Detritus 104

“Invoxicated is a interactive play sculpture where children can experience the pure joy of playing with sound effects in the public space.” via laughing squid


> Christoph Niemann on Happiness, Work and Creativity


> Brilliant! The Star Wars trilogy recut to make Chewbacca the lead


> Also from reliably great blog /Film David Simon Agrees to Make Sixth Season of ‘The Wire’ If U.S. Agrees to End War on Drugs


> Recording electromagnetic emissions


> Hi rez spectrograms? Check out Baudline



Fatima produced by Floating Point


> Nero & BBC Philharmonic – a dubstep symphony? – almost…




> Overlap is releasing Magnetic Visionaries by Midori Hirano on 6/28. check out track 3 “Aros” or excerpts from whole album via soundcloud:
“RundSkipper” Preview by midori hirano


> A beautiful evocative ambient low light mix: an uncharted sea, download here


> hey Schmuckerberg, this is what Facebook needs


> I am addicted to this Burial track; Stolen Dog


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