Battery charge markers

These are a great idea that someone mentioned on FB (I don’t remember who, so please remind me if it was you, thanks!)


They are tiny battery charge state indicators which you stick to your batteries and can then use them to identify batteries that need recharging. For scale here are the ones I just put on my batteries for my Sound Devices recorders:


Each one comes with double-sided tape already attached, so you just peel the back of them & attach them wherever you want. The slider has a small notch, so when you set it to green or red, it stays there & it would be fairly unlikely that it could slide across accidentally… They work great on my Sound Devices batteries but I was also hoping they would also work for my collection of Canon LP-E6 batteries. Unfortunately there is not enough room to stick them on any part of the battery and still allow the battery to fit inside my 5DmkIII – I tried every permutation and the battery compartment door on the 5D would not close. Probably for most people they don’t chew through enough batteries with their DSLRs that its a problem, but when out shooting timelapse its a different story… plus I have some LED lights & an LCD external field monitor which all use the same Canon batteries, so it would have been super useful.

Anyway these are made by Turnigy and if you google ‘Turnigy Battery Charge Marker’ you will find a local seller, HobbyKing has them here US$4 for 10 and Mr Positive has them locally in NZ here


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  1. David Alderman says:

    For your canon batteries, there is already a sort of built in battery indicator. If you look on the brown cover thing that you clip over the back of your spare battery, there is a battery shape cut out of it.
    You will notice that you can fit the cover with the battery shape over either the blue side of the battery or the black side of the battery.
    When I charge my batteries I put a fresh one in the camera, and fully charge the spare and align the battery shape with the blue side of the battery so the batter shape shows blue through it. When I take the exhausted battery out of the camera I put the fresh one in and put te clip on the old one with the shape over the black side to remind me it’s spent.

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