felt guilty about it being too easy… So the marketing theorists suggested a psychological solution: ‘Just add an egg’ – the guilt was assuaged & the product become hugely popular. Did the egg need to be added? Not for cooking purposes… While this might seem a banal & almost ridiculous example, how & why this solution occurred is just the start… The section about that egg starts at 1’50” in this excerpt:

ps The BBC iPlayer stream of Bitter Lake worked fine for me with no VPN or other malarky, but I hear people use the Zenmate plugin to access such geo-locked streams… Bitter Lake is available on the BBC iPlayer for the next 3 weeks…


update: theres a full copy on Youtube here – not sure how legit or how long it will be there


Music Friday

Zola Blood – Meridian (Applescal Remix free download @soundcloud) via Insight


▶ nice track off new Beat Spacek album – no embed allowed by Ninjatune (!?) so here’s a soundcloud link



▶ a new EP by Loscil, check it out/support a good cause: for Greta


▶ excellent new dubby compilation ECHOGARDEN by Martin Nonstatic & Frank Sebastian via bandcamp


▶ interesting idea: albums that never were – reconstructing unreleased albums eg The Clash – Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg


▶ beautiful spacy ‘Ultra Deep Field Podcast #014′ mixed by Narcotic 303 – free downlaod


▶ Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Peel Session 1978 #voice_of_thunder!


▶ John Lee Hooker in 1970 via


▶ new old afx: tracks 1-48 download here & tracks 49-96 here


Auckland Artists Residency Deadline approaching

The Artists Residency I did based in the Auckland Regional Parks is coming up again – the application deadline is in 2 weeks (cut off is 17th February) so if anyone local reading this is thinking of applying then I very much encourage you to! It was a fantastic experience being based in such a beautiful part of New Zealand and having time dedicated to making new work… I’ve written about my experiences and the ramifications before here Why do an Artists Residency and funnily enough am applying for another international residency at the moment so am doing some deep thinking & planning as to the project/s I want to pursue for it. That process alone is invaluable, consider this question: if you were gifted 2 months of free time to make art, what would you do?

I strongly advise not leaving application until the last minute – the details and application info are all available here: Apply now to be our 2015 Artist in Residence


A-I-R promo A6 PR 19-12-14_Page_3


Scattered Light 196


Estuary by TeKauKau Point, shot with 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm lens