Detritus 175

FUTURE SELF brought together a media artist collective, rAndom International, a choreographer, Wayne McGregor, and composer Max Richter in a unique project at MADE


> The hypnagogic is the ultimate paradigm-busting tool, zzzzzzzzz….


> Sound waves 57 octaves lower than middle-C are rumbling away from a supermassive black hole in the Perseus cluster, apparently…


> wow! a bell so huge it sank the ship they tried to transport it with!
(& its remained underwater ever since)


> If you are in LA you should check out Sonos Studio – an “acoustically-designed gallery” which currently is host to a touch-activated sound installation by Luke Fischbeck – read more here

Sonos Studio


> Love this resin incased headphone amp


> Can music learn from the slow food movement?


> George Lucas vs his rich neighbours (using the force for good?)


CG birds for Mothers Day? Nicely done – Happy Mothers Day to mothers everywhere!
(& nicely done sound effects/foley too by uncredited people?)


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  1. FYI: a recent link at Preservation Audio re a Nagra audio mixer:

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