Detritus 174

“Taxi Driver” by Disney – genius by Bryan Boyce


> Interesting developments at soundcloud and also an interesting discussion of its growth & having to deal with the inevitable copyright issues… – I personally think issuing take down notices or removing content is not the smartest way to handle a situation of music being uploaded to a streaming site, one of the few videos I have ever uploaded with unlicensed music (this one: Auckland to Wellington: an 8 hour trip in 5 minutes) I received an email a while ago saying something like “we noticed you using track X which is owned by artist Y…” but rather than mute it, or make me take it down & replace the music, they simply added a ‘BUY THIS TRACK’ button. Which turns an everyone loses scenario (take down) into the potential for the artist to gain from anyone who likes the music track (But if they didn’t want their music associated with the video at all then a take down would be fair enough)


> This could well be the best UK city stealth mobile recording rig yet! (Except its in the USofA!?) (thanks for the tip Tom!)



> Quite beautiful wifi speaker



Carsten Nicolai’s unidisplay exhibited at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal till June 17th


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