I’m mad busy prepping for a temp mix at the moment & there is one part of the technical process that is only made possible by the genius of Justin at maggot software

What you are looking at are the changes in a reel of a film, in this case going from picture cut version 2 to cut 3. By importing cutlists generated by the AVID picture editor, Conformalizer works out what has changed & then automates the process of moving & recutting your ProTools tracks so you are back in sync with the new cut. We used to have to do this manually & it is both painful & very time consuming, especially if you are dealing with large trackcounts in multiple sessions & when coming down to a fine cut there may be many many single frame changes in the picture cut…

Conformalizer also has this great visual display which illustrates how the picture cut has changed. As you select a line in the changelist above (as highighted) the display below reflects the section of the old cut (the upper blocks) and where it is in the new cut (the lower blocks). This is true genius & makes a complex task intuitive..

You can also use it to conform text databases eg ADR lists or FX cueing databases and it has some built in smarts so you can track updated VFX shots, which considering how much of many big budget films incorporate VFX in some way, is critical. One last feature worthy of a rant before I get back to work is the interface Conformalizer has which lets you import both the old and new Quicktime at the same time & then step through the change list above with both videos in sync – again an inspired feature to quickly verify what has changed in a shot…
If you work on projects where ‘locked picture’ is but a distant dream off then check out Conformalizer

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