Detritus 178

(anyone know the source of this image? credit where credits due!)


> Movie Simpsons – a collection of film references snuck into Simpsons episodes


> How to Overcome the Egocentric Bias



> mmmmmm resonance…. Check out Miguels SFX Lab manipulating some of my CHIMES sounds along with some of Michaels BELLS


> Also via Designing Sound an interesting article on sound for Prometheus


> Ghibli films reimagined as Penguin books


> The Ultimate AirPlay Receiver on Kickstarter via @stretta



> Two lovely works of sonic furniture: a cassette coffee table and a contemporary record cabinet


Beautiful installation reverse of volume RG by Yasuaki Onishi (thanks for tip Michael)


> via Mark Franken some great news for those who appreciate how the hidden subtleties directly effect us: “Not sure if you’ve tried out PT10.2 but the export as text option now exports markers and it also includes marker comments!” Hazzah! One small step for wo/man, one tiny leap towards AVID DEVELOPING PROTOOLS MARKERS AS A PROPERLY FUNCTIONING DATABASE STRUCTURE!!!! (Scuse my shouting but….) Computers are made to wrangle giant multi-dimensional databases in their sleep, so we don’t have to…. so WHY_TF have we waited literally decades to have basic database functions implemented into ProTools markers??? We aren’t asking AVID to rewrite Excel or Filemaker, just inject some basic multi-field SQL kung fu… please? (and yes I voted it up on Ideascale weeks/months/years ago – if, as a company you are going to instigate feedback, then BEST YOU TAKE NOTICE OF IT)
Hint: its been in the top ten for a year or more now! Is adding 1 field to the export function the best they can do in 10.2?
/end rant

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  1. Georgy says:

    >anyone know the source of this image?

    it’s by russian electronic/hip-hop producer Sasha Kholenko aka Dza

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