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RHYTHM VARIATION 05 from AOKI takamasa on Vimeo.


> So is this (V0-96 acoustic synth) basically an uber eBow?



> Early Xmas present? How about a mouse pad of your cochlear?


> Worth a read: How to find fulfilling work



> A few OSX helper apps I’ve discovered recently:
1. Not sure about you but I seem to find myself diving into the depths of my dropbox for documents regularly, and same for my work drives to access any of multiple projects I am working on.. And I had a suddenly flashback to the old Mac OS7 Apple Menu – why can’t I have a menu that enables direct access to documents & folders that I regularly access? After wandering through search engines for ten minutes I found & installed XMenu – its a free app which does exactly that i.e. adds a custom menu which can point to any pre-existing folders (eg Applications, Documents etc) or a user defined/custom folder. So I am only using the custom folder option, and have put aliases in it to all my frequently used documents (My invoice database, HISSandaROAR Customer database, my schedule, current project folders etc)
Get XMEnu here

2. While looking for XMenu I came across QuickSilver – this appears to be a profoundly fast way of accessing data etc on your Mac, but I also get the impression it takes a little work to get used to & to learn how to best exploit its power… But I really like the concept, basically when you search for something on your mac it observes what you successfully found and then offers it up, the next time it detects the same pattern of searching…

3. I have been looking for a storyboard app so I can previz my Japan Artists Residency project and after asking for suggestions on twitter I have been using Celtx for the last week and really like it. it is both a screenwriting and storyboard app…. A fully functioning free version is available with paid options to add clip art etc, but I am working with stills so the free version is fine for ym purposes. So far the only downside is it doesnt seem to have any respect for aspect ratios, all the stills I am using for storyboarding are 16×9, but when I add them to Celtx they seem to be 2.35 although if I widen the viewing screen they also change aspect ratio!?! And slightly worse, if you preview the storyboard as a real time sequence, its displayed 4×3! Hmmmm… I’ve asked about this feature mis-implementation on their forum without any answer, will persevere for now…
Get Celtx here – thanks for suggesting it Graham and thanks also Rene for pointing out Keynote has a storyboard preset (& it does support fixed aspect ratios, so I may switch if Celtx don’t get it sorted. You’d think an app built for film making would be aware of maintaining aspect ratios!?!)




mute the sound before you watch this (what soundtrack would you suggest?)


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