Detritus 226

TNIW [That Night In Williamsburg] from Supralude on Vimeo.


> Cooking with a beat oven?

beatoven Lite from Viktor Jan on Vimeo.


> Love the look of these transparent speakers



> Every image has a sound


> Painting with light old school


> “…pick up a marbled 12-inch bearing the name of one physics concept or another, and you more or less know what you’re in for…..”


“for the past 3 years I (Phillippe Petit) have been collaborating with Murcof, working on an album and playing live quite a few times. “The Call of Circé” is the opener of our forthcoming album…”


3 Responses to Detritus 226

  1. Davide says:

    Speaking of speakers, did you see this one, from Teenage Engineering?

  2. Miles says:

    Only just clocked you linked my (dub-techno) article – honoured!

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