Light Show

This show just opened at the Auckland City Art Gallery, after a stint at the Hayward Gallery in London – it runs from 11th October 2014 until 8th February 2015, more info HERE

Fantastic – I can’t wait to visit it!

Believe revisited


Made me revisit this (originally posted September 19, 2013)


Today was a great day!

I was in a ho hum sort of mood (aka hungover) but headed to Mito Peninsula & got some nice shots at a beach that I had previz’d…. & then met this fine gent. He showed me some beautiful photos he had taken using a telescope of the eclipse back in 2012, but the photo that caught my eye was the one he is holding, apparently shot in 2010 pretty much from the same spot where he is standing when I took this photo…. He gave me some great advice about local locations for shooting, all without him speaking english and me being a kindergarten grade Japanese speaker.

Do you believe?

shot on Mito Peninsula today 18th September 2013


Following his advice I set two timelapses in motion (5D on the left and GoPro H3 on the right) and enjoyed not being able to do anything except be present for the next 2 hours…. When the sun actually crossed the horizon I expected some kind of sound (I know, lame huh?) but here is the funny thing, after waiting for over an hour, listening to the 5D go click every ten seconds.. sound was provided! This flock (murder?) of crows came out of nowhere & did a big circuit, out to sea a bit & then back in land…. perfectly timed for sunset, and surely not a coincidence!


Did I record it? No….. but heres the thing: some moments aren’t created for you to record them. Some moments are created for you to experience them. As long as I live I will always remember finding the crows at sunset, after meeting the UFO guy, on the Mito peninsula.

Detritus 322

thanks Mike!

thanks Tapio


▶ I love the idea of this sound installation by Chris Watson – just imagine experiencing it!


▶ Dont do drugs kids, or you’ll end up on a tumblr like this one


▶ imagine being out recording beach ambiences & this happens!


▶ Love these altered historic war photos



▶ I’ve been shooting timelapses from my lounge of Mana Island & have a dastardly plan for how to combine them all – 38 & counting! But now that the sunset has swung back around to directly behind the island I am waiting for the perfect red sky sunset… I always find experiencing a red sunset as being somewhat hallucinongenic, and had a sudden thought: I wonder what conditions create them? Knowing the answer to that question might increase my odds of shooting at the right time, so I asked google…

via National Geographics The Science of Sunsets

Why are sunsets sometimes more dramatic after a major storm?

There’s often a slanting band of clouds on the back side of the departing weather system, and that can act as a sort of projection screen for the low-sun colors, better than a horizontal band would. The slant means it captures more of the orange and red light, and if the cloud is thin enough, it will reflect those colors down to you. Also, storms wash a lot of the big particles out of the air.

And is the old saying: ‘Red sky an night, sailors delight’ true?

Everyday Mysteries had this to say: “When we see a red sky at night, this means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles. This usually indicates high pressure and stable air coming in from the west. Basically good weather will follow”

Duly noted… checks barometer…


▶ Do you ever use public wifi? Cafes? At the library? In a bar or restaurant? You might just want to read this


▶ how great is this: NASA is on soundcloud


▶ I’m no fan of The Grateful Dead but this deserves listening to: “Tuning ’77” – a seamless audio supercut of an entire year of the Grateful Dead tuning their instruments, live on stage. Chronologically sequenced, this remix incorporates every publicly available recording from 1977, examining the divide between audience expectation and performance anxiety.


▶ this made me laugh out loud…. I’ll blur the names to protect the innocent, but…


and the best answer, ever?


me & photoshop increased his likes a bit :)

Apart from a laugh & the pure entertainment value, this says so much about the down side of access to information. Please note: I am about to rant like a grumpy old man, but back in the day before the internet if you wanted to try doing something creative that you had never done before… you experimented!
You didn’t go sending off courier pigeons, with notes attached to their legs, asking where to start, FFS!


You will learn more, and with some perseverance you might come up with something unique, something no one else has ever thought of, or heard before! And do not be discouraged by failed experiments, that is an essential part of the process of getting past the obvious solutions!


Q: ‘How do I write poetry’
A: ‘Start with a good dictionary & cross out every word you don’t want to have in your poem’