Detritus 141


> Incase you haven’t seen it, this footage is truly amazing due to the fact that no one was seriously hurt or killed – a helicopter was meant to be moving a big Christmas tree on the Auckland waterfront in NZ when it hire a guy wire & crashed… the pilot was unhurt but there were a couple of people filming at the time & OMG – the footage is astounding. But so is the sound! Have a listen HERE


> Sonic graffiti


> Love the idea of these invisible speaker enclosures but I just wonder how they sound….



> i love minimalist design: beautiful CD packaging


> Electronic Van Orlax? more photos & a recording of it in action here


> This could be the most interesting kickstarter project I’ve seen yet, and the fact they aimed to raise $35k and just passed $60k with 38 days still to go says a lot… But not as much as what I imagine you could do with the finished product: a tiny device that can connect anything to the internet – check out Twine
One of the first things I thought of: the Sound Devices 788t can be controlled by an iPhone, so it has wifi – imagine having a 788t set up in the middle of nowhere, and using Twine to activate record (with preroll buffer) any time it detects motion…



via babelfish: Acousmographe (download here) is a software of listening and representation of the aural signal. It facilitates the location, the annotation and the thorough description of any recording and any music, in particular electroacoustic or of oral tradition. Capacities of visualizations of the signal, listenings in modes slowed down or filtered, and many graphic tools make it possible to carry out a presentation worked out for the teaching or the musicologic analysis of the not written musics.” – its the first app I’ve seen for creating graphic scores!!



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  1. David says:

    hey I think you might enjoy this its a couple of friends of mine making live sounds, recording it to tape, making tape loops and playing back loops through various tape machines and in to various analogue delays, chorus’s etc for art school.

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