MECHANISM Meccano outtakes









Some unused macro shots (5DmkIII and EF100L) of vintage Meccano from recording of MECHANISM – while recording with a small 12volt fan for the library I started wondering what would happen if I plugged it into my modular synth, would CV have enough grunt to power a small electric motor? If so, what happens if I plug it into an LFO or a sequencer? hmmmm…


Fridays Music

▶ two songs by Ibeyi




a great mix by Alex Humann, free download at Soundcloud


Marc @ Disquiet:I’ve begun compiling the above set, under the working title Selected Ambient Works Volume 3, as an imaginary sequel to Selected Ambient Works 85-92….”


▶ great to see the studio of Stefan Betke aka PolePole at soundcloud


▶ patching under duress!?


Between the beats

Its my favourite Debussy quote: “Music is the silence between the notes” and similarly with film & great acting, the ‘action’ in drama is not in what is said but is in what is not said & how it isn’t said – the breaths, foley & still moments where the eyes betray the mind & transfer emotions directly to the audiences heart.
Accordingly it is fascinating to see a scene stripped of dialogue: A few silent men

thanks Kottke





My rhubarb has sprouted… mmmm rhubarb crumble… first two photos are Fuji x100s, the last one is Canon 5DmkIII and EF100L macro lens with Kenko macro tube