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> Beautiful microsonic landscapes


Chris Salter’s installation uses hundreds of LEDs that function as powerful bursts of light and hundreds of tiny speakers suspended through the space, creating a walk-through performance environment. Check out the photos


DR-110 ANALOG VS SAMPLE by anselmi
“A short comparison between the always moving analog sound vs a sample of the same source. I used my Boss DR-110, analog drum machine that lacks any sound controls other than main volume, balance and accent level (used in mid position in this example). First you can hear the 16th snare pattern, recorded straight from the DR-110; then I took one of the recorded snare hits and pasted it several times to create the same pattern.”


> Great interview with Hamilton Sterling



> for your cv? #not



> “You should not always trust your ideas. The pen is not only for writing, but also for deleting. But be very cautious. Once something has been written down it is hard to get rid of…..”


positive signs

positive signs


> Great interview with Coppola from The Rumpus – some excerpts…

Rumpus: What’s your personal code of ethics?

Coppola: I have a couple rules in my life. The first is never to lie. I was impressed by a line, I think it’s Joseph Conrad: “Nothing is more repugnant than the stench of lie.” Lying always leads to a pyramid of lying, and after a while you don’t know where the lie was yourself…

The second [rule] is when you take a piece of paper out to always put the date in the corner, because some day in the future that date might help you track something down. A lot of times you write something down, you don’t think there’s going to be any value to them…. Very often the scrap you write down turns out to be of value to you and if you have the date, at least you have the lead of where you were and when it was and it’s such an easy habit to get used to….


Rumpus: What are you currently working on?

Coppola: I’m working on this longer, more personal, ambitious piece. I’m thinking this year of going abroad to work on it. For some reason I had a fun time in Beijing, so I think I’m going to go there, rent a house, and work on my script. I don’t know anybody there, and when you know people inevitably your feelings get hurt. That’s why I write in the morning, because early in the morning no one’s had time to call me up and hurt my feelings.


Rumpus: What’s the best advice you can give another artist?

Coppola: Suspend your self-doubt, do only the work you love, and make it personal.


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