Detritus 22

> Ever wondered what Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” would sound like recompressed as an MP3 666 times?


> Wow! Fantastic urban exploration



> The beastly cult of perfection – casualties of the beauty myth? Tragic..


> Puremagnetic have announced their first release for Max for LIVE


> Darwinian music:


> Impulse Responses for Altiverb from the echo chamber in Frank Zappas studio


> Graham (808 State) Massey: synth addict?


> Music software of the future? Hah! Love the Excellentiser


> Non-newtonian fluid on a speaker cone at 30Hz


> What is a classical composer? (someone who strokes their chin?)


> Sniff glue, worship satan? Embroidery gone bad..


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