Canyon drone


VERY careful flying today, recording my DJI Phantom 3 Pro in a mini-canyon…


Yesterday captured amazing sounds of a Quad 250 racer – these are super lightweight & very fast, made for racing & really take some serious skills to fly let alone race…. Thankfully had a great pilot who was happy to blast pass my mics – thanks Cheye!


The controller and FPV setup – the racing quad has a small video camera built into the front of it, so when racing the pilot wears these VR goggles & is flying via first person pov! But best of all, these very fast little racers sound amazing – very much like F1 except in 3 dimensions!

Here’s a bit of a blast (not my video, but imagine this with full field POV!)

And from the sublime to the ridiculous… I’ve also been torturing these cheap little quads for the imminent HISSandaROAR library – they aren’t very loud but make great sounds so I’ve been recording them in my foley room!


serious fun!

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