Detritus 251


> “Lentement, lentement, lentement…” – searching for perfect musical wood “…there should not be too much water. The tree’s heart should stay dry. That gives the best wood. Solid. Enormous resonance….” (thanks James!)



> “even a tower built with every possible luxury of modern design still moans like a rickety old boat when it’s pummeled by the elements”


> really need to remember something? here’s how



> Atoms for Peace/Thom Yorke Radio 1 mix download on soundcloud


A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

couple of sneaky edits in there, but wow!


> Some good advice: “There’s hardly anyone going the extra mile, I’d say go that extra mile – it’s never crowded”


> “perfectionism is very dangerous, because of course if your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything”




> Surgeon prescribes Brian Eno to patients (thanks Stephen!)


> Interesting idea: allocating effort vs time


now THIS is an earworm!

another hundred listens and I’ll be sick of it & will never have to listen to it again! 99…. 98….


> Should you challenge a noisy neighbour? Best comment & approach imho? “When my noisy neighbours had partied until five a.m. I got up at 7:00 and played Bach organ toccatas as loud as I could stand it. I only had to do it three times before they caught on to cause and effect” (I personally would add banging on their door/ringing doorbell at 5am, 5.30am, 6am etc…) And failing all else there are always ear plugs… You ever had to deal with such things?


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  1. Dan says:

    I’ve regrettably been the noisy neighbor on a few occasions, but felt worst about it one time when I was temporarily living in a small flat in London. I’ve always worked from home, but since I keep to office hours have never had too many problems. I’m not particularly loud either, but definitely repeat things endlessly, for hours, trying to get them right.

    After about six months in this little flat there was a timid knock on the door about 3 one afternoon. A tiny French girl I’d NEVER EVEN SEEN before explained she lived upstairs and please could I turn it down because she was working on a novel. It’s not the volume, she said, but the sheer repetition. It was driving her crazy and she hadn’t made any progress in months!

    I felt so bad.. why didn’t she tell me 6 months earlier?
    I moved pretty quickly after that.

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