Detritus 20

> Photoshop fridge magnets? Someone should make an ableton LIVE set

photoshop fridge magnets


> Stretta has released his set of Monome MaxforLive plugins, check them out here


> “The future does not fit in the containers of the past.”


> A great infographic of the evolution of storage
(click image for larger version)


> The fees of digital music distributors compared


> Another film I can’t wait to see in 2010: Anh Hung Tran is making a film adaptation of Haruki Murikamis Norwegian Wood! And the score will be by Ryuichi Sakamoto! Fantastic!!!


> Apple just bought music streaming company Lala, expect a major iTunes update soonish….


> The Year’s Most Amazing Scientific Images – especially check #1 if you ever wondered what your inner ear hair cells actually look like!


> A cymatic project for the holidays? How to build chladni plate


> This is possibly the most trippy thing I’ve seen in a website… click in the vortex!

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