Detritus 233


Ryoji Ikeda :: superposition, AUG 5, 2012 preview at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany from ryoji ikeda studio on Vimeo.

This video clip is a preview version before the world-premiere at Centre Pompidou Paris in NOV 2012. The work has been and will be constantly updating during tour. Tour dates:
MAR 8-9, 2013 STRP Biennial, Eindhoven, NL
MAR 15, 2013 La Faïencerie, Creil (near Paris), FR
MAR 27-28, 2013 The Barbican, London, UK
APR 10, 2013 Concertgebouw Brugge, BE
JUN 22, 2013 Festival de Marseille, FR
superposition is a project about the way we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale and is inspired by the mathematical notions of quantum mechanics. Performers will appear in his piece for the first time, performing as operator/conductor/observer/examiners. All the components on stage will be in a state of superposition; sound, visuals, physical phenomena, mathematical concepts, human behaviour and randomness – these will be constantly orchestrated and de-orchestrated simultaneously in a single performance piece.


> Fascinating interview with Soderburg


> When rss feeds from delicious used to actually work, one of the feed I always enjoyed was links tagged with #must_read – basically an endless stream of crowdsourced links of consequence. Not sure whats going on with delicious these days – Yahoo bought it and its been steadily going down hill since…. But this site: MustRead is a substitute for that particular feed, for now… Also related & a good source of intelligent writing: The Browser


> Stencilled tiny cities


The Ceiling Janus from Fruit Bonus on Vimeo.


> This is such a great idea: Amoeba record store in SF launch online music store for downloads of obscure vinyl rips


> Meanswear dog?


(thanks Jennifer!)



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  1. Very Nice . As A Sound Designer I Should Say That Was Nice

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