Detritus 149

> Whether you are a fan of John Williams or not, he has undoubtedly written some iconic music cues. But this article about him is interesting for two reasons. First: ‘He doesn’t read scripts, preferring to write only to footage. He says he can’t pinpoint how musical ideas take shape’ and secondly, the last paragraph about the role of film music in that ‘it seems to be more and more film music which is creating a glue, a binder, between the vernacular and the music of art’


> Creativity & consciousness: “In 1968, George Land gave 1,600 5-year-olds a creativity test used by NASA to select innovative engineers and scientists. He then re-tested the same children at ages 10 and 15. The test results were staggering! 98% at age 5 registered genius level creativity, 30% at 10 year and 12% at 15 years of age. The same test given to 280,000 adults placed their genius level creativity at only 2%!!”


> Things to avoid in 2012


> Get a book voucher for Xmas? Try these books for creative minds


> Love Cyriaks description of his work process: ‘improvisation on a glacial timescale’


> Muffled dialogue? is it a mix issue? projection? dialect? prosthetics? Whatever the actual source of the issue, this comment on the above thread must be a truism for screenwriters, directors & rerecording mixers: “If you don’t need to hear the dialogue, it shouldn’t be there. And if you do, you should be able to hear it.”


> Of course, there is always the gaffer tape option



> Roger Ebert theorizes as to why movie revenues are dropping… I don’t live in the USofA but it was heartening to learn that the NZ Film Festival had strongest year ever.. so maybe its Eberts item 6 & the quality of whats being pushed at the US audience thats the issue? Film festivals screen the (curated) best that the entire world has to offer…


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  1. Andres D. says:

    Hello Tim. Hey what’s up? wasn’t you supposed to announce the virtual interns this day?

  2. I’m glad you pointed out that article reg the muffled dialogue in the new Batman flick. I was sitting in IMAX straining my ears. I was flabbergasted that they get could get it so wrong. Mixing 101 surely!
    Dialogue is KEY. Thanks.

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