Detritus 236

Alice Russell = great voice.. & its a great tune – hit play while you read the rest….


> I love finding collections like this: Beautiful ambiences from a rainforest in Peru (free download on soundcloud) recorded by Jeff Cremer, who is associated with Peru Nature Rainforest Expeditions – oh how I would love to do their 5 day photography trip (with a bag full of microphones of course) Relatedly I have a recording trip planned for mid year to a Pacific Island, and I had read good advice about filling any spare space in your bags with useful things for local kids etc, but this Pack for a Purpose site takes that idea a stage further, offering specific advice as to what to take eg for the Peru trip


> Don’t rely on your movie viewing experiences if you find yourself in a dangerous situation!


> Instrument highest/lowest notes vs frequency


(thanks Patricio!)




> Sonic data vizualisation – check #14


> ditto: the sound of eBay


> Vertigo sufferer? DO.NOT.LOOK!


> “I work whilst I’m walking”


> Two articles worth a read on different aspects of the same issue: access to data…. First by David Byrne: civil disobedience and secondly, specifically about the old & new-ish music industry: Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss?


> Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


I should like this video but I don’t, it annoys me… I think its a combination of (imho) badly stylising something that doesn’t need stylising (the reality alone should/would have been fantastic, but its like one of those ads where a group of ‘creatives’ sat on the couch & slowly overworked the audio to death) combined with some rhythms that feel like phil collins programmed the beats or something!? sorry red bull, dont like your video & don’t like your drink either….


Local TV Spot for Born Banner from BornBanner on Vimeo.

similar starting point, but no overt hype… & no phil collins… SO.MUCH.BETTER!


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