Detritus 341



▶ this photo, brilliant! its up there with that photo of the snow monkey & the iPhone


▶ beautiful minimalist photos of restricted areas in Russia (thanks Tom)


▶ Softube released a virtual Mutronics Mutator!



Film Grab – a growing archive of stills from the best films ever!


▶ awesome kids toy train/music composition track


thanks Mel/Ray 😉


I never vote for these categories because I have no idea what’s good sound or bad sound — and believe me, I’m not alone among Academy members. MY VOTE FOR BOTH: I abstain.hmmmmm?



The best time to plant a tree

So the saying goes:

“The best time to plant a tree… is 20 years ago.
The second best time is today”




Depending on the weather, the seasons and a whole lot of other things I have no control over, about 3 years from now my new tree may or may not produce some avacados. But the vegetables, a bit sooner than that!




Funny thing: the last time I had a vegetable garden of any kind was when I was maybe 10 years old – our school had some kind of sponsored award thing where they encouraged us all to grow vegetables & we were marked & given reports on the state of our little gardens. My favourite was growing radishes, because they grow so fast but also because a fresh radish tastes fantastic! So when I started this vege garden, half of one cube is full of radishes… And a row in the long box is Japanese daikon – I LOVE daikon salads, its one of the first things I scan for on the menu at an izakaya.

But on a more philosophical angle, this summer I have been discovering the virtues of having a garden. As I am sure is the case with a lot of you reading this, my ‘work’ suffers from two negative aspects. First it is often sedentary, progress often requires long hours sitting at a desk… Secondly, some of my work is abstract – it can sometimes be hard to see where & how much progress is being made, especially in the short term.

So I think I’ve found the antidote to both these issues: 15 minutes every few hours digging or weeding or whatever in the garden is enough to oxygenate & refresh the brain. But creating a garden is hard slog – most of the soil here is heavy clay, hence the raised beds. But good soil has to come from somewhere & preparing the site for it takes a lot of sweat.

The eventual rewards? fresh mint for my drinks, fresh veges & herbs to cook with & eat…
and three or four years from now, fresh avacado!



The Ghost in the MP3

“moDernisT” was created by salvaging the sounds lost to mp3 compression from the song “Tom’s Diner”, famously used as one of the main controls in the listening tests to develop the MP3 encoding algorithm. Here we find the form of the song intact, but the details are just remnants of the original. Similarly, the video contains only material which was left behind during mp4 video compression. More info here (thanks Jay)


Detritus 340

▶ Wouter van Veldhoven via this thread


▶ “I’ve never stopped using them because I’ve not found anything that really replaces it” (thanks Calum) – funniest non question: “Basically its the rave version Of Baker Street?”


▶ “In Tibet there are temples, where for centuries monks have chanted at the resonant frequencies of the temple. If one e.g. “thunks” the side of these temples, indeed, they resonate at these chanted frequencies!” via Acoustics of Palaeolithic Caves – PDF here


▶ the opposite of addiction is not sobriety


▶ tuning restaurant ambience



▶ great interview with Glenn Weyant, fascinating instrument builder & experimental musician (one project/series of works involves ‘playing’ the border wall between USA and Mexico)


thanks Georgi!


CONGRATS to all the nominees and winenrs of recent CAS awards and MPSE awards