Having tracked its every movement, this morning I raced down to my POBox to pick up a little shipment from Analogue Haven


Funnily enough this module by TipTop Audio, Circadian Rhythm was previewed at NAMM last year but has only recently become available for purchase and from what I’ve read of the manual, watched a few videos and now had a play, it was well worth the wait – the software lurking beneath this grid of lights is very, very clever and may well be the missing link tying my entire modular synth together…


Here’s a basic preview of its sequencing functions & ui

Along with a longer aerial for my RF Nomad module, in my shipment was also this nifty kitset:


The Music Thing Mikrophonie kit is a contact mic preamp, and includes a contact mic which can be surface mounted on the underneath of the panel, so all that patching & knob twiddling can be heard as you wish 😉



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