Detritus 250

ONE BABY BAND! (part 2) from Joey Angerone on Vimeo.


> beautiful long exposure shots of a symmetrical Tokyo


> 8 new punctuation marks


> I have been lucky enough to visit the colour grading at Park Road Post a few times and every time it astounded me to see just how beautiful film is compared with the ungraded & compressed Quicktimes we have spent months working to…. Suddenly all the beautiful work of the cinematographer, art department, lighting, make up, costumes and, of course, the actors becomes very apparent…. If you ever get the chance I highly reccomend it, and even better if it is on the basis of needing to see the grade of particular scenes to know how to treat sound (eg ambiences, or emotive sound design) for a particular scene… Anyway as we create & develop a pallete of sound & music for the film, in hindsight it is great to appreciate the colour pallete created for film , so check out this great tumblr: movies in colour


> Interesting alternative for music notation


> hobbyist or professional? the boundary nicely illustrated here


> worth supporting: Landfill Harmonic on Kickstarter


Darsha Hewitt: Electrostatic Bell Choir, 2012 from Perte de Signal on Vimeo.

Beautiful installation where the electrostatic charge from CRT TVs being switched on activate bells – more info here


THE FILM before THE FILM from ntsdpz on Vimeo.


> Whats the question about your field of work that you dread being asked?

– isn’t all the sound recorded when they shoot the film?
– do you really need all this gear?
– what are you doing? (um, recording you asking inane questions)
– will I be on TV? (esp when there are no cameras anywhere!)


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  1. Jon Clark says:

    Nothing like a fur covered zeppelin to elicit questions about one’s activities.

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