Scattered Light 197


slightly altered sculpture on the Wellington waterfront
shot with Fuji x100s + WCL + Lee Grad Filters



no results from Tineye, credit anyone?

Sunday walkies = tripping with giant lizard?

No, Hunter S Thompson meds weren’t involved, unfortunately… I went for a walk this afternoon, taking the long way to get to the top of the bush reserve beside my house – here is the view from the top, with the South Island in the distance…


The track drops down quite steeply, but thankfully the council have done a lot of work with wooden steps, making it safe even when its wet… which reminded me I must go do some rain recording in here!


So I was walking along when I heard this sudden rustle/movement right near my ear – I stopped and looked, and it took me quite a while to see it:


Can you see it?



I got a bit close with my macro lens and he moved around the darker side of the branch… so I had to crank this in LightRoom a bit





Rewarded with Good Vibes

I used to reward my months of hard work on each film with a new instrument of some kind and I like the idea for a few reasons but mostly that the instrument becomes tied to the project in a way eg my double bass arrived from working on Gaylene Prestons film Perfect Strangers… But now its more likely the reward comes from months of work on a HISSandaROAR library, so the MECHANISM library has rewarded me with this lovely old Kosth vibraphone that I picked up today

Kosth vibraphone

Vibes feels a bit like a Fender Rhodes to play, even the dischords sound beautiful… This Kosth vibraphone wasn’t expensive due to its age & condition – it doesn’t have the tremelo motor, but that doesn’t worry me since if I want to use tremelo I’d rather do it after recording & have the option (sorry if that offends any purists, I love my Sonic Couture vibes virtual instrument and it was genius of them finding a way to virtualise the tremelo but I’ve never actually used the tremelo, different strokes etc etc)

For now it sits opposite my Deagen marimba: a pair of percussive resonance generators = such fun to play along to sequences from my modular synth.

So thank you for all the support with the MECHANISM library, and for all the brilliant ideas towards the SWISH TWO library – its going to be awesome & I’m aiming to do some recording for it in the huge foley stage at Park Road Post very soon! Onwards



Visited my favourite bookstore UNITY BOOKS when I was in town the other day & grabbed these two great books, I was kind of hoping the Unified Field book might have been photos but when I got them to take the plastic wrap off so I could have a look turned out its a book of his paintings and they are quite incredible, I wont post photos of them, doesn’t do them justice, but what a wild imagination he has…
While I was checking it out the super helpful guy at Unity got me the smaller book to have a look at too: Lynch on Lynch, by Chris Rodley – I wasn’t planning on getting it but after having a quick skim read I couldn’t help myself as it is fascinating & reads like a conversational Q&A with a chapter centred on each film, as well as chapters on his other works (photography, painting, building sheds etc) Suspect it will prompt a retrospective David Lynch film festival via my BluRay player!

LYNCH ON LYNCH by Chris Rodley


Detritus 344


▶ I won’t get to visit Bjorks retrospective at MOMA so this will have to do


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.38.20 am

▶ check out this analog style visual synth for OSX: lumen


▶ The Sounds of Nature, Transcribed and Composed


▶ I’ve posted about Len Lye a few times before eg here – imho he is the most important New Zealand artist and accordingly it is FANTASTIC that the new Len Lye gallery is nearing completion! Check out this “Work is almost complete at the University of Canterbury College of Engineering to build a ‘gallery sized’ working model of Lye’s Sun Land and Sea – his most ambitious outdoor work…. The performance culminates with a ‘lightning-like’ discharges of electricity. At full scale, this work will be 150 feet long and almost as high! Although Lye built several working models of Sun, Land and Sea he never realised the full scaled work in his life time.
The research and construction of the 30 foot ‘indoor’ model is being undertaken by PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Alex O’Keefe. Alex is studying the travelling and standing waves that form when the steel strip is excited at one end. The picture to the left shows waves being generated on the test rig at the university..
Alex has also become proficient at creating ‘lightning bolts’, and other electrical effects required for this work with the help of staff and colleagues in the High Voltage laboratory.”


▶ interesting experiment trying to record the sound of an owls wings (thanks Arnald!)
Similarly there is a native NZ owl, the Morepork, which has silent wings… but I got really close to one, late one night – its calls were really close to me, but when I started to get my camera out I felt this sudden thrum of ultrasound & it was gone… So my theory is the wings are silent except for low freqeuncies, which presumably is below mice etc hearing range..


▶ can you imagine what these shoes would sound like? super creepy foley



A Zen Novel


So if I left him there long enough, would he write something?


Two statistics that quite frankly blow my tiny mind:

1. The first video I made for a HISSandaROAR sound library: VEGE VIOLENCE has had 112,610 views on VIMEO!!! Who knew so many people were interested in vegetables!?! Yay! VEGES FOR LIFE!

2. This blog is now #9 (from over 300 blogs) in this country that have public access sitemeters!
February stats are here – Music of Sound = 16,603 unique/month, can you believe that there are that many great people in the world as obsessed with sound as I am? What an awesome party that would be, if everyone was in the same place at the same time. Just imagine how many opinions there would be about the music and sound system ^ ^

HISSandaROAR has been running for about four and a half years, this blog started September 2006 which means MUSIC of SOUND = 7 years old!

And the first post, shouted into an empty void?

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 5.25.21 pm