Detritus 21


> 10 Greatest Synths of all time


> Poor old James Horner is in fear of being relegated to the lowly ranks of sound effects – oh the shame!


> Two years ago I posted about the Kobe Biennale & their brilliant competition of art installations inside shipping containers…. And being a biennale means the 2009 festival has just finished and the winners have been announced While the overall winner looks brilliantly conceived, my eye & ear went to one of the special prize winners: Soundscape Harmony: Kobe by PioRyo aka Hajime Shimoyama “By transforming the tones and rhythms from a variety of scenes in Kobe into a circle of resounding light, I have created a new soundscape for the city. Inside the container, the viewer experiences the endless expanse of this ‘Forest of Harmony.'”


> Teux Deux is a lovely minimalist online To Do app


> Whats with the global pitch drop of blue whales?


> melody “is a capitalist plot to sell pianos.” – untitled, the movie


> The Mathematics of Electronic Music – love the fourier engine!


> Really great synth graffitti (love the Keith Haring-ish one)


> A collection of dodgy looking Santas


> If you’re a fan of Olafur Arnalds then check out this little documentary


> The coolest hat ever?


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