Today was a great day!

I was in a ho hum sort of mood (aka hungover) but headed to Mito Peninsula & got some nice shots at a beach that I had previz’d…. & then met this fine gent. He showed me some beautiful photos he had taken using a telescope of the eclipse back in 2012, but the photo that caught my eye was the one he is holding, apparently shot in 2010 pretty much from the same spot where he is standing when I took this photo…. He gave me some great advice about local locations for shooting, all without him speaking english and me being a kindergarten grade Japanese speaker.

Do you believe?

shot on Mito Peninsula today 18th September 2013


Following his advice I set two timelapses in motion (5D on the left and GoPro H3 on the right) and enjoyed not being able to do anything except be present for the next 2 hours…. When the sun actually crossed the horizon I expected some kind of sound (I know, lame huh?) but here is the funny thing, after waiting for over an hour, listening to the 5D go click every ten seconds.. sound was provided! This flock (murder?) of crows came out of nowhere & did a big circuit, out to sea a bit & then back in land…. perfectly timed for sunset, and surely not a coincidence!


Did I record it? No….. but heres the thing: some moments aren’t created for you to record them. Some moments are created for you to experience them. As long as I live I will always remember finding the crows at sunset, after meeting the UFO guy, on the Mito peninsula.

2 Responses to Believe

  1. bassling says:

    Some moments indeed. That’s beaut.

  2. AW says:

    Love what you say about recording, experience, and memory. I just found your blog this evening from searching for field recording equipment advice. Cheers

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