Detritus 239

This is how Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” would sound to aliens who live in a different timeframe/rate!


> suffering from excessive GAS? (Gear-Acquisition-Syndrome)


Câmara Neuronal – Guimarães CEC 2012 – Teaser2 from Joao Martinho Moura on Vimeo.

Câmara Neuronal is a neuro / audio / visual performance where the brain signals of the performer are translated, in realtime, into audio and visual compositions


> I always liked the quote attributed to Hemmingway: ‘write drunk, edit sober’ – not to be taken too literally of course, but these 7 tips by him on writing are also very good – especially #2; “Always stop for the day while you still know what will happen next” which is maybe where Cory Doctorow got his ‘leave a rough edge’ from… That is such valuable advice, often I am tempted to keep working until I finish a scene or sequence, but I don’t anymore – I strive to knock off work when I have a specific task left to do, so that my waking brain tomorrow can kick straight into it without starting from scratch and without any friction….


> What a fantastic project this Lullaby Factory is! A network of listening pipes that remind me of Dr Seuss, and actually function to pipe lullabys to hopsital patients: “We have designed a fantasy landscape reaching 10 storeys in height and 32 metres in length, which can engage the imagination of everyone”


Lego Dance by Annette Jung from Talking Animals on Vimeo.

via Colossal


> The sound of one ant clapping walking


> “Sound Mixing: This is the one they usually give away with Sound Editing because nobody knows the difference, even after they explain it..”




Musical Kettle from Yuri Suzuki on Vimeo.


ALVA NOTO & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO ‘S’ Tour – interview at DANCITY FESTIVAL 2011 preview from dancity on Vimeo.

I hadn’t seen this interview, from 2011