Decade Old Music

Theres nothing more valuable than hearing your own music with objectivity, but this is maybe taking it to an extreme… I was hunting for some old music files and came across these two tracks, both of which are getting close to ten years old now and it was such fun to listen to them & wonder about them…. What was I thinking? Where was I living? What was I doing? What tech was I using? (from the session file the first track was mixed in ProTools 5.0 & fair reeks of Metasynth abuse, the second I collaborated with dear friend Kev who played keys on it & I think a friend of his played guitar)
Ah nostalgia, its the blurry gift that keeps on giving…

Both the tracks were released by Stinky Jim on his excellent label Round Trip Mars, the first track, R&D – Divergence in 2001 on a compilation called Sideways and the second track Keve Kev meets Low Key – Defrag was released on the sequel Sideways Too – more info on both here

R&D – Divergence 2001 by timprebble


Keve Kev meets Low Key – Defrag 2002 by timprebble

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