BOY: the American release!

Ok, pending the Kickstarter project that sends Frank and Michael and I to Russia to record this madness, I’d have to say that THIS is the most worthy Kickstarter project yet – if you are American, have a heart & love film that is!

I’ve ranted about the experience of working on sound design for the film BOY before and apart from it being a beautiful, funny, emotionally engaging film one additional aspect that makes the kickstarter project worth supporting is that the film was shot on 35mm film, AND graded on film, AND neg matched and output to film. It seems almost by default now that films get a DI and digital grade, but as any DOP will readily admit, film is not digital and vice versa. So if you live in the U.S of A this is your chance to see a beautiful film, on film, in a picture theatre…. Support BOY!

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