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> Interesting interview with composer Alexandre Desplat who amongst others has scored a film I can’t wait to see Moonrise Kingdom. (He is also currently working on the same film that I am: Peter Webbers The Emperor)


> For any Portugese speakers, below is the first in a series of videos on Film Sound in Brazil – check the associated blog here

(I wish google would create a real time translate function!)


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  1. bluekun9 says:

    Thanks Tim for having found the blog
    I made you a simple translation is not perfect I hope you understand:

    Workflow Part 1 – from script to production

    “It all starts with the script.
    And much of what we will be able to do..
    the sound of a film will depend also
    this stage of the script.
    That will determine the very thought of the movie sound”

    “You have some indication of the sound from/since the script
    these indications are present, or directly in dialogues
    so like it or not that is the subject of our work”

    “there are much directors who
    already called some professional sound at the time of the script
    to give ideas, to discuss”

    “If you think the world has sound,
    that the world sounds, and you put these statements,
    understand that sound is an element of the film,
    is an interference in the narrative, that makes up the narrative
    You have great chance to have a sound film,
    A film that has some prominence sonically”

    “The second fase, I mean, when this tour itinerary begins to be worked,
    as with a team constituted, as with the heads of staff hired,
    what we call the technical analysis”

    “In this preview, I think the most important things is the analysis technique that you do,
    with all the heads, because that is where you will see where are the conflicts,
    And there you have to try, Is going to the set conscious of the conflict, with solutions for it ”

    “after analysis technique we pass to a…
    It is part of the process…
    But it is another moment… You visit the locations”

    “It is very important because it is on this visit,
    you are with the electric, and the photographer to determine the positioning of the generator.
    For not have to keep doing it at the time.
    When I get to a film set, I do not want to know,
    If I hear the generator and is in the wrong position, it goes to give mess/fuck up”

    “There is a, sometimes, a need for the equation,
    Is to lower reverberation or is to reduce internal sound input,
    sometimes with, you know, doing double window…”

    “You have to go there to put a blanket to give an absorbed
    something like that, and when you do the pre,
    you’re seeing this, too”

    “And choosing the location is always a tense moment for the sound technician,
    because the location has to serve the needs,
    for the demands of the script to the idea of the director,
    how he thinks to drive the scene,
    To meet the needs of the photographer and the art direction and production”

    “The next point is the capture of sound,
    sound pickup, actually is closely linked to the direction and production,
    because in function of those things that was determined in the script,
    you have those concerns, which are placed”

    “during shooting, the “direct sound” will capture the sounds,
    dialogues and sounds that are too important to be there,
    that are difficult to get later,
    ambient sounds of the various locations,
    a sound of a particular object of the scene”

    “then, the sound pickup will make the capture of the material that will be used from then on for the film”

    “during the capture itself the sound technician is the guy responsible for assessing whether the material is or is not worth,
    then evaluates looking in… he has visual monitors, and listening;
    And then perhaps the mystery of this great profession that many people can not understand, After all, what is that tech sound hear, what he uses to evaluate what he’s hearing is good or not good,
    Perhaps only people who deal with audio can got this idea, this universe that is being monitored and evaluated during the moment”

    Sorry if the translation was too poor. I hope you understand.. until google don’t create a real time translate function :p

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