Detritus 246

Particle Simulation in TouchDesigner to Pan Sonics Askel from their Album “A” from Wuestenarchitekten on Vimeo.


> How to find a guide when travelling internationally..


> the dark side of silence?


> The relaxing sound of the seaside!?


> could this be the worst imaginable sound?


> “That’s what frees the sound from being sound and turns it more into music… the fluidity of not being enslaved by the actual picture edits.” – great interview with Skip Lievesay



> #musthave Spanner v2 released with free iPad app that ‘instantly follows ProTools Spanner instances’ – brilliant!


> Bad Google? Ditching RSS Reader because its not successful enough? WTF? Even if they don’t want to develop it any further, is it not possible to leave it in a functioning stasis? Or sell it off to someone else to operate? This explanation makes it seem a fait accompli… For the RSS addicted, what is your favourite replacement?
But why then would I then trust them with something like Keep? If you were thinking of using it you might want to read this first about the life span of Google products… I’ll happily stay with Evernote thanks! Now go to your room, Bad Google!


> Photography related (sorry, will likely be more & more of this malarky) I’ve recently acquired two excellent photography and film making devices, both originated on Kickstarter and both are EXCELLENT!! The Rhino Slider and the Genie motion control (the latter is created by SYRP based in Queenstown, New Zealand!) They are a match made in timelapse and motion control heaven! Will post some results, sooner or later!


> And a little bit of Good Google? They bought Nik Software, worryingly ditched one app but then re-released the whole plugin suite (for Photoshop, Lightroom etc) very affordably – I love their Silver EFX plugin & have used it for ages, thanks Good Google for the free upgrade to the whole suite! Still grumpy about Reader though!?!


too funny!


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  1. Andrew says:

    re: Bad Google – check out – they’ve restored my faith! This is why I don’t go for any of the “cloud” stuff – what happens when I try to pull it up one day and it’s all gone?

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