Detritus 296

(thanks Logan)


more info on the ‘obow’ here (thanks Steve!)


> best busker ever!


> some good advice on pitching yourself/your work – the first point made is particularly important (re startups/exit plans & art vs commerce) (thanks Denise!)


> “Perhaps most exciting was that it could be done through soundwork; not being able to clearly see what was going on outside but being able to hear it…”quoting Cary Fukunaga, director of True Detective


> Interview with Wes Andersons music supervisor (thanks Peter!)



> An illustrated book of bad arguments


“HoloDecks is an umbrella project for a number of studies which focus on transforming sound through different mediums. This study begins with a custom application built in openFrameworks which visualises audio from a song by Oneohtrix Point Never, titled Zebra. The base shape chosen for the visualisation is a disc which has always been a ubiquitous shape associated with music storage formats such as compact discs and vinyl records. Audio data from the song displaces the geometry of the disc to create a swirly visual echo of the audios last few seconds. At any point in the visualisation, a snapshot of the generated 3d model can be taken. OpenFrameworks does a great job at exporting 3D models using the .ply format which then needs to be converted into .obj format so it can be printed with a Makerbot 3D printer. Up to this point, the sound has been transformed from pure audio data, into a software visualisation and then materialised into the real world using a 3D printer. A final transformation is undertaken by augmenting the 3D printed sound sculpture using a mobile device to see another layer of audio reactive visuals mapped to the object.”

sound sculptures available on shapeways:


> music generated by a program that measures the “emotional temperature” of novels


> David Byrne riffs on a secure (from the NSA!) internet




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Scattered Light 111


A Kereru/native wood pigeon came & sat on the roof of my sunroom this morning
Shot this morning with 5dmkIII and EF100-400L lens


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Titirangi Music Festival

I am very happy to announce the screening of my Artists Residency sound/music/film works, which will be at the Titirangi Music Festival on Sunday April 6th! The festival has a fantastically diverse programme spread across three days and nights – check out the line up HERE.
Tickets are available via EventFinder or at the Titirangi Pharmacy.

My screening is at 4.30pm on Sunday 6th and will consist of a screening, followed by a talk/Q&A/discussion. To get more of an idea of what you’ll be experiencing I’ve just finished a short mini-doco. Note: it was shot with the help of my good friend & supremely talented cinematographer Ian Powell, and was captured, post produced & is available online in 1080p… And having compared the upload it looks best on the vimeo site with HD enabled. So if you have ten minutes & a good internet feed, go watch it HERE & make sure HD is enabled.
Of course I also highly reccomend good speakers or headphones :)







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Detritus 295


a beautiful anatomic circuit board – the amplification circuit is switched on by the speaker cone being raised & joined!



> Fascinating sounds, listening to light (thanks Nathan)


> Good question: is there an IMDB for music?


> Interesting analysis of Hollywood film business & likely future


> free Impulse Responses captured in science labs? thanks Richard Dobson – recorded by David Monacchi and Fons Adriaensen in 4 channel B-Format


> re Trevor Coxs book The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World mentioned here previously, this article includes some great examples worth a listen! (thanks Jason!)



> Stream two tracks from Aleksi Perälä’s forthcoming release using the Perälä and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s custom musical scale, the Colundi Sequence (via The Wire)


> Misheard lyrics? There is a name for that: mondegreen


> repeat after me. repeat after me. repeat after me. #fascinating!


> Seems the rule changes in Formula 1 (see video below for an outline) has resulted in complaints about the V6 motors being too quiet!! Andrew Westacott, the chief executive of the Australian Grand Prix was quoted saying that he didn’t even need his ear-plugs in the pit lane!


Cycles 720 is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer built using VVVV and Ableton Live with a custom M4L patch. Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, orientation and elasticity of each collision.


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Scattered Light 110


silhouette of a Fantail (like the one from this post) shot on Friday March 14th

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