Detritus 162

> Bird’s Talk is a cute concept which would be fascinating to see how it influences its intended users!


> Cute cable routing system



> Not sure where they floated their surround speakers?


> I never cared about floor mats until now



> You’ve probably seen this elsewhere, but if not meet The Badgermin


> Using turntables to draw?


> “People who score highly on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory questionnaire had…


> Jack Kerouac’s list of 30 beliefs – even #1 is worth the thought…



> An already funded but still current kickstarter project that maybe interesting for photographers! Designed to work with Pelican cases & Deuter Freerider Pro alpine backpack I can’t help wondering if there is potential for a sound gear application: no noisy velcro!! Hmmmmm…..


> 3D printed guitars?


> I’ve blogged about Daphne Oram before here but while I was on my road trip I listened to a great BBC radio documentary about her which i highly reccomend you check out – I found a mp3 download from somewhere but its also on youtube – the doco is called ‘Wee Have Also Sound-Houses” and is about 45min in duration. One of the aspects that particularly interested me was her priorities in the parameters she chose to control with her optical synth; volume and pitch were the first two obvious ones, but sustain and vibrato were her next two priorities and there are some excellent examples in the doco of her use of these along with a disscussion about how she was a genius at clarifying the emotional core of what she was creating, with a great example of a radio play set on a dinghy lost at sea… The last part of the doco made me feel a little sad as she abandoned her analogue synthesis and devoted years learning machine code programming on early computers in an attempt to create a digital optical synth, which must have been incredibly frustrating & also stifled her actual creative output… But what an amazing woman and a true pioneer!!

ps check these hand pained waveform slides for her Oramics Machine

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