Chimes addition



A few years ago I bought this two octave set of Suzuki hand chimes for sod all – it seemed no one was interested in them but I could see potential for sampling as well as some kind of distributed ensemble… and have had a few great jams over the years since!



After researching them further I discovered Suzuki also make ‘add-on’ octaves, but I never saw any for sale locally & began stalking Japanese auction sites, and a month ago a third octave set appeared!



They sound freaking gorgeous!

So until I get around to sampling them for Kontakt instrument/s, have a listen to his great Japanese group Sangatsu that play them. I especially love the bit of improv at the start, where they clearly have a set of rules… The moments where they do a group dampening/mute is beautiful too and reminds me some tonality & shapes I hear in Japanese electronic music too…




Stalking the fourth octave now!





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