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Wreck revisited

I first visited this wreck last year, but low tide then was midday so the light was harsher… This time I raced back over from Karamea, hoping to get there before sunset… and with a vague idea it was low tide…



Karamea 7.0 Test

Drove over to Karamea today & into Kahurangi National Park… as I set up to do some recording a couple of assistants turned up!






Set up, recorded birdlife for an hour and then packed up & lugged it all into:


I think this cave may be the quietest place I have ever been – its a big cave, maybe 6m to ceiling but if you go right into the end of the cave there is a side passage that is quite narrow, you can squeeze through it without crawling or anything, but it slowly gets more & more narrow… I went as far in as I could go without freaking out, and then stopped and listened. Nothing. Heartbeat, check. Breathing, check. Nervous system, check. Nothing else. Definitely as quiet as the anechoic chamber at ICC Gallery in Tokyo.


nuzic 9

▶ Second Woman is a new collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of the renowned Telefon Tel Aviv…. “The deliberation and control over every particle is obsessive, but the end results of each individual track unfold with an organic temperament unparalleled in a grid-locked world of DAW shaped musics and rat’s-nest modular aleatory.”




▶ Brian Case – Tense Nature



OMG i so LOVE this – thank Michael for posting it – her Vespertine album hits a sweet spot in my heart, as when it was released I was travelling… I’d booked a round-the-world ticket and it started with a very short stopover in LA before heading to NY for what I thought would be 2 weeks of inspiration… I can still remember hearing the news about Bin Laden, 2 days before I was due to fly out from NZ.. & thinking YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!?! And then coming to realise that my inconvenience as a tourist was insignificant compared with what eventuated…
Meanwhile following my travel agents advice I flew direct to the UK and stayed at my sisters for an extra 2 weeks, thereby experiencing my first Carsten Niccolai installation and then taking a side trip to Barcelona right on the day Vespertine was released….
I distinctly remember walking into a record store in Barcelona & having to say her name 3 times in my mashed NZild accent, varying the vowells until they got it & corrected me with the Spanish pronounciation of her Icelandic name…

I have never stopped loving Vespertine since, it is embedded in my psyche from that time.. & i can only presume I was travelling with a battery powered CD player to be able to buy a CD in 2001 and actually listen to it… I also had a Tascam DAP1 DAT recorder and a pair of Oktava MK102s with me & have the recordings still, so a CD walkman thingy is very possible…. shame I wasn’t also travelling with a camera…

Cave Stream

Apart from a little holiday, my motivation for the West Coast trip is to do some recording & hopefully finish the CAVES Ambience Library I’ve been slowly working on for a year or so….
So my first stop was Cave Stream



The cave exits at the red dot – in my youth, me & a bunch of friends went through the cave, starting at the exit it took about an hour to get through and out through the waterfall at the entrance… But that was in summer, the water was freezing cold now & running a bit higher so I only ventured in a bit to do some recording…


To give some scale, the black objects in front of the cave are my camera backpack, boom, mics and recorder…



West Coast


love the road crossing the Southern Alps in the middle of the South Island, respect to whoever designed this bit of road through Arthurs Pass (& all of the people who implemented it!) – I had the new Datach’i album cranked up, perfect soundtrack!


After getting over to the alps I cut across via Lake Brunner, but the first little lake I met required a u turn – I couldn’t drive past this view without shooting it!


Free parking on the West Coast!

Lucky Fog


In contrast to yesterday I went out to the coast near Ashburton only to meet fog near the coast – it was quite beautiful!


Came back a different route purely by accident & came across these guys:


They were drilling & sinking a new bore/well and were 80m down when I turned up… The drill was making all sorts of great sounds – heavy percussive pounding…. so I got mics set up as fast as I could but only captured a minute or two of the pounding… so I waited… the farmer came over & asked what I was doing and after another five minutes the drill guys gave me a wave and they released the pressure on the water & then restarted the pounding!

Total serendipity (with a little perseverance/patience) – right place, right time!

Easel Jam


Caught Murphy having a jam on my Buchla Music Easel

Sine Beach


Love seeing sine waves on the beach – shot these at Rakaia River mouth


Industrial Rakaia


Stand back! I am switching on the SPUDNIK!


Captured some great industrial exterior and interior ambiences today at Rakaia





Dark industrial


Parking would be easy with this vehicle – no parks left? I shall create some


Looks like a warning sign for serious knob twiddling!