dubby noodles

dubby noodles at 300kmph on the Shinkansen

The Beeps

This might look like an active interior ambience, but how it actually sounds is quite something…

Every time a person enters or exits the subway, they swipe their Suica card past a sensor, to start or end the transit fee… And a beep occurs… Now imagine a train arrives, a few hundred people enter & exit…

The randomnly distributed rush of beeps is quite beautiful

Tadao Ando retrospective

It always rains when I visit Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art…

It is an incredibly beautifully presented and frankly overwhelming retrospective… but still no comparison to actually experiencing his work IRL

I found it slightly ironic that I have wanted to visit Andos ‘Church of Light’ in Osaka for many years, but by the time I book my flights it is already booked out months in advance… and yet I got to experience it as a recreation in Tokyo!?!

Great architecture sounds beautiful

Ramen heaven

It was worth joining the inevitable queue for 30 minutes to experience such awesomely great ramen!!

Mutekiya ramen = highly reccomended, and thank you for helping gaijin ramen addicts

patience is a virtue

Izakaya ambience

great izakaya ambience with very vocal chefs (& great food!)

Day 1

After a great night out in Auckland with friends (back to hotel 2am) and then a 10 hour flight, plus 2 hours prior check in and then a few hours getting through customs, immigration and via Narita Express to Ikebukuro, Tokyo I was very, very happy to finally arrive to my favourite AirBnB

A few duty free drinks, and a quick dinner followed by some very high quality sleep… and despite the 4 hour difference I managed to sleep in & adjust my internal clock… next step:

A bit of 35mm film shopping & some GAS denial, and then:

Back to the apartment to have a jam on the piano, load cameras and get ready to head out & meet Hide san for dinner & revisit La Jatee…

re the Natura 1600, as I understand it that is a film that is only available in Japan and was designed by Fuji for a specific camera, the Fuji Natura S, which I also managed to buy via a Japanese auction site… and am now just waiting patiently for it to arrive… Its a tiny 35mm full frame camera that fits in the palm of your hand, but has a gorgeous fast f1.9 21mm lens – perfect for late night, low light shooting!

Check some of the photos shot with it here