Detritus 213


> What colour is middle C?


Read about the back story to these works


> handy app WaveTapp captures whatever sound your mac is currently playing (thanks for tip Tim N!)


Everywhere / Matt Pyke & Friends / Super-Computer-Romantics from Matt Pyke on Vimeo.


“What is very common with the way I shoot, however, is that when I finally find an actual location in the city that moves me in some way, I’ll often wait there literally for hours until the right person enters the frame, or just the right momentary random circumstance occurs. Of which I’m usually able to get one frame of film exposed and then the image is gone forever.”


Touch the train window ! from particle at rest on Vimeo.


> It’s the starting that feels impossible.


> animated GIFs – hardly news, but these by Erdal Inci are stunning!! As is this:

seagulls loop from Erdal Inci on Vimeo.


MEZZO MORRA • i suoni della Sardegna from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.

MEZZO MORRA – the sounds of Sardinia – beautiful work by Vincent Moon


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  1. Regarding Wave Tapp, Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack is pretty good for this too.

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