Surrealist fencing…


shot at Bethells at dusk – Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm lens

Collecting Light


24 seconds of collected light at Lake Wainamu, Bethells today…

(Apologies for a total lack of posting anything lately but I am *so freaking busy*!
I’ve shot a total of 420GB of visual media (1080p video, timelapse & photos) in my first week in the Waitakere Regional Parks. Very happy to revisit many of my favourite places & discover a long list of new ones… Got a super busy second shoot week & then a brief holiday to recover – onwards!)


Scattered Light 201

Little Huia

infra red beach, shot with modified Canon EOS M and Voightlander 40mm Ultron lens

Little Huia residents

I’m back at Little Huia for a week, starting a new project (more on it later) but it is so great to be back here (its where I did my Artists Residency in 2013) and wake up to the blissful sound of high tide lapping at the shore, outside my front door..
By this afternoon the tide was fully out so I went for a wander with my 400m lens on my 5D and managed to capture some of the locals, going about their business…

Little Huia
love the colours of this Kingfisher


Little Huia


Little Huia


Little Huia

Little Huia

Little Huia

Little Huia
dinner acquired!

shot with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400 lens + 1.6x extender