Detritus 193

> I find it hard to believe a pitch shifter wasn’t involved in this…. but I’m prepared to suspend my disbelief if you are?


> I love this song – Kathryn Bint, you have a beautiful voice & sense of melody!
Full album preview here

She Was Out In The Water by one little plane


> “The usual solution is simply to take a break. After an hour, a day or a week, you return to the problem afresh and suddenly everything seems clear. You can’t understand what the problem was in the first place: the answer is right there, staring you in the face.”


> Seems Apple have had weird plans for your thumb for quite some time…


Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland – Teaser [1 of 3] from on Vimeo.


> Free acid?


Ink ARt Experiment #4 from Desmond Leung 樂森 on Vimeo.


> “Can we shave half a frame off of the last shot?”


>”…put things together that do not normally go together”


> RIP Chris Marker – I shall shed a tear & spill some whisky for you at La Jetee bar in Tokyo in September (& if the name is unfamiliar then boy are you in for an interesting ride!)



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