Detritus 167

> I didnt know the Reactable synth had been ported to iPad etc


> Paths to success



> frustrated with your iPhone? try this


> A brief history of the vocoder on NPR – check this book for a more indepth history




> I got to thinking about the role of naivete with regards to creativity yesterday when I read this comment/advice on MW forum about creating the trance gate effect with a modular synth and it made me literally LOL: “try anything more than the basic effect – ’cause unless you’re under 30 & therefore everything still seems new and exciting, ______ lost it’s novelty around approx.1996” From one perspective you could say its a statement by a jaded cynic, from another it is valuable advice for johnny-come-latelys and from another it may be completely the wrong advice because there are times where being naive or experiencing something for the first time may lead to totally new discoveries…. moral of the story? I guess its the may lead to totally new discoveries bit…

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