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You know you’re a sound designer

… when you can’t bring yourself to assemble the kitset garden wheelbarrow you bought,
because the individual components sound so good!


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Detritus 293

“Mew is an interactive sound piece. As you walk towards the curious and gawkish object, it begins to emit a soft purring sound. If you stroke the fur, it will emit distorted meow sounds that are manipulated by the direction your hand moves. Pushing on the object will also alter the sounds, but pressing too hard will make Mew hiss.”


> Q&A with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto (thanks Brita) Also an interview with T Bone Burnett about the music in the series


love the haircuts!


> Sound artist Susan Philipsz puts the FBI under surveillance


more info


> Interview with Harold Budd (thanks Peter)



> Oblique Strategies for Max for live



> well, thats Xmas presents sorted for next year!


> A basic Space Echo maintenance guide


> tumblr: Composers doing normal shit


more info


> Voices vs fingerprints? (thanks Guy)


> Interesting idea: a studio with a Disklavier offering to record your piano MIDI, for real!


“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not eliminating our weaknesses.” – Marilyn vos Savant


more info


> Interview with very recent Oscar winning composer for Gravity, Steven Price


(thanks Jennifer)


> Great interview with Morton Subotnick (thanks John)


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What is THAT???

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Scattered Light 107

Mana Island

Mana Island, shot yesterday Thursday 27th February with Canon 5DmkIII & EF100-400 lens

Mana Island

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