Big Surf Recording 2

This recording at Constant Bay, Charleston was about as close as I got to getting wet while recording last week! The perspective of the video camera makes it seem a little scarier than it actually was… but you can see my grab the rock in front of me at a certain point, for a bit of reassurance!

The mics didn’t actually get wet – I had stood and watched the sea for half an hour so I knew where it was reaching to most of the time but as always it is the one rogue wave that can take your life! Never turn your back on the sea!!

One of the earlier photos I posted last week, of recording at the entrance to the Greymouth harbor was quite calm by comparison, but that is often not the case – crossing the bar into Greymouth harbor has taken many lives over the years with a fishing boat getting capsized earlier this year & claiming a few lives! Check this video as two large fishing boats bob around like toys – imagine how terrifying it would be!?! I was on the part you can see in the background @2.44

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