Detritus 180


> Ten best invisible artworks?



> The four flavours of no



> Sardonic rock show etiquette – part one and two



> Trevor Horn from an old interview by Fiona Russell Powell: “I’m a nut for J. G. Ballard, I’ve read just about everything he’s ever written. “Video Killed The Radio Star” was based on The Sound Sweep – a short story by Ballard about a little boy who’s deaf and dumb and he goes round sweeping the sound out of rooms with this sound vacuum cleaner that he’s got; music is out of date – people don’t listen to it anymore. Music’s been condensed down to an essence that you can’t actually hear but has the same effect on you. That gave me the idea for the song. I don’t bother talking about Ballard to most people because unless they’ve read him they start saying “Oh, you read science fiction?” and I can see a curtain come down.”

This interview with Danny Boyle by her, circa Trainspotting era, is great too – especially fascinating to hear his thoughts on the sweet spot for film budgets…


> Best muffwiggler forum thread ever? Have you tasted your signal/cv plugs with your tongue?


> “I analyzed the chords of 1300 popular songs for patterns. This is what I found.”


> “Vavdo A1 is a usb control interface. It allows easy simultaneous gestures from all your fingers, while having excellent feel and instant tactile & visual feedback. It is compatible with any software & hardware that receive serial, midi & osc data. It’s adaptable, durable, fast and easy. It’s handmade like a musical instrument” – and very interesting!



> “If in fine fettle…


> I love this idea: Dalis spoon




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