First the great news – THE DOORS library is finished!!! I’ve been saying this for the last week or more but I have now literally finished packing up the drives for the contributors and am dropping them off on Monday at the post office! Look! Here’s the evidence:

DOORS drives

Its an awesome collection of 121GB and 5,241 files!! And as per my original brief, there are a huge variety of great ‘normal’ doors, perfect for any dialogue driven film or TV, but there are also some great strange doors – very useful for manipulation and as components for totally unrelated sound design.

DOORS compile

I’ll email all the contributors later today, so each person knows when to expect a package to arrive…. The library will go on sale in January, available as an 18DVD set!

The main tools I used to wrangle the 121GB of audio into shape first involved SoundMiner (especially the Dump Query to Text File command) closely followed by BB Edit, Excel, A Better Finder Rename (esp droplet apps), Snapper, Spellcheck and then SoundMiner again to import the fixed text & embed it as new metadata. Of course there were also a few round trips to ProTools, which also then required the tedious task of transferring the metadata from the v1 file to the new v2 fixed file – now THAT is a droplet app I need ie transfer all/selected metadata from file 1 to file 2(n))

Ah the stories I could tell, they would bore you to tears! But here’s one photo from the collection that makes me smile – its my parents house, and I recorded the garage door (from four perspectives – EXT, INT, INT by motor, INT upstairs in attic) with my Dads car parked in it – check this youtube vid for a little backstory & onboard pov – its a 1906 Talbot!)

garage door

Lastly, I’d like to announce the start of Crowd Source Library #2: ROOM TONES – I’m thinking 2-4 months for each contributor to record a minimum of five 2-5 minute interior ambiences.. If you’re keen to take part, please go sign up here! I’ll also make a discussion post here early next week.

In the meantime please do me a favour and transfer half a dozen “good” useable interior ambiences from your library into ProTools and check what level they are, its an important aspect we need to discuss next week, and the best solution will be based on what feels right, when in use.


  1. Rene says:

    Congrats Tim!

    obv tons of work, but then end result will be worth it for all! wish I had it already. ๐Ÿ™‚

    FWIW I’m currently in the middle of BGFX tracklay for Benavides Born, which will premiere at Sundance next year. I’m finding that my rooms tones are pretty comfortable when I record them at with peaks about -20 t0 25 for the noisy ones with lights and fans, and -25 to -30 for the quieter ones. That’s often still a fair amount of gain so I have lots of signal to play with, but not so much as to be intrusive or revealing of the preamp or mics.

    I also think some devices have sweet spots that they are happy with. My PCM D50 likes it with the pre set between 3-6, but not much hotter than that WRT room tones.

    Just my thoughts since I’m knee deep in it right now. Anyways, DOORS! rock on.

  2. Tom Heuzenroeder says:

    Great job on the release of The Doors – and a big thank you to all contributing recordists, and especially Tim for all the hours involved in checking and collating all the files. Really looking forward to receiving it… and then embarking on the next library!!

  3. Enos Desjardins says:

    Great! It was good fun recording doors for this library so its great to hear its all wrapped up and ready to go! Can’t wait to receive it and listen to it all!

  4. Brilliant work at organising all of this. Thankfully I just bought 4TB of storage so I might actually have somewhere for all the doors to go!

  5. Alex Noyes says:

    Congrats! I’m clearing space on my SFX drive as I write this. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s work – although I suspect it will be a long time before I listen to everything… Well done Tim!

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  7. Miguel says:

    Congrats, Tim!! Amazing stuff. Can’t wait to have the package in my hands ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. max says:

    Actually, I WOULD find your story about the moving of the meta-data etc. interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you email people who don’t directly receive a hard drive so they know they have to contact the other guys in their region?

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