Detritus 183

unnamed soundsculpture from onformative on Vimeo.


> love this dialog box street art


> @AnonyOps: “oh the butthurt irony that must befall the FBI: illegally copying data in a case about alleged illegal copying of data. @kimdotcom 1 – FBI 0”


> The power of tears


Evil Eye first prototype test from tim K on Vimeo.


> from an interview with Randy Thom: “…though I’m very happy about all the multi-channel systems that are being developed for theatres, I think that shouldn’t be where the focus of sound is. The focus should be in finding new ways to collaborate as early as possible on a film project, so that sound can actually be an important part of the story.”


> brilliant! if kids drawings were made into toys


> 25 Tools for capturing ideas anywhere – somehow the analog/real world methods are more interesting than another app eg a shoe in the drawer!


> Oh lordy… darwintunes – missing the point completely??? Scientists make music using ‘natural selection’ “Done properly, we reckon the quality of the music would be pretty much comparable to current man-made electronic and dance music, but a lot more democratic.” – what next? architecture designed by the number of facebook likes?


Xenas from lasal on Vimeo.

Music: Xenas


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