Burnt out too




While I was out recording yesterday I came across this, and it took me a while to work out what exactly I was looking at…. Some little shits had burnt out a car and this was the residue left behind. Above I think is the wire threads that are part of a car tyre…







The remnants of this car wreck appeared at the same place I did some recording a week ago, and at that time I noticed a couple of dead trees which had been left in the same area. Those puzzled me also, but the road is very narrow and overgrown in places so I presumed they had fallen and been cut down to avoid being a traffic hazard and were left to be picked up later….
But now those same dead trees were all burnt & charred – did the same fckwits intentionally try to set fire to them to? The whole area is surrounded by a huge beautiful forest… It is likely the same or similar mentality of people who dump rubbish anywhere they like, and it seems the only way to counteract those is with plenty of signs saying: THIS AREA IS MONITORED BY CAMERA!






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